30 Interesting And Fun Facts About Egypt And Ancient Egypt

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Ancient cultures and mythologies are always interesting to go back to because they help us understand what the world used to look like. Egypt is one of the oldest countries that have been around for more than thirty centuries. That is why there are truly fascinating facts about Egypt and its ancient history.

If you want to go back in history, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the fun facts about Egyptians and Egypt that will blow your mind.

Facts About Ancient Egypt

If you want to understand Egypt today, you need to know what ancient Egypt was like. Here are all the facts about ancient Egypt that make the country what it is today.

Common Facts About Ancient Egypt

There are some things that were highly common during those times.

The Afterlife Was Incredibly Important

If there was one thing that was important to the ancient Egyptians, it was the afterlife. The entire process of mummification was there to ensure that the soul could also live in the afterlife. When you look at Egyptian mythology, you will find a lot of hints about the afterlife and everything it offers.

Pyramids Were Built For Pharaohs As Tombs

Most of the ancient pyramids that you will see in Egypt were built for the pharaohs to serve as tombs. These were the rulers of ancient Egypt, and the pyramids were also for their families.

There are currently more than 100 pyramids that have been discovered in the country till now. They are iconic structures so take time to learn some facts about these Egyptian pyramids.

That said, many of them are huge tourist attractions and famous landmarks in Egypt.

Cats Were Sacred Animals

One of the top facts about ancient Egypt is that cats were sacred animals, as you will find them in many mythologies and stories. Most families kept cats as pets.

That is because the ancient people thought the feline would bring good luck to the entire household. It probably also explains why there are mummified cats.

Women Had A Lot Of Freedom And Rights

Ancient societies gave women the respect and freedom that they deserved, as the Goddess was also an important symbol during these times. Even the women in ancient Egypt enjoyed lots of financial and legal independence. The women could enter legal contracts, serve juries, buy and sell properties, and much more.

Interesting Facts About Ancient Egypt

Now that you are familiar with some general facts about ancient Egypt, here are some interesting facts about this time that will wow you.

Men And Women In Ancient Egypt Used To Wear Makeup

Yes, women and men in ancient Egypt used to love wearing makeup. That is because they believed that makeup would provide them with protection against the gods, Ra and Horus. They also believed that makeup had healing powers, which is why everyone wore it.

The Ancient Egyptians Believed In More Than Two-Thousand Deities

One of the top interesting facts about ancient Egypt is that they believed in more than two-thousand deities. Yes, those are a lot of Gods and Goddesses that the ancient people used to look up to.

These people had a God for everything so that they could use the energies from the deities to keep their life well-balanced. There are many famous Egyptian monuments in relation to these gods.

Senet Was One Of The Most Popular Board Games In Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians used to love playing board games to kill time. One of the most popular games that they played was Senet, which was popular for more than two thousand years. They used to throw sticks to see how many squares one should move forward on the board.

Bandages Of Mummies Could Stretch Over A Kilometer

When you would have unwrapped the bandages of mummies at the time, you would find that they were incredibly long. A single bandage would stretch for more than a kilometer. Yes, the key was to ensure that the process was impeccable and that the soul could freely ascend to heaven.

Moldy Bread Was Used To Heal Wounds

Yes, this might be one of the best interesting facts about ancient Egypt that you will get to know today.

There were not any advanced tools or medication at the time, which is why the people found other ways to deal with the illnesses that were rampant at the time. For example, they used moldy bread to stop the infections, and many times, it worked incredibly well.

Egypt Culture Facts In Ancient Times

The ancient Egyptian culture was very different from ours. These were the times when religion was given utmost importance, and there was no standardized system of schooling. People led a much simpler way of life, but they were also incredibly intelligent.

Here are some of the top ancient Egypt culture facts you need to know about.

The Ancient People Used To Invent Many Things We Still Use

There were lots of ancient Egyptians that were innovative and inventive. The best part is that they have created many things we still use today in our daily lives. These include keys, locks, pens, paper, and much more.

One of the most interesting things that these people created was toothpaste. It is perhaps the best invention that still helps us keep our mouths fresh and germ-free.

Some Ancient Doctors Had A Specialized Study Field

While the doctors of ancient times were different than what we have today, they still knew what they were doing. Many of the ancient doctors also had a specialized study field. That is because some of them focused on healing only one aspect of the human body.

Herodotus noted this specialization back in 450BC. There were dentists, proctologists, and many other specialized doctors. Of course, the people had to find these doctors, as they were limited.

The Pharaohs Were Often Overweight

One of the top Egypt history facts is that the pharaohs were overweight. The art depicts pharaohs differently as they are shown to be slim and muscular, but this was not the case. That is because the ancient Egyptian diet consisted of bread, wine, beer, and honey.

Besides that, many mummies have been examined that point to the evidence of Egyptians being overweight. So, be sure not to believe everything you see about the beauty of the ancient Egyptians.

That said, it comes as no surprise that there are some incredibly tasty Egyptian sweets and desserts you can find in Egypt.

The Workers Used To Organize Labor Strikes

Labor strikes are not a modern invention, as even workers in ancient Egypt used to organize these strikes to fight for their rights. These workers used to protest by sitting in, and it worked. It would ensure that the employers would give the laborers their rightful shares after they had protested like this.

The People Used To Preserve Bodies

Of course, this is one of the top fun facts about ancient Egypt that most people know. The process is known as mummification, and almost everyone is familiar with it.

This was done to the bodies because the people believed that doing this would make the soul of the person live forever. Mummies are synonymous with Egypt now. It is one of the things that Egypt is famous for.

Their Alphabets Are Known As Hieroglyphs

We have the alphabet, but the ancient Egyptians had hieroglyphs that served the same purpose. You will find more than seven hundred hieroglyphs from the time of ancient Egypt.

The word loosely translates to sacred carving because the people believed that the language was an invention by the Gods.

Facts About Egypt

Now that you are familiar with the history of ancient Egypt, you need to understand what Egypt and its people are like today. This will give you a glimpse into what you can expect from the country today.

Fun Facts About Egypt For Travelers

As a traveler, it is crucial to know about the things that will make your traveling even better. So let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts about Egypt for travelers to make the most of the trip.

It Is The Home Of The Only Ancient Wonder

The only ancient wonder that remains right now is the pyramids of Giza, and Egypt is home to them. These are easily accessible, and you can visit them on your trip to Egypt. There are many guided tours that take place, which will make your trip a breeze in no time.

You Will Find 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Here

Egypt includes seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites that you can visit. These include Whale Valley, Saint Catherine, Abu Simbel, Historic Cairo, Abu Mena, Ancient Thebes, Memphis, and the Necropolis.

Even if you don’t get to visit all of these sites, we recommend that you see some of them to get a glimpse into Egypt and its history.

You Will Find Three Deserts Here

There are not just temples and historical places in Egypt. You will also find three deserts that have unique ecosystems no matter which one you visit.

Many of them contain oil reservoirs, sand dunes, mountains, oases, and much more. We recommend that you should not miss the White Desert on your trip as it is excellent.

It Is Between The Red Sea And the Mediterranean Sea

One of the top fun facts about Egypt is that the location is incredibly strategic because it is situated between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

The two seas are connected by the Suez Canal, which means that the ships can easily sail between Europe and Asia. This is nothing new, as for centuries, Egypt has served as a strategic location. 

Football Is The Most Popular Sport

The most popular sport you will find in Egypt is football. Everyone loves to play football, and you will find incredible players here. You can even play a friendly game of football with the locals at night time if you venture out and start exploring the city.

You Will Find Some Of The Best Beaches In The Sinai Peninsula

The Sinai Peninsula has some of the best beaches in Egypt and the world.

We recommend that you venture out to the south side of the peninsula, and you will find some incredible beaches that will take your breath away.

Anyone that loves the beach can go here to make the most of their trip to Egypt. Many people visit to enjoy some traditional Egyptian food, dip in the beautiful ocean and take in the views.

Weird Facts About Egypt That Make It Unique

Every country has unique things that might seem weight to outsiders. However, they make the country one-of-a-kind. Here are the top weird facts about Egypt that make it incredibly unique.

Every City Used To Have A Favorite God

Yes, there was a time when every city used to have a favorite god, but that is not the case anymore. If you think God plays favorites, you haven’t seen Egyptians playing favorites when it comes to the different deities. Understanding the mythologies will offer you a deeper understanding of why this was the case.

It Is The 3rd Sunniest Place Worldwide.

Egypt has more than 3,400 hours of sun each year because it receives ten hours of sun in a day. Aswan gets the most sun in the country because it is located on the southern side.

If you also want to visit a sunny place, then we suggest you go to Aswan on your trip to soak in the sun. However, the sun can be particularly draining on your stamina, so be sure to grab a satisfying Egyptian breakfast to start your day.

The Country Only Has Two Seasons

One of the top weird facts about Egypt is that it only has two seasons because the country is not very diverse when it comes to climate. You will only get summer and winter in this country. Winter lasts from November to April.

On the other hand, summer lasts from May to October, and it is very hot during this time. There is also very little rain that the country gets, as annual rainfall is around 20mm. If you are someone that enjoys the rain, you will not enjoy the weather of this country too much.

Interesting Facts About Egypt

Egypt is one of the most interesting places in the world because it has a long and deep history that still influences its culture and people today. Here are some interesting facts about Egypt that you probably didn’t know before:

Egyptians Invented The Yearly Calendar

Many people don’t know about this, but the yearly calendar that everyone uses was invented by the Egyptians during ancient times. These people used the calendar just like we do, but their months always had thirty days. Of course, this means that there are only 360 days instead of 365 in total.

However, they realized that this meant the year would be out of sync with the seasons. So, at the end of the year, they held a festival of five days to make up for this time.

Egypt Has Five Million Facebook Users

Facebook is one of the top social media platforms in the world, and five million of its users come from Egypt. The country is one of the most active communities on Facebook in the Middle East. So, be sure to connect with the locals over here if you decide to visit Egypt anytime soon.

The Country Has A Traditional Dance That Dates Back To The 16th Century.

Finally, the traditional dance is one of the most fun facts about Egypt. It dates back to the early 16th century, and its roots exist in the Ottoman Empire. The older generation passes this dance to the younger generation as a ritual.

You will find this dance present in many theaters, clubs, restaurants, and many places throughout the country. You must see the dance at least once when you visit.

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Kids Facts On Egypt

Finally, if you are a teacher or parent, you might be looking at some facts on Egypt for kids. Here are some of the top ones to add to their knowledge.

Gabal Katrine Is The Highest Mountain In Egypt

The Gabal Katrine is the highest mountain, and it also goes by the name of Mount Catherine. There is also a monastery nearby that is one of the oldest monasteries worldwide. It is known as Saint Catherine’s monastery.

Cairo Is The Largest City

Cairo is known for being the largest city in the country, and consequently, you will find many landmarks here.

The Pyramids are the obvious attractions, but don’t miss out on all the other things on offer. There is a lot to explore when it comes to the Islamic world, as you will find old, ancient Islamic buildings in the capital. This is part of the religion and culture of the country that makes it unique.

Spend some time in the capital and you are sure to uncover many amazing facts about Cairo.

Most People Live On The Nile River

At least 95% of the people in Egypt live along the River Nile. That is because the rest of the country is occupied by deserts, and people don’t like living there. You will find this out once you visit the country.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Egypt And Ancient Egypt

These were the top Egyptian facts and facts about ancient Egypt that you need to know about. The history of the country makes it what it is today, which is why it is interesting to learn about both aspects.

These facts about Egypt are ideal if you want to visit the country or gain more knowledge about the country. If you are planning to visit, then keep all of this in mind to make your trip better than ever. You will have a lot of fun exploring Egypt and everything it offers.



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