20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Slovenia [Explained]

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There are many fantastic countries in Europe that are highly popular among tourists. However, because of this, many people miss out on the beauty of Slovenia. The country is small yet diverse as it includes mountains, natural wonders, caves, lakes, and much more. Here are some fun facts about Slovenia that showcase what the country has to offer.

If you are traveling in Europe, considering make a stop here, and you will likely be pleasantly surprised by the different things Slovenia is known for.

Historical Facts About Slovenia

Slovenia is a relatively new country, which is why its history is much more recent than other places that can be traced back to ancient times. Here are some of the top historical Slovenia facts to be familiar with.

Slovenia Gained Independence More Than Three Decades Ago

Slovenians had been seeking independence for years and they were able to realize their dream in 1991. The country achieved its independence after the breakup of Yugoslavia. Since then, the country has joined many powerful organizations like NATO and the European Union.

The Oldest Wheel Ever Found Comes From Here

An old wheel was found at least twenty kilometers south of Ljubljana in 2002. After inspection, a conclusion was reached that this wheel is at least more than 5,100 years old. Because of this, it is perhaps the oldest one still in existence.

The Solkan Bridge Was Built At The Start Of The 20th Century


The Solkan Bridge is a marvel of engineering in Slovenia. The bridge spans more than 85 meters. It is also known as the longest stone arch railroad bridge worldwide. As you pass by this bridge, you can also admire the stunning beauty of the River Soca beneath.

Cultural Facts About Slovenia

Slovenia is the melting pot for various European cultures, which include Romance, Germanic, and Slavic. Here are some of the cultural facts about Slovenia to know.

Potica Is Served On Special Occasions


Potica is a rolled pastry and one of the best Slovenian food you should try while you are there. The locals reserve this pastry to mark the most important occasions. However, there are many variations you will find in different eateries throughout the country.

While you are at it, don’t forget to also check out some of the delectable desserts in Slovenia. They make for great conclusions to a fulfilling meal.

Villages Light Up Bonfires On April 30

The tradition of lighting up bonfires on the last day of April dates back a few hundred years. Back then, the fire was a meaningful reminder of the rights of laborers. While that has lost its initial significance today, people still do it because it has become more of a social occasion now.

The Slovenians Are Adventurous People


Slovenians have been part of many world adventures throughout history. For example, the first man to descend on a ski from Mt. Everest was Davo Karnicar from Slovenia. On the other hand, the first married couple to make it to the summit of Mt. Everest was also from here.

Simple Facts About Slovenia For Kids

Kids should know the different places and cultures that exist around the world. Here are some fun facts about Slovenia to get them interested.

The Greenest Capital In Europe


Ljubljana won the European Green Capital Award in 2016. The reason for this was that it raised a lot of awareness about the environment among its citizens. You will get a chance to explore and enjoy the green and lush nature when you visit. The huge Tivoli Park is right by the city center and offers a nice nature getaway.

The People In Slovenia Love Beekeeping


Beekeeping is not just an activity but a way of life for people in Slovenia, as they use their knowledge to care for the bees. Slovenia is also the perfect habitat for the Carniolan honeybee, which produces the incredible honey you find in the country. This is why you will see people keeping bees in Slovenia as a hobby as well.

A Beautiful Island In Slovenia


Lake Bled is the only natural island in the country, and it is just less than an acre. The clear blue waters, the lush mountains, and everything that surrounds this lake will take your breath away. It’s definitely one of the most famous landmarks in Slovenia that you should find time to visit.

Fun Slovenia Facts For Travelers

Here are some useful facts about Slovenia when you are traveling there.

Slovenia Has Around 8000 Caves


Don’t forget to check out some of the beautiful caves you will find in Slovenia. Most of these caves go deep under the ground. Unfortunately, out of all these caves, only about 20 of them are open to the public for visiting.

Most of the other caves are closed to visits due to safety concerns. These caves are really old and may collapse which can be dangerous for the visitors.

Over 55% Of Slovenia Is Covered In Forest


It is one of the most forested countries in the entire European region, which is why you will find lush greenery everywhere you go. There are fir-beech forests, beech-oak forests, and much more. Take the opportunity to explore these areas for some fresh air and enjoy the natural beauty.

There Are Over 30,000 Kilometers Of Streams And Rivers


Although Slovenia is almost landlocked, with a small coastline exposed to the Adriatic Sea, you can still find opportunities for water sports in the country.

There are many beautiful rivers and streams in Slovenia where you can engage in energizing activities such as kayaking. These inland water sources are an important part of the country.

The Coastline Only Stretches 30 Miles


Despite the small coastline, there are still many beaches in Slovenia you can enjoy. These include Portoroz Beach, Koper City Beach, and many others. You can come here in the summer to soak in the spectacular views as you relax.


Common Facts About Slovenia

Here are some general facts about Slovenia that are good to know as well.

Some Of The World’s Best Wines Come From Slovenia


A good part of the land in Slovenia is covered by vineyards, and rightly so. The locals love to experiment and create their own wines. They love it so much that they only export between 8 and 9% of the total wine they produce in the country.

You Can Sleep in An Old Prison For The Night

Yes, if you visit Ljubljana, you can spend in Celica Hostel, which used to be a political and military prison back in the day. The only difference is that you can leave whenever you like. The prison cells have now been renovated into beautiful and comfortable rooms. This is actually one of the top-rated hostels in Ljubljana today, so consider booking a stay here.

Slovenia Has 3 Climate Zones

The three climate zones include continental, Alpine, and Mediterranean. In just one day, you can spend the mornings in the forest, bathe in the sea by midday, and then go skiing in the evening. This is what makes Slovenia highly unique.

It Is An Extremely Eco-Friendly Country

In 2017, the country got 96/100 in the sustainability indicators. These indicators cover various features such as biodiversity, climate, environment, and much more. The locals are also serious about sustainability, which is why you will find it to be a rather green and clean country.

Other Interesting Facts About Slovenia

Here are some other fascinating facts about Slovenia you probably didn’t know before.

The Best Place To Get Married Is The Church On Bled Island


If you want to have a destination wedding in Europe, then it doesn’t get better than the church on Bled Island. Surrounded by the pristine Lake Bled, with a view of the medieval Bled Castle perched on top of the cliff, this can be an incredibly romantic setting.

There is also an old tradition that states a groom must carry the bride up the ninety-nine steps for a happy and lifelong marriage.

It Is A Great Place For Hollywood Movies

Many scenes of popular movies were actually filmed in Slovenia, such as The Chronicles of Narnia, Captain America, and many others. You might be able to spot the places where the scenes were shot if you happen to pass by those places.

One Of The Oldest Pharmacies In Europe Is Located Here

Not many pharmacies from the old times have survived in Europe, except the Old Pharmacy in Olimje. It is a monastic pharmacy and is located in the Podcetrtek municipality.

If you want to know more about it, you can simply visit the pharmacy when roaming the region. It is believed to be the third oldest in Europe, after the ones in Paris and Dubrovnik.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Slovenia

These are some of the interesting Slovenia facts that hopefully gave an idea of what this underrated European country has to offer. You can be sure there are plenty more to explore. Despite its relatively smaller size, it has everything from mountains to greenery, rivers, and much more for travelers to have a great time.



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