20 Interesting Fun Facts About Georgia [Explained]

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Sitting at the intersection of Europe and Asia, Georgia is an amazing country with rich architecture and culture. While often overlooked as a travel destination, some of the fun facts about Georgia include its beautiful coastal regions, rolling hills, and unique cultural attractions.

Georgia is also famous for its cuisine which reflects influence from around the region. Here are some interesting Georgia facts about its history, culture, and food to learn more about this underrated country.

Historical Facts About Georgia

Not to be confused with the state of Georgia in the United States, this transcontinental nation has its fair share of exciting past stories. Here are some historical facts about Georgia (country).

Georgia Is The Birthplace Of Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin was a political leader in the former Soviet Union. Many people tend to associate the Soviet Union mainly with Russia. However, Georgia was also a part of the Soviet Union before, which explains why the famous personality was born here. 

You will also come across a museum dedicated to Stalin in Georgia. Many people come to visit the death mask room at this museum in Gori village.

The First Grape Wine Was Made Here


One of the top facts about Georgia country is the many varieties of wines found here. Stone Age farmers are famous for making the oldest wines in the region. They used to reside in Georgia around 6,000 BC.

This is why the country is often considered the birthplace of the classic grape wine. Today, many people enjoy this beverage in different countries.

Veryovkina Cave Is The World’s Deepest Cave

The Gagra Mountain range in Georgia is home to the deepest cave you will find on this planet. This cave is 2,212 meters deep, making it a unique natural landmark of Georgia.

You can even explore the cave if you have the necessary tools to reach its bottom. As such, it attracts spelunkers or potholers (cave explorers) looking for adventure.

A Cave City Is Present In Georgia


Speaking of caves, another thing Georgia is famous for is its cave city, which has a capacity of 6,000 rooms. Vardzia was built as a refuge site when Mongols were raiding the nearby regions. 

A bakery and a church were also built here to help the people enjoy a sustainable lifestyle. You can also find wine cellars and multiple luxury apartments in this cave city.

Cultural Facts About Georgia

Georgia boasts a vibrant and exciting heritage that reflects its history and beliefs. Following are some interesting facts about Georgia and its culture.

An Orthodox Christian Church Is In Georgia 

One of the important Georgia facts to know is that most of the population here follows Christianity. So it is no surprise that there are plenty of religious establishments in the country.

Perhaps one of the most iconic is a church residing in the beautiful mountains. The Gergeti Trinity Church is near a river’s bank and has a stunning backdrop of rolling hills.

Khachapuri Is Its National Dish


Georgian food is famous for its flavorful and unique dishes. Khachapuri is a winter dish that contains sulgani cheese and will warm you immediately. It also has toppings of butter and egg for an amazing taste.

Another thing to know about Georgian food is that every region has its specific dish. For example, Kubdari is the national dish of Svans in Georgia. Foodies will find plenty to explore in the gastronomic scene here.

Christmas Is Celebrated On 7th January


Amidst the many interesting facts about Georgia, this one will likely surprise you the most. People in this country do not celebrate Christmas on 25th December like most other nations. This is because the old Julian calendar is used for determining holidays in Georgia.

Based on that, Christmas is on the 7th of January instead, and Georgia celebrates the festivities then.

Georgia Has Various UNESCO World Heritage Sites


There are three UNESCO sites in Georgia that beautifully showcase the country’s culture and history. 

Visit the Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery if you’re interested in religious sites. Meanwhile, the ancient villages in the Svaneti region are some of the best landmarks in Georgia if you want to know more about the people.

Many places have also been nominated on the tentative list for UNESCO sites. Georgia has various cultural attractions that are well worth visiting.

Simple Facts About Georgia For Kids

Here are some fun facts about Georgia for children.

The Highest Settlement In Europe Is In Georgia


One of the cool facts about Georgia is that it is home to the ancient Ushguli villages. These form the highest European settlements, that are 2,100 meters above sea level. You can find them in the Svaneti region’s mountains.

Locals Use A Different Name When Referring To Their Country

One of the weird facts about Georgia is that people call it Sakartvelo. No one knows the origin of this unique country name. Meanwhile, the locals call themselves Kartvelis instead of Georgians. This title is mainly derived from the Kartli region of Georgia.

It Has A Rich Biodiversity


Another great thing about Georgia is that it has various biodiverse regions. You can enjoy tropical, semi-tropical, and other types of climates in this country. 40% of the nation is also covered by thick forests that add to the beauty of Georgia.

There are also many species of leopards, bears, and other animals in this country. This means you may get a chance to encounter some rare creatures in Georgia.

Useful Georgia Facts For Travelers

Planning a trip to the country? Here are some facts about Georgia that can be useful.

The Visa Policy Of This Country Is Lenient

One of the reasons Georgia is getting popular, particularly among digital nomads, is due to its visa regulation. 

You will rarely face any trouble when visiting this nation because of its lenient rules. Citizens of about 98 countries are also allowed to enter this country without a visa for an entire year.

The best thing is that this visa allows you to study and work in this country. Getting a residential permit in Georgia is also easier than getting a permit in most other nations.

Note: Visa regulations can change anytime, please check the most updated information at relevant governmental websites/sources.

Skiing Enthusiasts Love Visiting Georgia


Many people don’t know that Georgia is an excellent skiing destination. Gudauri is one of the top resorts that you can visit if you love this activity. Heliskiing options are available for advanced individuals while snowboarding and basic skiing amenities are also present for beginners. 

It Is A Transcontinental Country

One of the top facts about Georgia is that is located between the European and Asian continents, thereby you see a crossroad of influences. 

This is probably also why many countries have fought to grab control of this strategic region. Russia even annexed it from 1801 to 1804.

The interesting thing is that the country did not gain independence soon. It took almost two centuries for Georgia to become completely independent. The event occurred in 1991.

Abkhasia Is A Famous Region

Abkhasia is one of the most-visited regions in Georgia because of its beauty and rich history. One of the most special aspects though, is that the place has various centenarians in prime health.

In fact, the population in this region has more centenarians than in other places and is therefore considered one of the longest-living societies that exist. Abkhasia was even featured in an article in The New York Times. 

Common Facts About Georgia 

There Is A Georgian Folk Song Is In Space

NASA launched a voyage into space that contained various tunes from Earth. These included a folk song called Chakrulo from Georgia. Other songs are from famous artists such as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and more. 

However, the first music that has been played in space is Jingle Bells. It was an honor for the country when Chakrulo was sent to space because this folk song represents Georgian culture uniquely.

Georgian Is A Kartvelian Language

There are four Kartvelian languages on this planet. Georgian is the most modern version of these different forms. It has a script consisting only of 33 letters, making it more unique than other languages on Earth.

The Flag Of Georgia Is Symbolic


One of the top facts about Georgia is that it has a Five Cross Flag with a unique meaning. A red cross is present on a white background. The cross is a symbol of Saint George, who is also the patron of Georgia.

White is used for displaying peace, while the different quadrants of the cross represent sacrifice and Christianity. This design became the permanent flag of Georgia in 2004.

Other Interesting Facts About Georgia

People Consider Toasting As A Ritual Here


Toasting is a common practice in many countries to cheer various moments. You may give a toast to a person who won an award in your family. However, Georgians take things to the next level because they consider it as an art form and ritual.

After every toast, Georgians mainly drink wine or chacha to complete the ritual. The latter is a pomace Brandy with a strong flavor that is mainly consumed in this country. 

A 1.8 Million Old Skull Is Present Here

This skull was found in Georgia in 2005 and belonged to a human ancestor. The bone was buried in a village that belonged to the medieval Georgian Kingdom. It is one of the best-preserved pre-human skulls and gives an idea about evolution. 

Discovering More Fun Facts About Georgia

These are just some facts about Georgia that will make your visit to the country more interesting. They are by no means an exhaustive coverage of this country with boundless wonders. 

The best way to uncover more interesting Georgia facts is definitely to make a trip yourself. Take advantage of the relaxed visa requirements, and spend some time diving deep into the country’s culture.

It is a relatively safe place to travel, with warm and welcoming locals. You can visit various settlements and Europe’s highest mountain range in this country. 



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