10 Typical Dutch Breakfast In The Netherlands To Try

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Traditional Dutch cuisine
encompasses a wide variety of dishes that locals commonly enjoy, even in the mornings. As with many other occasions, there are a few typical Dutch breakfast in the Netherlands that people start their day with.

What everyone prefers to eat can differ in every family and even throughout the various provinces. However, some Dutch breakfasts are more typical than others and are consumed more often throughout the year. 

What’s Special About Breakfast In The Netherlands?

Breakfast in the Netherlands is a delicious and hearty affair that is sure to keep you fueled up for a day of exploring. Dutch breakfasts are often substantial, with an emphasis on fresh, wholesome ingredients.

One of the most prominent aspects of a breakfast spread is bread. It is a staple in Dutch cuisine, and the morning meal is no exception. Apart from plain, freshly baked bread, you will also find many breakfast dishes that are either a variation or utilizes bread as an ingredient.

Another common component of a Dutch breakfast is dairy products. This includes food items such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. The Netherlands is famous for Dutch cheeses such as Gouda, Edam, and Leerdammer, and these are all popular choices. 

Even considering just these items, Dutch breakfasts comprise both sweet and savory options, that can range from simple to extremely filling. Regardless, breakfast in the Netherlands can be a satisfying and happy meal to kickstart the day.

Famous Dutch Breakfasts

Groninger Koek (Sweet Bread From Groningen)


Groninger koek is one of the most famous breakfasts in Holland. This is a kind of sweet bread that’s very popular in the province of Groningen, which explains the name as well. You can look at this classic Dutch food as a kind of rye gingerbread that’s a mix between dark bread and cake.

The Groninger koek is made with various spices like cloves, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg, which gives the Dutch cake its original taste. It is usually baked in a rectangular shape, which makes it really convenient to eat. 

If you want to enjoy this Dutch breakfast the local and traditional way, you should slice it and eat it with some butter.

Kerststol (Christmas Loaf)


Another famous breakfast in the Netherlands is the Christmas loaf. As the name already reveals, this bread is mostly eaten during Christmas time.

The dough of the bread is filled with sweet raisins and a sugary almond paste. After the Christmas loaf has been in the oven, it’s topped off with powdered sugar.

This typical Dutch breakfast can be eaten during Christmas and Easter (which is then called ‘paasbrood’ or ‘Easter loaf’. Although the names might be different, the bread and the delicious-ness are still the same.

Brood Met Hagelslag (Bread With Chocolate Sprinkles)


One Dutch breakfast that the Netherlands is definitely known for is brood met hagelslag, or ‘bread with chocolate sprinkles’ in English. This is a very simple breakfast that’s eaten by many every morning.

It’s a perfect way to start your day with a good breakfast, but not spend too much time preparing it. If you want to know ‘what do Dutch people eat’, this sweet breakfast inthe Netherlands is one of the most popular ones.

Typical Dutch Breakfasts

Appelflap (Apple Turnover)


The appelflap is a pastry that’s often eaten as a snack or for dessert, but sometimes during a wonderful Dutch breakfast as well. Apple turnovers are made from dough, apples, and powdered sugar. However, there are plenty of appelflappen available with raisins in them too.

The appelflap is one of the oldest Dutch pastries in the Netherlands, since they date back all the way to the Middle Ages. If you want to enjoy a typical Dutch breakfast at home, you can make the apple turnovers yourself as well. 

You can easily find the dough in the supermarkets, put some apples on top of the dough, and fold it into a closed triangle. After you’ve baked them in the oven, your delicious breakfast in Holland is ready to be enjoyed!

Wentelteefjes (French Toast)


Another amazing morning treat is called ‘wentelteefjes’. It looks a lot like the French toast you probably know! 

You can make this delish Dutch breakfast by dipping some bread slices in a mix of milk, eggs, and cinnamon. After this, fry the bread in a frying pan with some butter on both sides, until they get a bit crispy.

You can enjoy your wentelteefjes with sugar or honey on top to make them sweeter and they taste absolutely delicious! It’s also the perfect Dutch breakfast if you want to use up some leftover bread or make the children very happy.

Pannenkoeken (Dutch Pancakes)


You’ve probably already heard of American pancakes, but how about Dutch pancakes? These are known as ‘pannenkoeken’ and they are amazing! They’re really popular as lunch but are often eaten as a traditional Dutch breakfast as well.

The main difference between pannenkoeken and American pancakes is that the Dutch pancakes are a lot thinner and bigger than American ones. Pannenkoeken usually takes up a whole frying pan. Imagine a hearty breakfast dish that’s a mix between crepes and pancakes.

You can eat pannenkoeken with some powdered sugar or syrup, but there are plenty of other amazing toppings such as bacon, cheese, apple, or spinach for example. It is one of the most versatile Dutch breakfast foods!

Tosti (Grilled Cheese)


Another one of the most popular Dutch breakfasts is the crispy tosti. This is basically a grilled cheese but in the Netherlands style of course. 

Besides breakfast, the Dutch like to have tosti for lunch as well. In restaurants throughout the Netherlands, this grilled cheese sandwich is also often served as a side dish for soup.

You can make this classic Dutch food yourself as well. It’s actually really simple. You only need 2 slices of bread and stuff the sandwich with ham and cheese in the middle. Toast the tosti for a few minutes in order to make the cheese melt and serve it with some ketchup or mayonnaise!

Traditional Dutch Breakfast Dishes

Uitsmijter Spek En Kaas (Sunny-side-up Fried Eggs With Cheese)

One of the most popular Dutch breakfasts is the ‘uitsmijter spek en kaas’. This is basically a sunny-side-up fried egg topped with some Gouda cheese and bacon. It is often served in restaurants both for breakfast and lunch.

When you try this traditional Dutch breakfast, be sure to season it with some salt and pepper for more flavor. The uitsmijter spek en kaas is served on a slice of bread, which helps to fill you up!  

Ontbijtkoek (Gingerbread Cake)


Ontbijtkoek is a traditional Dutch cake that’s sold in pretty much every supermarket in the Netherlands. Although ontbijtkoek looks a lot like cake, its taste is quite different. They add spices to this cake to give it its unique flavor, thanks to the nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves.

You can enjoy this popular breakfast with some butter on top as most Dutch do. It also goes really well with a hot cup of tea or some coffee in the morning. One of the biggest advantages of this is that ontbijtkoek will stay good for weeks, even at room temperature.

Krentenbol (Bread With Raisins)


Another nice, traditional Dutch breakfast food is the ‘krentenbol’. This is a kind of bread that’s really soft and made in a roll.  The roll is filled with raisins and currants, which gives it a sweet flavor.

Krentenbol is not only popular for its taste but also for its convenience. You can save it easily for a few days and up to a week. They’re also the perfect snack to bring with you as you explore the famous landmarks in the Netherlands.


Discovering Traditional Dutch Breakfast In The Netherlands

There’s no shortage of delicious Dutch breakfast dishes that you can try while visiting the Netherlands. If you want to learn more about Dutch culture, one of the best ways to start is by exploring their rich and diverse cuisine.

Whether you are seeking a sweet or a savory breakfast in the Netherlands to start your day, you will find plenty of options on offer. From pannenkoeken to brood met hagelslag, be sure to give these classic Dutch breakfast foods a try regardless if you are visiting Amsterdam or hopping around other cities.



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