10 Delicious Slovenian Desserts You Have To Try

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Slovenia is a beautiful country made up of many varied regions. The landscape here is breathtaking, but only one thing in Slovenia can truly blow you away and that is Slovenian desserts. The sweets in Slovenia are simply unforgettable with notes of richness and brightness that cannot be compared. Gear up and get lost in the sugary world of Slovenia sweets! 

What Is Special About Slovenian Desserts

Those familiar with the varied cuisine of Slovenia may think of it as a savory lover’s paradise with tons of heart stews and meats, but there are lots of sweet things here, too.

The Slovenian dessert style plays on what is available and regional influences to craft irresistible treats. There is nothing restrained about the desserts in Slovenia, they are full of big flavors.

In Slovenia, you can expect to find plenty of cheese and dairy on the dessert table and excellent seasonings like caraway and tarragon. The local favorite dish of dumplings is ever present, even at dessert, so expect to find those on the sweets menu.

Every bite of Slovenian dessert is a surprising and sweet adventure; its one of the most exciting facts about Slovenia for foodies. So get ready to dive right in!

Most Famous Slovenian Dessert

Pohorska Omleta (Sweet Omelet)

This gorgeous dessert in Slovenia is a local favorite for a sugary indulgence. It is a decadent marriage of cake, cream, and fruit that showcases all the highs of Slovenian dessert making. This treat is served at restaurants across Slovenia and celebrates the Slovenian tradition of foraging.

Pohorska omleta is composed of an airy cake that is filled with fruit jam, whipped cream, and fresh fruit. It is folded in half like an omelet and enjoyed cold with hot coffee or Slovenian dessert wine. This is the perfect summer dessert in Slovenia.

Traditional Slovenian Desserts

Blejska Grmada (Crumble-Style Cake)

Locals love this Slovenian dessert from Bled. This dessert is a moist and crumbly Slovenian sensation! It has all the sweetness and flavors you want in a dessert with such a satisfying texture.

Blejska Grmada is a dessert cake made from a sweet batter that is packed with cocoa and dried fruits. It bakes into a dense and satisfying cake, but the local bakers make it even more delicious by soaking it with rum or dairy.

It is served with vanilla cream for a truly welcoming and nostalgic feeling dessert.

Strudelj (Strudel)


The Slovenian version of strudel originates in the Slovenian valley region. It is a testament to the cultural melting that occurs across Slovenia and it’s a truly delicious Slovenian dessert.

Sweet strudel is beloved across all of Slovenia and many variations exist but the original version remains the same. It is always made with layers of flakey and light pastry, baked around a fruit or cheese filling.

Strudelj is flakey, fruity, and impossible to resist so try a bite of this Slovenian classic right away!

Ajdnek (Buckwheat Cake)


Buckwheat is a very popular grain in Slovenian cuisine and this dessert is the perfect sweet interpretation of the grain. Pairing the flavor of buckwheat with walnuts makes a truly Slovenian dessert flavor. It’s a moist and flavorful layered cake that you will want to eat again and again!

Ajdnek is made up of layers of thin buckwheat cake and deletable walnut filling. It is moist and gets extra flavor from warm spices like cinnamon. This sweet buckwheat cake is perfect with a hot coffee for a nice afternoon treat!

Prleška Gibanica (Layered Dessert)


This beautiful dessert in Slovenia is something like a dream, it is creamy, luscious, and irresistible. You will fall in love with the sweet cream flavor of this cake with just one bite, but good luck stopping there!

Prleška gibanica is composed of layers of thin cake and creamy sweet cheese filling. It is a rich and creamy dessert that is great with fresh berries, hot coffee, or local wine.

Sladki Štruklji (Sweet Dumplings)


This wonderful Slovenian dessert is a local favorite treat to enjoy on cool evenings. Sladki Štruklji is a beautiful dessert made from sweet cheese-filled dumplings. The dumplings are rolled like strudel and the filling has a creamy flavor that is second to none! This great sweet is lovely with honey or fresh fruit.

Medenjaki (Spiced Cookie)


These small balanced, sweet bites are a great choice for a light Slovenian dessert or tea-time treat. Medenjaki are wonderfully cakey cookies with spices that will make you feel warm, from the inside out.

The beautiful cookies use the flavors of fresh cinnamon and honey to create the perfect sweet treat. Enjoy this Slovenian sweet with hot tea or coffee after a long day of adventuring.

Slovenian Pastries

Buhteljni (Sweet Bread)


Buhteljni is a light treat that locals in Slovanian cannot get enough of! It is a beautiful baked treat similar to sweet rolls, but with a delicious surprise filling.

Buhteljni is made from an enriched, yeasted dough and filled with bright and fruity jams. Then rolls are baked into golden brown bites that cannot be beaten. Buhteljni are often dusted with powdered sugar and served with coffee.

Krofi (Filled Donuts)


This fried dessert is a Slovenian favorite! Krofi are delicious Slovenian fried pastries similar to a jelly doughnut, but with a much denser texture.

They are filled with fruit jams and jellies that compliment the lightly yeasted dough to make the perfect sweet bite. You will want to eat this Slovenian dessert by the dozen, so be sure to buy more than one!

Pehtranova Potica (Tarragon Nut Roll)


The nut roll is an iconic Slovenian dessert and it has inspired many fresh interpretations like the pehtranova potica. This is the perfect dessert for anyone who doesn’t like things too sweet. Its fresh herbal bite will leave you wanting more!

Pehtranova potica is a lovely take on the traditional Slovenian nut roll. It is a delicious cake that is rolled with tasty fillings, in this case, tarragon. The filling combines sweet cheese and plenty of fresh herbs to make an interesting and irresistible bite!


Discovering Traditional Slovenian Desserts

From the forest to the mountains, there is wonder all around in Slovenia, but nothing is as wonderful as Slovenian desserts. The flavors on the dessert menu here are complex, inviting, and irresistible.

With every bite of the sweets in Slovenia, you will feel more at home and you will never want to leave. So pack up your sweet tooth and enjoy your invitation to discover delicious Slovenian desserts!



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