10 Interesting And Fun Facts About Bologna

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Bologna is best known for its local cuisine, seaside, beautiful ancient architecture, and much more. As a traveler, knowing some fun facts about Bologna will enhance your trip as you can better appreciate how the city came to be.

If you are planning a trip to Bologna soon here are some of the interesting Bologna facts you need to know about that will help navigate your adventure to this Italian city.

General Facts About Bologna

As you enter the city, there are some general facts about the city you must know. These will give you an idea of what the city is like.

On May 2006, It Became The UNESCO City Of Music


UNESCO made it clear that the city has one of the richest musical traditions. That is why in 2006, Bologna became the UNESCO City of Music. When you visit, take some time to soak in the music that makes the nightlife more vibrant and the days livelier.

It Has At Least Three Nicknames

Bologna has three nicknames that will intrigue you. These include the red, the fat, and the learned. The red is related to the colors of the buildings, the fat is related to the delectable food you will find around the city, and the learned is related to the oldest university in Europe.

Don’t forget to enjoy some local and traditional Italian food when you are in town.

During the WWII, The City Went Through A Lot Of Damage

Bologna was not safe from the damage of WWII, as the city went through a lot of damage during that time. Thousands of people were dead and injured, almost 50% of the buildings were completely destroyed, and even the surrounding areas went through a lot of destruction.

You can observe a blend of new and old buildings in the city. It is also one of the top facts about Bologna that will give you insight into its history.


Interesting Facts About Bologna That Will Help You Understand Its Present

There are many interesting facts about Bologna that will help you understand the city even better.

It Is Home To The Oldest University Worldwide

The city is home to the oldest university in the world that is still operational. It is known as the University of Bologna, and it used to be known for teaching civil and canon law during historic times. It is still one of the top universities in the world that many people famous people have studied from.

The Region Is Known For Its Local Cuisine


Bologna is known for its local cuisine, as we all know that the famous Bolognese sauce stems from here. Besides that, there are also many other dishes that the city is famous for. Anyone that loves food and unique cuisine will love coming to Bologna and enjoying everything it has to offer.

Enjoy some Italian snacks while taking a break from sightseeing, or try some of the popular street food in Italy.

Piazza Maggiore Reflects The 15th Century


One of the top interesting facts about Bologna is that Piazza Maggiore is the central square in the city. When you look at it, you will notice how it still resembles the layout that was prevalent in the fifteenth century.

When you come here, you will also find the Fountain of Neptune, which overlooks some beautiful buildings in Bologna. This is one of the famous landmarks in Italy.


Fun Facts About Bologna For Tourists To Explore

Finally, there are many fun facts about Bologna that will make your experience of the city even better.

The Archaeological Museum Is Great For Learning More About The History

Anyone that wants to know more about the history of Bologna throughout the various ages can visit the Archaeological Museum. It is one of the most important archeological finds in the city that will represent the local history. People interested in history will enjoy this place the most.

You will find that there are nine sections in the museum. Each section will have a fine display that will help you gain insight into the time that it represents for Bologna.

The National Art Gallery Has A Great Collection Of Fine Art

The National Art Gallery has the most important collection of fine art you will find in the city. It showcases work between the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries. You will find around 30 rooms in the gallery with works from many famous artists.

Besides that, there is an area that hosts educational activities and more. So, you can view the collection and learn more about it in no time.

It Is One Of The Top Urban Centres

Bologna has been one of the most important urban centers in the region. It has been this way for hundreds of years, as it is not anything recent. Besides that, even in the Middle Ages, Bologna had one of the largest populations in Europe.

The Streets And Architecture Are Like No Other


The streets and architecture of Bologna are like no other. You will find historic and ancient buildings with beautiful colors and architecture that will take your breath away. You can visit the endless squares and plazas that overlook these buildings.

If you are someone that loves to explore the beauty of any city, Bologna can be one of the top places for you to explore in Italy. Although it might not receive the same attention as other Italian cities like Rome, Milan, or Venice, there is much to discover here.

From the food to the architecture and everything else, it is one of the top cities to visit. Plan your trip today to explore more, and be sure to go at the right time.

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Finding More Fun Facts About Bologna

These are just some of the interesting facts about Bologna to know about. It is one of the top cities in the region that is known for more than just its food. You can also enjoy the seaside and architecture while you are there.

Keep these Bologna facts in mind when you visit and make a memorable trip out of it. The city also offers many of the things that Italy is famous for, and is often underrated.



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