20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Serbia

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While Serbia is often overlooked by many travelers, it is one of the most beautiful Balkan countries to visit. Belgrade has fantastic architecture, while there are many natural wonders throughout the country. It is good to know the important facts about Serbia to help plan an unforgettable trip.

So, if you want to learn more about this Balkan country, you are in the right place. Here are some fun facts about Serbia that give you an insight into the nation.

General Facts About Serbia

There are some things that make the country what it is and contribute to its uniqueness. So, here are the top general Serbia facts that will boost your knowledge.

It Is The 2nd Largest Raspberry Exporter


Anyone that loves eating raspberries should know that Serbia is the second-largest exporter of these fruits. More than 90% of the raspberries in the world come from Serbia. Besides that, it is also one of the top exporters of fruits such as pears, apples, prunes, and plums in Europe.

One Of The Oldest Cities In Europe Is Belgrade


Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and these are the facts about Serbia everyone must know. Human settlements had existed in the city for more than 7000 years. Now, it is one of the popular destinations to visit in the country, as it is known for its interesting people and partying culture.

Thirteen Serbs Worked On The Apollo Project Of NASA

Thirteen people from Serbia worked on the Apollo project NASA, as there are many scientists and inventors that live here. Mihajlo Pupin is also a Serbian, and he was one of the founders of NASA. The people of the country are incredibly smart and hard-working.

The Largest Serbian Orthodox Church Is The Church Of Saint Sava


You might have heard of the Church of Saint Sava, as it is one of the largest churches in Europe. However, it is also the largest Orthodox worship space in the entire Balkan region. Besides that, it also boasts to be one of the largest Orthodox churches worldwide.

Interesting Facts About Serbia For People That Want To Visit

Many people want to visit Serbia but don’t know enough about the country to make an informed decision. Here are some interesting facts about Serbia that make it a fantastic destination to visit.

There Is A Village Made Completely Of Stone

Yes, there is a village in Serbia known as, Gostusa, and it is completely made of stone. The village is situated on Mount Stara Planina slopes, and the houses are made of natural materials, such as stone and made. People still live in these houses, and time has not changed them much.

One Rainforest Exists Here

The Vinatovaca rainforest is also in Serbia, and it is a nature serve with beech trees that are more than three hundred years old. It is a protected area, and there are many things that have been prohibited here.

For example, the moving of fallen trees, picking plants, lumbering, and much more is not allowed here. The people have protected this rainforest so that it can be untouched by human hands.

Europe’s Largest Gorge Is In Serbia


The Derdap Gorge is the largest in Europe, and it is located in East Serbia. The country is known for its many natural sites and wonders, which are great for exploration. Even the Drina river canyon, which is the second deepest canyon in Europe, is located in Serbia.

There Are Endless Natural Attractions Here


There is a lot to do in Serbia, especially for people that love nature. From lakes, gorges, canyons, and forests, you will find plenty of natural attractions in the country. That is why it is crucial to learn interesting facts about Serbia so that you can create a fantastic itinerary.

Fun Facts About Serbia That Makes It A Unique Country

Every country is unique, and Serbia is no exception. Here are the different fun facts about Serbia that make it one-of-a-kind.

The Word Vampire Has A Serbian Origin 

We bet you didn’t know this before, but the word Vampire comes from Serbia and originates from the word Vampir. It is perhaps one of the most used Serbian words around the world that you never knew about.

The vampires are also a unique part of Serbian folklore that you will find out about when you visit this place.

It Is The Birthplace Of Eighteen Roman Emperors

Yes, eighteen were born in Serbia out of all the Roman Emperors. These emperors were born in Belgrade, Nis, Constantine, and many other places. Keep in mind that during those times, the cities had different names, which is why you might not have known this Serbian fact.

The Most Expensive Cheese Worldwide Is Produced In Serbia

Swiss cheese is famous around the world, and people think it is the most expensive, but that is not the case. Instead, the most expensive cheese worldwide comes from Serbia, and it is known as Pule. The cheese is made of goat milk and donkey milk, and each kilogram of this cheese costs more than a thousand dollars.

While you might not be having this cheese regularly, be sure to make

The Clock-Making Industry In Serbia Is Older Than Swiss


Many people have this misconception that the Swiss clock-making industry is the oldest because of its high quality.

However, that is not true because the Serbian clock-making industry is older than the Swiss. That is because the country had its clocks at least two centuries before the Swiss people.


Facts About Serbia For Kids

Kids should be familiar with different cultures and countries to open their perspectives and horizons. Here are the top facts about Serbia for kids that will increase their knowledge about this place,

There Is A River Known As Year Here

There is a river in Serbia, and it is nickname is “year.” That is because the river has a unique length of 365 meters. The real name of the river is Vrelo, and you can visit it whenever you are in the country.

It Is Home To Many Chemists, Scientists, And Inventors

Serbia is home to many geniuses throughout history, which include inventors, scientists, chemists, and much more. These include people such as Mileva Maric, Nikola Tesla, Milutin Milankovic, and many others. Serbians are very intellectual, and you can see this in the people.

Three Serbians Have Won The Pulitzer

We were not kidding when we said Serbians are geniuses. Three Serbians have also won the Pulitzer Prize, which includes Mihajlo Pupin, Carls Simic, and Valter Bogdanic. Besides that, there is Ivo Andric also won the Nobel Prize, and he is from Serbia.

There Are Unusual Lake Phenomenons Here

Serbia has some unusual natural phenomenon, and one of them are lakes that have floating surface islands. These lakes are known as Semetes and Vlasina. You have to visit these lakes to understand what they offer.

Facts About Serbian Culture And People

The people and culture of Serbia make the place what it is. Here are some top cultural facts about Serbia to know.

People Are Known For Their Hospitality

People in Serbia are known for their hospitable and welcoming nature. That might be because ancient beliefs state that Gods will not favor someone if they are not hospitable to guests. That hospitality has continued to reflect in modern society.

The Traditional Folk Dance Is Known As Kolo


Serbian culture is incomplete without the traditional Kolo dance. It takes place on important occasions, such as Easter, Christmas, and weddings.

People Love Drinking Coffee


If there is one thing that all Serbians love the most, it is coffee. People love drinking coffee here, and you will find locals drinking it all the time. Cafes are places to hang out and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Coffee lovers can enjoy cafe hopping in the bigger cities.

There Is A Tradition Known As Slava

Slava is the day when Serbians commemorate a patron saint through a big feast. People celebrate this tradition with their friends and family. The feast begins with bread and ends up with wine and a big meal that everyone enjoys.

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Discovering More Fun Facts About Serbia

These are some of the fun and interesting facts about Serbia to enhance your knowledge and get you excited. It is one of the European countries with incredible nature and hospitable people

From cheese-making traditions to the beautiful countryside and historical places, you have plenty of interesting things to explore in Serbia. Don’t miss out on this unique experience. Be sure to plan a trip to Serbia and uncover more cultural and historical facts about Serbia yourself.



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