20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Germany And Germans

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There are many wonderful things about Germany just waiting to be explored on your next trip to Europe. There are a bunch of intriguing facts about Germans and Germany that make the country an interesting destination. We know you are bound to learn about the incredible history of Germany while you’re there.

Here are some fun facts about Germany and Germans that touch on the culture, experiences, and explorations!

Favorite Fact About German Culture

It is no surprising fact that Germans are known for enjoy their beers, with Oktoberfest being one of the most famous beer festivals worldwide. However, beer drinking is a day-to-day activity for social interactions, relaxations and just part of the culture fabric of Germany.

Know the Beer Code before going to Germany


Here is a fun fact about Germany for beer lovers. There is a real and secret code that is used to order beer in Germany. Sure, you could ask for it verbally, but if you want to blend in with the locals, learn the code.

Ready for your next round? Raise one thumb for one beer. Ordering for you and your friend? Put up your pointer finger and you’ll receive two beers.

Fun Facts About Germany

Danke doesn’t actually just mean “thank you”


A fun fact about of Germany is that throughout the country, Danke doesn’t just mean “thank you” as many know it to be. In some contexts, it actually means “no” and is considered a polite way to turn down an offer.

Therefore, make sure you say bitte which means “please” or “yes” if someone offers you a drink and you would like to accept!

Germany loves Daylight Savings Time

An interesting fact about Germany is that it was the first country to adopt daylight savings time in back 1916. Make sure to change the clocks when we Spring forward and Fall back!

Children can exchange acorns for candy


How cool would it have been to be able to collect acorns as a kid and exchange them for candy? Haribo is a sweets maker and a candy store where children can deliver as many acorns as they can carry in exchange for candy. Then, the acorns are then delivered to nature preserves to feed animals.

Interesting Facts About Germany For Travelers

Oktoberfest is held in September and they drink a lot of beer there


Though the name is misconceiving, Oktoberfest is actually held in September, not October as the name may suggest. This massive festival is held every year and brings beer lovers from all over the world to the streets of Munich.

A fun fact about Germany for all you beer lovers, 6.7 million liters of beer are consumed each year at Oktoberfest.

Hamburg is one of the most popular cities in the country


Though many may first think of Berlin when planning their trip to Germany, Hamburg is a very popular city for locals, expats, and tourists. Make sure to add it to your bucket list!

Fun fact about Germany, Hamburg actually has the most bridges in any city in the world. Hamburg is also known as the birthplace of the Beatles!

Germany is the second most popular destination for expats


An interesting fact about Germany is that more than 1.5 million people move to Germany every year. Expats love living in Germany for the stunning landscapes, delicious German food, people, and government.

Though they do have to deal with a lot of paperwork to get there, apparently it’s worth it!

German is the official language of five countries

Studying some German a bit before your trip will help you get around in more than one country! An interesting fact on the German language is that it is the official language of five countries different.

On your next European vacation, visit Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, or Liechtenstein to practice your German!

Germany has the world’s oldest brewery


The world’s oldest brewery is just north of Munich. The Weihenstephaner Brewery has been making German beer since 1040 and is well loved throughout the country.

Our next fun fact about Germany is that while various German breweries make over 5,000 different types of beer, Weihenstephaner is a favorite of the locals and tourists.


Fun Facts About Germans

Germans never open windows

Our first interesting fact about Germans is that most believe that open windows will make you sick, and not just when your hair is wet after getting out of the shower. This is so adamantly believed by some that windows stay firmly shut even on the warmest summer days!

A bonus fun fact about Germans is that if you walk around with your hair wet while in Germany, you will most likely get some stares from passersby. It is also believed that wet hair will result in illness whether you’re inside or out.

Early is on time, and on time is late!


Stereotypes aren’t always true, but there is an extremely consistent one: Germans are extremely punctual. This fact about Germans will definitely be helpful throughout your trip to Germany.

It’s very important to know that arriving on time actually means arriving 10 minutes early. So, be sure to plan ahead!

Birthdays are taken very seriously

Be careful not to wish anyone a happy birthday before the actual day they were born. Certainly, one of the most important facts about Germans to remember.

Germans believe that wishing someone a happy birthday before the actual day is a reminder that they could die before the date. This may seem overly cautious and very specific, but it’s taken quite seriously throughout the country. 

Germans love the weekend


Weekends are highly prioritized throughout Germany. Fun fact about German weekends, they actually start at 2pm every Friday, giving you almost two and a half days off. Good luck getting anyone on the phone at 4 o’clock on a Friday afternoon!

It is definitely encouraged to embrace the half work day every Friday rather than fight it, so make sure to get everything done by the end of Friday morning.

Germans are trustworthy

Germans are very reliable and trustworthy. One of our favorite fun fact about Germans is that they are more likely than not to go out of their way to find the owner of a lost wallet found on the sidewalk.

A poll recently showed that Germans are more likely than any other nationality to return something that does not belong to them!

Germans love dogs


Fun fact about Germans is that they love their dogs a lot. So much so that it is believed throughout Germany that if you bury your dog under your doorstep they will guard you for the rest of your life.

Living dogs are also highly respected and loved throughout Germany and are welcome in most restaurants, hotels, and stores.

Cultural Facts About Germany

Always cheers with alcohol!  


Have you ever heard that it is bad luck to cheers with anything that isn’t alcoholic? Well, this is taken very seriously in Germany.

Make sure you don’t accidentally clink your water glasses together or else your German friends will think you are “wishing death upon” your drinking buddies.

Nudity is embraced!

A very interesting fact about Germans is that nudity is embraced and encouraged in several spaces throughout German culture. For example, if you end up in a German spa, be prepared for lots of nude individuals in the sauna. Nudity is very accepted throughout Germany in the appropriate places.

Germans don’t wave to say “hello”

Rather than wave to greet your new friends in Germany, try knocking on a wooden table. An interesting fact about Germans is that they believe that knocking on wood will bring good luck since the devil can’t touch holy wood.

Why would you wave to greet your friends when you could get some good luck at the same time?

Germans usually speak good English


An interesting fact about Germans that will come in handy while traveling throughout the country, is that Germans more often than not speak great English.

If you come across a German who claims to only speak a little English, they are most likely being humble. English is taught widely throughout Germany and most Germans speak good English.

So if someone is saying they don’t understand you, you can probably just keep talking and they’ll eventually help you.

Germans are extremely honest and value community


A great and fun fact about Germans is that they are blunt, honest and they love their community. Germans are very chatty and may comment on things that are considered rude in other cultures.

They aren’t trying to be rude though, they really are trying to be helpful and polite by being direct. Germany is made up of many tight-knit communities where honesty is highly valued.

After a short period of time in Germany, I bet you’ll start to love the way people talk to each other. This can be one of the fun facts of Germans that takes time to grow on you.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Germany

As you can see, Germans are a fascinating bunch with lots of interesting quirks and customs. These are just some of the fun facts about Germans and Germany. If you’re looking to learn more about the country and its people, be sure to visit the country yourself. You may just find yourself falling in love with Germany.



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