30 Interesting And Fun Facts About Russia

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Russia is one of the most controversial countries because of its government and history. However, it is probably unwise to judge the whole country solely based on the negativity in the media. If you want to learn more about the most misunderstood country in the world, here are some facts about Russia that will help you understand the country even better.

General Facts About Russia

Here are some of the general facts about Russia that is interesting to know.

There Are Twelve Active Volcanoes In Russia


There are twelve active volcanoes all across the country. You can’t visit all of them, but the most accessible volcano is Kamchatka.

The best thing about these volcanoes is the area surrounding them. So, if you love nature and want to explore more, then you should visit some of these volcanoes.

60% Of Russia Includes Forests


Russia is a huge country and 60% of it is filled with natural forests. It is one of the most interesting Russian facts many people don’t know. Half of these forest areas are not inhabited by anyone.

Besides that, some of these forests are also cold and filled with snow. The climate of the country can make it difficult for you to visit these forests even when they are lush and green.

The Weather In One Region Is Sub-Tropical


Russia is known for the cold, but one of the regions that have sub-tropical weather is known as Sochi. It comes on the same latitude lines as Nice and Cannes.

You will find humid summer, palm trees, and much more here. Even the temperature in the winter will be mild, so anyone that doesn’t like too much cold will enjoy it here. This is where the winter Olympics was held in 2014.

The Country Has The Most Billionaire Per Capita


The fun facts about Russia will be incomplete without mentioning this. The country has the most billionaires per capita in the world. You will find every model of a luxury car and much more, as it is a paradise for billionaires.

The 3rd Busiest Metro Worldwide Is In Moscow


The third busiest metro system in the world is located in Moscow. Over six million people ride the metro here, and there are more than twelve lines. For anyone traveling in the Russian capital, the metro has to be one of the best facts about Moscow. You typically don’t have to wait too long between the trains, it is a very efficient and comprehensive transportation system.

It Has Eleven Time Zones

The territory of Russia is incredibly vast, which is why it spans eleven time zones. The division happened after the Bolshevik Revolution in the 20th century. The time zones have also been revised many times, but you will find eleven now.

You can also get on the Trans-Siberian Railway network and cross at least eight time zones in the country. It is a great experience that you can enjoy while you are in Russia.

Interesting Facts About Russia For Tourists

While the country is controversial, it is also one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Many people have Russia on their bucket list, which is why you can also visit it. If you are also planning to visit the country, here are some interesting facts about Russia that will make your trip better.

The Coldest Inhabited Town In The World Is Here


Most people don’t like living in extreme cold because it is difficult to bear such temperatures. However, Oymyakon, a Siberian town, is one of the coldest towns inhabited by humans. In 1938, the temperature broke the record of -77 degrees Celsius.

The Country Has The Biggest Medieval Fortress Worldwide


The Kremlin in Moscow is one of the most famous Russian landmarks. It is also the biggest medieval fortress you will find in the country. The fortress spans more than sixty-seven acres.

Besides that, even the walls are more than a mile long. You will find twenty towers here, and each has its own name. However, there are two towers that are mysteriously anonymous.

You Can Participate In Helicopter Golf Here

People playing helicopter golf in the suburbs is perhaps one of the peculiar Russia fun facts. It involves players guiding the ball through a snow route while they are driving a helicopter.

Yes, it is a unique sport, and you will only find it here. Be sure to try it out or watch a game of helicopter golf when you get the chance in Russia.

Petergof Is A Luxurious City


While parts of Russia can be very luxurious; one of the most luxurious cities you will find here is Petergof due to the majestic grand palace. It was created in the 18th century and was supposed to be a rival of Versailles. There are massive cascades on the site with more than a hundred fountains.

You Will Find Lenin Monuments Everywhere

Yes, you will still find monuments of Lenin as you make your way across Russia. Every central square in a city or town has a statue of Lenin. There are at least more than seven thousand monuments of Lenin in the country, and only a hundred out of these are in Moscow.

Lake Baikal Has The Most Water


Another Russia interesting fact is that Lake Baikal has the most water out of any other lake in the world. It contains around 23% of freshwater in the world. Whenever you visit Russia, we recommend that you come here and admire this beauty, as the landscape is stunning.

You Will Find Incredible Churches Here


You can call Russia a country of churches because you will find golden domes everywhere you go in the country. That is because religion was one of ancient Russia’s most important attributes. There were monasteries and churches, and people found solace here.


Russia Fun Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Some fun Russian facts will give you insight into the country and help you understand it better. The country is portrayed differently in the media, but there are some things that make it unique and fun. Here are the top fun facts about Russia that will blow your mind.

Russians Are Taught Not To Smile In School

There is a reason why Russians look grumpy from the outside; they are taught not to smile in school. Russians think that smiling is a sign of weakness, which is why they don’t do it. However, when you talk to a local, they will be friendly and kind towards you.

Cats Have Jobs In Russia


Yes, everybody works in Russia, including cats. The Hermitage Museum is where cats protect the pieces of art from all the rats and other pests. The cats in the museum have personal passports with their pictures, and they also receive a salary regularly.

You Might Find Stray Dogs On The Metro


Many people experience confusion when they see stray dogs on the metro, but this is one of the funny Russian facts. The dogs have learned how to identify the metro stops. Just like the cats, they also work hard to keep the population of rats down in the city.

The Hermitage Museum Is Massive, And It Might Take You Six Years To See It Completely


The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg is one of the biggest museums you will ever find in the country. It includes six buildings and three million exhibits. The museum was founded by Catherine the Great in the eighteenth century, and it is one of the oldest museums in the world.

Most Women Walk Around In Six-Inch Heels


Russian women are known to be beautiful, and you will see them strolling around the town casually in six-inch heels. You will also find women wearing the most beautiful shoes over here. If you are not used to this, don’t try wearing heels on the cobbled streets, as only the brave take this route.

Vodka Was Not Invented In Russia


Another interesting fun fact about Russia is that vodka was invented in Poland. Many people have the misconception that Russians invented it, but Russians were the ones that perfected this drink. You can go to the Vodka Museum in Moscow to discover more about this alcoholic beverage.

Facts About Russian Culture

Cultural facts about Russia will give you an insight into its food, people, customs, and much more that make up the country. Knowing these things will help you appreciate the country better as you travel around. Here are some facts about Russian culture to know about.

The Brides Tour The City Right After Getting Married

Russian brides go on a tour of the city after they have gotten married. It is an old tradition where the couple tours the city after their marriage ceremony.

If you ever find brides and grooms around the city, don’t be alarmed because this is completely normal. Many couples enjoy roaming the city and taking pictures as part of the big day.

The People Are Highly Superstitious

These facts about Russian culture reflect the people and their views, as they are highly superstitious. Here are some interesting ones.

  • You need to rub a dog’s paw with your left hand for more money
  • Making a wish and tossing a coin in Peter the Great’s boot will make it come true
  • The first person to enter a new home would die

The last superstition was common in ancient Russia. These people sent in cats to enter a new home because they have nine lives.

The People Might Look Grumpy, But They Are Hospitable

Don’t be fooled by the faces of grumpy Russians because they are still some of the most hospitable people you will find. They will always be happy to help you, regardless of where you are from. You can visit Russia and find out for yourself.

Folk Dancing Is Embedded In The Russian Tradition


Out of all the cultural facts about Russia, you must know this one. Folk dancing is one of the most important aspects of the culture and history of Russia. The most common one is Khorovod, where people hold hands and dance in a circle.

These folk dances happen at festivals, theatres, markets, and much more. Whenever you get a chance to visit Russia, be sure to visit a folk dance performance. You will gain incredible insight into how these dances work.

Twenty Million Russians Don’t Have Toilets

Many foreigners have no idea about this, but twenty million Russians don’t have normal toilets. They use a wooden cabin with a hole in the floor and a learning wall. There are many depressive towns in the country with weak infrastructure.

People are still struggling to make their lives better and have access to normal health and sanitation. When they can’t do anything, they just spend their time drinking.

You Will Only Find Babushkas In Russia


Any senior woman in Russia is a babushka, and you will find them all over the country. They are some of the nicest women that still participate in the workforce.

For example, you will find babushkas selling flowers, checking clothes in theatres, checking tickets on trains, selling flowers on the streets, and much more.

When you spot a babushka, you can buy something from them and take a moment to talk to them. They will surprise you with their generosity and humor.

People Drink A Lot Of Tea


One of the top Russian facts is that people love drinking alcohol, but they like drinking tea more. They can drink five to ten cups of hot tea each day. That is because the winters are incredibly cold, and they need to drink hot liquids to stay warm.

You will find most people drinking black tea with some sugar. However, people also drink green tea nowadays. When you are visiting a Russian friend for tea, don’t forget to bring some sweets as it is a tradition.

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Facts About Russia For Kids

It is always beneficial for kids to learn about different countries and cultures. As a major country and superpower in the world, it is essential for them to know more about Russia. Of course, you must teach what is relevant to their age.

Here are some important facts about Russia for kids that you can teach in your class or kids at home.

The Largest City Is Moscow


The largest city in Russia is Moscow, and it has more than thirteen million people. There are many important monuments and landmarks that you can visit in Moscow. These include the Red Square, Kremlin fortress, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, and many others.

It is the educational, scientific, and cultural center of the country. Many people that visit Russia come to Moscow first. Famous mathematicians, writers, and other people have also come out of the country.

The World’s Largest Lake Is The Caspian Sea

One of the interesting facts about Russia for kids is that the country is home to the largest salt lake in the world. Russia shares the lake with Turkmenistan, Iran, and Azerbaijan. The fishing industry benefits the most from this sea in Russia.

However, caviar from this sea has become illegal as people have started overfishing. The sea is spread across many regions and is a popular tourist attraction.

The Trans-Siberian Railway Is One Of The Longest Rail Networks Worldwide

The longest rail network in the world is the Trans-Siberian railway, and it crosses eight time zones in the country. The network was built over a span of twenty-five years. Of course, the cost of it was incredibly high too.

Building the network was not easy either because it endured a lot of struggle and hardships. Many tourists love to take a trip on the train through the incredible landscape of the country. It goes from Moscow to the border of North Korea and even China.

Children Begin School When They Are Six Years Old

Children in Russia begin their schooling when they are six years old, and they go to school for only years. When they graduate from grade eleven, children can go to study at a university of their choice. Language is an important part of schooling.

Students learn to speak German, French, and English. That is why most people in Russia know these three languages, as they are taught in school.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Russia

These are some facts about Russia to enhance your knowledge before you visit the country. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world that has a lot to offer. Take in all the important experiences and soak in the culture while you are there.

The country keeps appearing in the news because of its politics and other things, but don’t just look at the negative side of things. Many folks are hardworking and humble, and they are happy to help whenever you are in need. Take a trip yourself and discover more interesting facts about Russia.



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