10 Interesting Egyptian Pyramids Facts You Have To Know

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There are many wonders in the world that we want to visit, and the Egyptian pyramids are one of them. These are some of the most extraordinary man-made wonders, which is why the Egyptian pyramid facts will astonish you. Anyone that plans on visiting Egypt must know a little about these wonders of the world.

General Egyptian Pyramid Facts

Here are some of the top facts about the pyramids that everyone should know, even if they don’t plan on visiting Egypt. It is, after all, one of the things that Egypt is most famous for. These facts will increase your knowledge and help you understand these wonders better.

The Smooth And Angled Sides Symbolize The Sun’s Rays

One of the top facts about Egyptian pyramids is that the smooth and angled sides of the pyramid represent the rays of the sun. These were specifically designed to help the soul of the king to ascend into heaven and join Ra, the Sun God.

Everything that the ancients made represented something important. Some of them serve as monuments in Egypt during the old days.

Special Mortar Was Used In The Making Of The Pyramids

Many people wonder how the pyramids have survived for so long. The secret is the choice of mortar that people used to build these pyramids. Besides that, a lot of mortar was also used to ensure that the pyramids could withstand all the weather elements throughout time.

There are some impressive architectural facts about Egyptian pyramids, from what they are made of to how they were built.

You Will Find Secret Doors Inside

Of course, the biggest pyramid in Egypt will keep on having new discoveries as we uncover more of it. Recently, researchers found secret doors inside the pyramid using robotic technology.

We don’t know what the doors lead to yet, but they could be openings to secret chambers that we have no idea about yet. 

Facts About The Pyramids Of Giza

You will find the pyramids of Giza just outside the main city. It is one of the key Egyptian landmarks in and an important part of Egypt’s history. Everyone that comes to Egypt doesn’t leave without visiting these pyramids. Here are some facts about the pyramids of Giza that will blow your mind.

The pyramids Of Giza Were Made Over 1,200 Years Before King Tut’s Rule

The pyramids of Giza have been there for a long time to come, and it is estimated that they were built more than a thousand years before the rule of King Tut.

The pyramid is said to have been completed around 2560 BC, and it took at least two decades to build this beauty. King Khufu also rests here as it was his final resting place.

The Egyptian People Built These Pyramids

While we don’t know how these pyramids were built, we do know that it was the ancient Egyptians that built these pyramids.

The builders were laborers, and they were also paid to work on this structure. There is also evidence that points towards the theory that it took at least twenty thousand Egyptians to build the structure.

However, another mystery for us is the people that lifted the stones used in the pyramids. Each stone weighed at least two tons, so the ancients had to be incredibly strong to build these structures.

It Is Easy To Visit These Pyramids 

Finally, one of the top facts about the pyramids of Giza is that it is incredibly easy to visit this ancient wonder. There are many guided tours that are affordable and take place throughout the year.

You can book one of these tours, or you can go on your own, depending on what you prefer.

Be sure to look for tours where you can skip the lines and enjoy some delicious Egyptian food. It will help you explore Egypt in the best way possible and get the most value out of your money.

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Facts On Ancient Egypt Pyramids

Now that you are familiar with the facts about the biggest pyramid in Egypt, it is time to learn more about the ancient facts. Here are the top ones that you need to know to learn more about these structures.

These Used To Be The Tallest Structures That Humans Have Built

For almost 4,000 years, these pyramids were the tallest structures in the world. The first building that passed the mark of this pyramid was in London and is known as the Lincoln Cathedral.

This was built in the fourteenth century, and ever since then, many tall structures have surpassed the mark of the pyramids. 

Pyramid Stones Used To Weigh More Than An Elephant

One of the most interesting facts about ancient Egypt pyramids is that the stones were incredibly heavy. The average weight of each stone is more than two tons, which is more than the weight of an average elephant.

We still don’t know how these rocks were moved because the people had to be super strong to move them. Although, it is believed that some form of mechanical leverage was involved.

They Were Not Built By Slaves

Most people believe that slaves were forced to build the great pyramids, but that is not entirely true. There is evidence that suggests some workers were well-fed and paid. Besides that, the people that worked to create these structures were considered elite and prestigious.


The Ancients Used Two Constellations To Align Pyramids

Finally, one of the top Egyptian pyramid facts is that the ancients used two constellations for pyramid alignment. These are known as the Little and Big Dipper. The alignment is highly precise, as they are up to 0.05 degrees accurate.

Discovering More Interesting Egyptian Pyramid Facts

These are some of the top facts on the pyramids of Egypt that you need to know about. If you are planning on visiting the country, your trip will be incomplete without checking out the pyramids. There are many tours that take place to make it easy to visit the pyramids. They are highly accessible for anyone to visit without any hassle.

Be sure to also check out these fascinating facts about Egypt and its ancient history. There are many Egyptian facts that are good to know to enhance your knowledge and share it with other people.



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