20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Slovakia To Know

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There’s a lot about Slovakia that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. These include old and charming architecture, folk music, dances, spas, castles, and much more. There are many interesting facts about Slovakia that makes this underrated country a worthy destination to check out.

Historical Facts About Slovakia

The history of Slovakia is fascinating to understand because it dates back a long time ago. You will find glimpses of the past throughout the country. Here are some historical facts to know before visiting.

Gold Coins, Chains, And Medals Were Found In The 17th Century


A treasure was found in Slovakia in the 17th century while the construction work of Kosice was taking place. These include around 3,000 gold coins, medals, and a gold chain that was 2 meters in length. To see these ancient treasures firsthand, you can visit the Vychodoslovenske Museum (East Slovak Museum) in Košice.

There Is An Old Wooden Church From The 12th Century

When visiting Slovakia, you will notice incredible wooden churches all around you. These churches are part of the cultural and religious heritage of the country, with the oldest one being built in the 16th century. This church is known as St. Francis of Assisi, and you’ll find it near Bardejov.

The Country Gained Independence In 1918

1918 was an important year for the country because that was when they gained independence and became Slovak Republic. However, their independence was not synonymous with peace in the region because the country still had to go through many economic changes, political instability, and wars. Now, peace finally reigns in this region.

Cultural Facts About Slovakia

The culture of Slovakia is incredibly unique because it contains many folk elements you don’t get to see and experience in other places. Here are some facts about Slovakia culture that will help you appreciate the country better.

Slovakian Folk Dances Are A Beautiful Sight To Witness

Festivals in Slovakia are a treat to watch because they include folk dances and music that are an integral part of the culture. The dances happen to the rhythm of bass, violin, cymbals, and much more. Every region has their unique folk dance that is a beautiful sight to see.

Potato Dumplings Are An Essential Food To Try

Your trip will not be complete unless you indulge in the food of Slovakia and enjoy Bryndzove Halusky. These are potato dumplings with bacon and sheep cheese. You will find this dish in almost every restaurant. So go ahead and try it regardless of where you visit!

The Traditional Life Is All About Agriculture And Farming


Many people in Slovakia still live the traditional way of life. They work in agriculture and farming and are happy with the simple things. However, as urbanization takes over, this population is becoming less throughout the country.


Fun Facts About Slovakia For Kids

Kids should be familiar with different cultures and places to increase their knowledge about the world. Here are some simple and amazing facts about Slovakia that can pique their interest.

There Are Close To Two Hundred Castles Here


Slovakia has nearly two hundred castles, and you can find these historical and cultural beauties everywhere you go! Anyone that loves architecture will enjoy visiting these castles. While you can’t see all of them on your trip, you can at least visit some of the castles in Slovakia.

A Timeless Adventure: Kosice Peace Marathon

Slovakia is home to the Kosice Peace Marathon, which happens every October. It is perhaps the oldest marathon in Europe, and you need to experience it if you are into sports or fitness. Everyone gets together in the Eastern side of Slovakia to take part in this adventure.

It Borders Hungary And Austria


Bratislava is the country’s capital, and it shares a border with 2 countries – Hungary and Austria. Besides that, Vienna is only 60 kilometers away if you plan on visiting. This can be a good base to check out other places in the surrounding region.

Useful Slovakia Facts For Travelers

Slovakia is a combination of lush nature, thermal springs, folk architecture, castles, spas, and much more. There are tons to do while you are on your trip! Here are some fun facts about Slovakia that you can consider when planning.

It Has Some Of The Most Beautiful National Parks


The people of Slovakia are protective of nature. This is why it’s no surprise that you will find 14 protected areas and 9 national parks in the country.

Most of them are not difficult to access, as they are located in the center of the country. You can often find public transportation to get to and around these beautiful places. Bus frequency tend to be lower during the off-season so you want to plan accordingly.

There Are Over Six Thousand Caves

Caves have been discovered in Slovakia for a very long time, as there are around 6,000 caves spread throughout the country. You’ll find most of them in Slovak Karst, Paradise, and Low Tatras national parks. If you are visiting any of these parks, don’t forget to check out some of these natural wonders.

There Are Over 1,600 Mineral Springs Throughout Slovakia


1,600 is just the number of registered mineral springs, there might actually be more in the country. They are great for relaxation, as locals love to enjoy a spa day inside these springs. Besides that, you’ll also find bottled water from these springs in various stores throughout Slovakia.

There Is A Village For Folk Architecture


Yes, this is something you will only find in Slovakia! The Cicmany village has stunning folk architecture. The village’s origin can be traced back to the 13th century, and the beautiful gingerbread houses are a sight to behold. Certainly one of the landmarks in Slovakia to consider for your itinerary!

Common Facts About Slovakia

Now that you know some important information about Slovakia, here are some common Slovakia facts everyone should know.

Residents Can Use The National Railway To Travel For Free


A certain percentage of the population can travel for free by train. These include students less than 26 years, seniors 62 and older, and disabled or widowed pensioners under the age of 62. They can easily ask for a zero-fare ticket and enjoy the national railway.

Valleys To Meadows, Canyons, And More


Despite its geographical size, Slovakia features many diverse terrains throughout the country. You will find everything from canyons to meadows, valleys, and much more. These landscapes add to the country’s beauty, and are great spots for exploration!

The Medieval Town Of Levoca Is A UNESCO Site

There are a few UNESCO sites in Slovakia, and the medieval town of Levoca is one of them. Here, you will find the highest wooden altar in the world. The most interesting part about this altar is that it was constructed without using nails.

There Are Over 10,000 Bridges


There are more than 10,000 bridges in Slovakia! Some of these bridges feature unique characteristics and designs that reflect different parts of the country’s history. So keep an eye out and observe the details of your surroundings while you are wandering around!

Other Interesting Facts About Slovakia

Finally, here are some other fascinating facts about Slovakia you will love to know about.

Almost 30 Thermal Spas


There are close to 30 thermal spas in the country. They include thermal springs and often other wellness services. If you want to relax and spend a day unwinding, take a dip in these springs!

Women Represent Over 50% Of The Workforce


The women in Slovakia contribute a lot to the culture and economy. Over 50% of the workforce comprises women. They also have a significant role in literature, music, and art!

Breaking Plates At Weddings

One of the most interesting wedding customs in Slovakia is the breaking of plates. This tradition is meant to bring good luck to newlyweds! A plate is smashed on the ground when the bride and groom enter. The couple will sweep up the pieces together as a representation of working together in the relationship.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Slovakia

These are just some of the interesting facts about Slovakia that are intriguing and useful to know. And you can be sure they are not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the country’s culture, traditions, and history.

Be sure to plan a trip to this Slovakia and explore these things yourself! This hidden gem in Europe might not be as prominent of a travel destination but definitely has lots to offer.



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