30 Fun And Interesting Facts About Luxembourg

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While Luxembourg is a small country, it doesn’t mean that it has limited things to offer to visitors. Instead, it is a country you should add to your list when visiting Europe. The secret is to know the best facts about Luxembourg that will make your trip even better.

If you are thinking of visiting this landlocked country in the heart of Europe, here are some Luxembourg fun facts you should know.

Common Facts About Luxembourg

Here are some general facts about the country everyone needs to know:

There Are Three Official Languages In The Country

Luxembourg is sandwiched between Germany, France, and Belgium. This is why it is a mixture of culture and languages. There are three official languages in the country, which include Luxembourgish, French, and German.


It Is Landlocked

Other countries surround Luxembourg on all sides. Because of this, don’t expect to find any beaches in this place. However, you can travel to other neighboring countries and enjoy the beaches or sea there.

The Motto Of Luxembourg Is: We Want To Remain As We Are

The original motto of the country is in Luxembourgish, which says, “mir welle bleiwe wat mir sinn.” When you translate this to English, it means that we want to remain as we are. It means that the people want to stay independent, as many people have tried to dominate this country over time.

Public Transport Is Completely Free

One of the top common facts about Luxembourg is that public transport is completely free here. It is the first country worldwide to take this step, which is why even tourists can benefit from this.

However, if you want to cross the border and go towards France, Germany, or Belgium, then you still have to pay a fee. Besides that, you will also have to pay a fee if you want to travel first class.


More Than 33% Of Luxembourg Has Forests

Anyone that enjoys nature will love coming to Luxembourg, as 33% of it is covered in forests. The air is also clean because of this, and you can enjoy the outdoors as much as you like. This is the top fact about Luxembourg for anyone that loves the outdoors.

Interesting Luxembourg Facts You Might Not Know

Luxembourg is an incredibly interesting country, even though it is small. Here are some of the top interesting facts about Luxembourg that you probably didn’t know before.

It Has One Of The Highest GDP per Capita

It may be a small country, but it is still considered one of the richest countries worldwide. The GDP per capita is incredibly high, and anyone looking to work here will do well. That is why it is one of the top countries for anyone that wants to do business and reap high returns on their investment.


It Is Also One Of The Safest Countries To Visit

Thinking about safety and crime rates is crucial when you are going somewhere new. Fortunately, the crime rates in the country are incredibly low. Luxembourg only has two jails and over 1,000 police, so you will always be safe.

Assisted Suicide And Euthanasia Are Legal Here

One of the top interesting Luxembourg facts is that euthanasia and assisted suicide is legal.

In 2008, the Grand Duke refused to sign a bill that approved this because it went against what he believed in. However, this led to significant reform in the constitution.

Now, the laws of the country don’t require the approval of the monarch, and the role is ceremonial. So euthanasia and assisted suicide are legal here.


Nearly Half Of The Population Consists Of Foreigners

People from almost 170 nationalities live in Luxembourg, which is why you can also immigrate. Because of this, nearly half of the population consists of foreigners and expats. Portuguese nationals are the highest as they make up over 16% of the population here.

The Country Only Has Two Universities

This is one of the interesting facts about Luxembourg. The country only has two universities where you can study. These include the Sacred Heart University Luxembourg and the University of Luxembourg.

You Will Find Dog Poop Bag Dispensers Around The City

You might be wondering why this is so. Well, your dog can’t defecate in the city because it is illegal. This is why you will find dog poop bag dispensers all around the city.

These dispensers will also have instructions on how you can dispose of the bag properly. Of course, residents already know how this system works.

Fun Facts About Luxembourg That Will Make Your Stay Worthwhile

Anyone planning to visit Luxembourg needs to know everything the place has to offer. Here are some Luxembourg fun facts that will take your stay in the country to the next level.


The Moselle Valley Is Renowned For Producing Some Of The Best Wines

Wine lovers will love coming to Luxembourg, as Moselle is known for producing some of the best wines in the country. It is also available in wide varieties. These include Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Rivaner, and many others.

There Are Around 130 Castles

If there is one thing you will find in abundance in Luxembourg, it is the enormous castles. There are more than a hundred castles in the country that you can visit. The public can visit most of these castles as they are in great shape, and some of them are also private residences.


There Are Many Gay Clubs And Bars In The Country

One of the best fun facts about Luxembourg is that there are endless gay bars and clubs in the country that you can visit. Even Xavier Bettel, the current Prime Minister, was the first gay leader in the EU to marry. He got married in 2015 to his partner, Gauthier Destenay.

The Oldest City In Luxembourg Is Echternach

Luxembourg dates back a long time ago, which is why the oldest city is the historic town of Echternach. You can visit this town when you go because it is also known as a mini Switzerland. That is because you will find many hiking trails here and majestic natural beauty.

Anyone that loves to have outdoor adventures or just take in nature will love coming here. You will also find a lot of history in this little town.

The Countryside Is Filled With Farms, Forests, And Fields

One of the exciting Luxembourg fun facts for nature lovers is that the countryside is beautiful. Many people think that the place is all about banks and companies, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The country is incredibly rural, and when you venture towards the countryside, you will find endless fields, farms, livestock, and forests. 


Don’t Forget To Visit The Casemates And Tunnels

Underneath Luxembourg City, you will find almost 20km of tunnels that are cut out of rock. These are known as Bock and Petrusse casemates, and the tunnels were created in the 17th century. The primary aim of these tunnels was to serve as a defense.

The best use of these tunnels came in WWII when they were used as shelters. However, these tunnels are a UNESCO World Heritage site now. You can also visit them by paying a small fee.

Vianden Is A Small Town You Must Visit

Travelers will love one of these top fun facts about Luxembourg. Vianden is a small town just outside the capital that you can visit. You will find many old houses and a charming medieval vibe there.

It will remind you of ancient European villages that you only get to see in movies now. We also recommend that you go on the chairlift that will take you up a mountain. You can get the best view of the town and the city from the top.


Food Facts About Luxembourg

The cuisine of any place represents its culture, people, and land. That is why it is crucial to explore the dishes any place has to offer. Don’t worry because we have got just the solution for you to savor the top foods in Luxembourg.

There Is A Restaurant That Has A World Record For The Longest Wine List Worldwide

Fans of wine will love coming to Luxembourg and exploring the delicious wines. We recommend that you visit Restaurant Chiggeri if you want to indulge in the best wine. It is the top restaurant in the world that has had the longest wine list you can find for more than a decade now.

The best part is that the restaurant is beautiful as it is set against a historic building in the city. You will love the views and the wine. Don’t forget to visit it if you have the time.

The Cuisine Is A Mix Of German And French

Luxembourg is situated between France, Germany, and Belgium, and this reflects in the cuisine as well. You will find many meaty platters, potato pancakes, rich soups, plum tarts, and much more. Once you try the food, you will want to keep coming back for more.


One Of The Top Food Specialties In Luxembourg Is A Green Bean Soup

One of the top food facts about Luxembourg is their specialty soups and stews. Bouneshclupp is a green bean soup that comes with potato pancakes. Besides that, there are also many other specialties you will find here.

These include beef broth served with vermicelli, known as, Rendfleeschbritt. Another popular dish is a potato soup with cream, egg yolks, and leeks. This is known as Gromperenzopp.

Judd Mat Gaardebounen Is A Famous Dish

Anyone that loves pork will love this food fact about Luxembourg. The country usually serves pork in ham form. The Judd Mat Gaardebounen is a dish that includes a smoked pork collar with Fava or broad beans.

It is one of the most famous dishes in the country that you need to have once you visit. You will fall in love with this version of pork.

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The National Snack Is Gromperekichelcher

Gromperekichelcher might be difficult to pronounce, but the dish is incredibly simple. These are potato pancakes made from onions, potatoes, flour, egg, and some parsley. You can think of this dish as a national snack as people have it throughout the day whenever they feel a little bit of hunger.

Cultural Facts About Luxembourg

Whenever you visit someplace new, you must understand some common cultural facts so that you don’t experience a faux pas. Everyone has different customs and traditions that make them who they are.

That is why it is good to understand some culture facts about Luxembourg before you visit. Here are some of the most important ones to know when visiting.


The People Give Flowers In Odd Numbers

When someone has invited you, and you plan on getting flowers, then you must only get flowers in odd numbers. This is considered to be lucky by the people. However, we recommend that you avoid thirteen although that is an odd number.

The number thirteen is considered to be unlucky by the people of Luxembourg. If you get flowers in these numbers, the person will get offended. So, make sure you stray away from this mistake.

When You Are Invited To Someone’s Home, Bringing Flowers Or A Box Of Chocolates Is Customary

Are you going to visit friends or family in Luxembourg that you haven’t met in a long time? If you are, and they invite you to their home, then you must get a small gift for them. This can be anything from flowers or a box of chocolates.

This is a custom that everyone follows because it is considered rude to go to someone’s house without any small token of appreciation. It is one of the interesting facts about Luxembourg that tells you a lot about the customs.


There Are Customary Funeral Flowers

Keeping the above fact in mind, avoid giving anyone chrysanthemums when you are visiting their home. Besides that, you should not give these flowers on any happy occasion to anyone. These are the official funeral flowers in the country.

So, unless you are going to a funeral, probably avoid adding chrysanthemums to the bouquet. It can be a major faux pas when you are visiting someone.

The People Are Formal And Reserved With Outsiders

While the people in Luxembourg are not rude, they are still reserved and formal when meeting outsiders. If they are meeting you for the first time, you will probably receive a brief handshake.

However, once you are close and become friends with them, they will be informal and friendly with you. That is because Lithuanians are rather private, and they don’t like to display too many emotions, especially in front of new acquaintances. So, it will take you a while to become informal with the locals.


The Most Common Greeting In The Country Is A Handshake

One of the top common cultural facts about Luxembourg is that a brief handshake is the most common greeting in the country. This is the result of the people being formal. As you become friends, the most common greeting is a light kiss on the cheeks three times.

You start with the left cheek and then alternate. These greetings are only for family and close friends.

People Even Eat Sandwiches With A Knife And Fork

Yes, you will have to eat everything with a fork and knife when you are in Luxembourg, as the people are formal. Even if you eat a sandwich, you will have to use a knife and fork, as eating with your hands is considered bad table manners.

Of course, it is unlikely that anyone will say anything to you as a tourist, but they will think you are brave for doing this in public.


People Take Recycling Seriously

Finally, if there is one thing that everyone takes seriously in Luxembourg, it is recycling. For example, if you don’t recycle plastic, especially plastic bottles, then you might even get fined in the country.

The country is serious about reducing its impact on the environment, and this is just one way that they are trying to make the country a better place to live in.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Luxembourg

These are some of the interesting facts about Luxembourg that you now know! Even though the country is small, there is a lot to see and explore that you may even want to come back for more.

If you are someone that wants to escape city life, then you can visit the countryside in Luxembourg. There is an endless natural beauty that will add joy and happiness to your life. It is a beautiful European country that is worth the trip. 



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