20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Czech Republic [Explained]

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When you visit the heart of Europe, you’ll find one of the most beautiful countries with stunning natural beauty, incredible architecture, a rich history, and more. There are plenty of interesting facts about Czech Republic that make it the attractive destination it is today.

There’s nothing quite like roaming around through the parks, lakes, castles, and nature that surrounds this country. Here are some fun facts about the Czech Republic that will give you an insight into what you’ll find in the country and what you can expect as a traveler.

Historical Facts About Czech Republic

The history of the Czech Republic goes way back which explains all the various cultural influences you will find throughout the country. 

There Is A Reason Why King Charles IV Set The First Stone Of The Charles Bridge In Prague At The Given Date


On July 9, 1357, the first stone of the Charles Bridge was set in Prague at exactly 5:31 am. The reason for this was that the King was into numerology, and when you read the year, day, month, and time, it’s the same forward and backward. Here’s what it looks like to help you understand: 135797531.

You’ll Find One Of The Oldest Universities In Europe Here

Charles University came into existence in the fourteenth century, and this is one of the oldest universities in Europe. Consider checking out this university to look at the incredible campus and get a taste of the local student life. It also ranks number 266 in QS Global World Rankings.

A Czech Composer’s Symphony Was The First One To Be Played On The Moon

It’s a tradition to play musical compositions whenever there is a mission to the moon, and one of them was the New World Symphony. This was composed by Antonin Dvorak, who was from the Czech Republic.

It was the first-ever symphony to be played on the moon when Neil Armstrong took the first steps onto the planet.

Cultural Facts About Czech Republic

Here are some facts about the Czech Republic culture that reflect the people and the way of living in the country.

An Important Part Of The Local Culture Is Mushroom Picking


Czechs love to eat mushrooms as well as pick them, which is why mushroom picking is a big part of the culture. Usually, people go mushroom-picking on St. Wenceslas Day. 

Interestingly, the average family in the Czech Republic picks around eight kilograms of mushrooms each year.

More Than 500,000 Foreigners Live In The Czech


Close to 500,000 foreigners live in the Czech Republic, with more than 150,000 of them making the country their permanent home. 

You Must Try The Roast Pork And Dumplings From The Local Cuisine


One of the things to do when visiting is to indulge in some of the traditional Czech food that the country is famous for, including roast pork and dumplings. 

This dish is a great introduction to the flavor profile that locals love. Usually, it includes sauerkraut, pork roast, and dumplings.

Simple Facts About Czech Republic For Kids

It’s advantageous for kids to learn about different countries and cultures. Here are some Czech Republic facts for kids that will boost their knowledge.

There Are Over 2,000 Castles In The Czech Republic


Czech Republic has more than 2,000 castles scattered all across the country with Pague Castle being one of the largest. There are many tours that you can take to visit these impressive ancient structures in the country. Ice Hockey Is One Of The Most Popular Sports

Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in the country, which explains several stellar achievements of the national ice hockey team. In 1998, the men’s team even brought home the Olympic gold medal.

The Unemployment Rate Is Really Low

The economy of the Czech Republic has a relatively low unemployment rate close to 3%. This is one of the lowest in Europe, and it was lower than this before COVID-19 struck the world.

Useful Czech Republic Facts For Travelers

If you are planning a trip, here are some fun facts about the Czech Republic that can help buff up your itinerary. 

There Is A Huge Astronomical Clock In The Historical Center


The astronomical clock in the historical center of Prague was installed in the 15th century and is the oldest in the world. 

Also known as Prague Orloj, It’s an absolute beauty to look at. The intricate design and engineering will blow your mind away. Make sure to look out for your star sign and pay attention to the different instruments and statues on the clock.

At the strike of every hour, you will see people gather in front of the clock tower to see the clock chime. This is when the statues of the Twelve Apostles go into motion. 

You Will Find The Wall Of Lennon In Mala Strana


Stroll through the Mala Strana district when you’re in the Czech Republic and witness the beauty of the Wall of Lennon. Many people also call it the crying wall because protesters used to utilize these walls to write their political messages. The graffiti keeps on changing, which is why it looks different every time you visit.

One Of The Most Affordable City In The Country Is Havirov

While Prague is the most popular city with amazing Czech food, it is also the most expensive city to visit and live in within the country. If you’re looking for a more affordable and often overlooked city to visit, Havirov is a great option. It’s located on the East side of the country, and it was founded after WWII.


Common Facts About The Czech Republic

Here are some general Czech Republic facts to be familiar with.

The Jewel Of The Country is Cesky Krumlov


There’s nothing more beautiful in the Czech Republic than Cesky Krumlov. More than a million people visit this city each year because of the scenic views. It’s located in Southern Bohemia, and it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Language Is Incredibly Challenging To Learn

Czech is perhaps one of the most challenging languages to learn for English speakers. However, if you have some background in Russian or Polish, then it might be easier for you to pick up this language. 

That’s because the structure of Czech is based on the Slavic language which is different from English which is based on Latin. 

Prague Goes By Various Nicknames

There are many nicknames that Prague goes by. This includes The Golden City, The Rooftop of Europe, The City of 100 Towers, the City of 100 Spires, and much more. 

If you hear any of these phrases in the country, know that the people are likely talking about Prague.

There Is A Street That Is Only 10cm Long

There’s a very narrow street in Prague that is only 50 centimeters wide. You’ll find this street near the Charles Bridge. The street is a little claustrophobic and closed off because of its small size.

Other Interesting Facts About The Czech Republic

There’s A Legend That Charles Bridge Is Haunted

One of the beautiful landmarks Prague is known for is undoubtedly the Charles Bridge. However, there is various folklore implying a ghastly past at Charles Bridge. A famous legend states that close to 30 noblemen were executed in the town square, and their heads were displayed on the bridge. 

It is believed that the ghosts of these people still roam the bridge on that day every year.

You Can Go Up The Žižkov Television Tower For Great Views


If you want a panoramic view of Prague, you can go up to the Žižkov Television Tower. The observation deck is 300 feet above the ground and offers great views of the city. While it’s not particularly aesthetic visually, it is one of the famous landmarks in Czech Republic as it towers over the city skyline.

It’s A Paradise For Beer Lovers


Czech Republic is known for their love for beer. Beer consumption in Prague is higher than in most other places in the world.

You can enjoy different kinds of creative brews here at pubs and local breweries. Best of all, it’s pretty affordable too!

Many Famous People Are From Here

There are many renowned personalities that come from this country. These include Sigmund Freud, Franz Kafka, Paulina Porizkova, and many others. You’ll even find a head sculpture of Kafka in Prague.

Discovering More Fun Facts About The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a lot to offer to anyone that wants to check out the beauties of Europe. Sitting near the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, the country is often considered a very affordable European destination that boasts great attractions, food, and amenities.

With so many incredible places to explore, stories to hear, and cultures to experience, you can be sure there are plenty more interesting facts about Czech Republic to uncover.



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