25 Famous English Landmarks In England To Visit

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England is known for its rich, royal history, and its unique blend of the ancient and the modern. Whether you’re taking a trip to London or visiting the countryside, it’s hard to miss the plethora of famous landmarks in England. From castles to cathedrals, the country has so much to offer, it could take a lifetime to visit all the amazing places in England.

Most Famous Landmark In England 

Big Ben

Big Ben is one of the most iconic English landmarks. Opening in 1859, the clock tower is full of rich history and royal charm. With its striking visual, it is one of the most impressive monuments in England that you simply won’t miss. 

The tower is the largest four-faced chiming clock in the world. While people often refer to the whole structure as Big Ben, an interesting fact to know is that it is actually the name of just the bell.  

While it is a beautiful attraction to view from the outside, it is actually possible to go inside this famous landmark in England! You can book a 90-minute tour on which you will climb up the 334 steps to see the mechanism room, the clock dials, and the bell. 

If you have the time, the tour is highly recommended as a way to see for yourself why the Clocktower is so revered. 

 London, England Landmarks

Westminster Abbey 

Located in central London, Westminster Abbey is one of the most famous buildings in England that you cannot miss. The abbey contains the remains of many notable historical figures including Issac Newton, Queen Elizabeth I, and Stephen Hawking. This, combined with its stunning architecture, makes it one of the most well-known places in London

At the abbey, you can browse the various historical burial grounds from the Poets’ Corner to the Royal Tombs. One of the things England is famous for is its monarchy, and Westminster Abbey is an important royal site where the Coronation takes place. You can see the Coronation Chair, famous artifacts, and possessions of past royals at this key English landmark. 

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Tower Of London 

The Tower of London is situated on the north bank of the River Thames, and it is considered one of the most famous buildings in England. Technically a castle, the Tower of London is a largely historic monument of England saturated in royal history. When you visit the tower, you can see the famous Crown Jewels and other regal artifacts. 

The Tower of London began construction in 1066, commissioned by William the Conqueror. It has served various purposes throughout its almost thousand-year history including a royal residence, a prison, a mint, and a military stronghold. As such, it is deeply entrenched in British history and is a must-see when visiting London

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Hyde Park 

If you need an escape from the city, head over to Hyde Park! This is one of the most famous places in England, as its beautiful gardens starkly contrast the city’s urban atmosphere. At 350 acres, it is easy to spend all day exploring this nature space.

There are plenty of different ways to spend your day at Hyde Park, as it features various gardens, intricate memorials, and statues. You can go on beautiful, scenic nature walks that will make you feel like you’ve completely left the city, or learn more about England’s rich history by visiting the park’s war monuments. 

There are also several beautiful fountains spread throughout the park including the Huntress Fountain, the Boy and Dolphin Fountain, and the Joy of Life Fountain. 

Notting Hill  

If you’re looking to do some shopping, head to Notting Hill! In the area, you’ll find Portobello Market, one of the most bustling markets in the city. Grab some local English food, shop for souvenirs, and enjoy the ambiance. 

Notting Hill is known for its various appearances in movies and television, especially those that England is famous for. If you’re a fan of Love Actually, Paddington, or the fittingly named Notting Hill, you can walk around the area recreating famous scenes from the films.

This is a famous district in London known for its food, nightlife, atmosphere, and shopping, and it is a destination you won’t want to miss. 

Manchester, England Landmarks

Manchester Cathedral 

The Manchester Cathedral is one of the most famous religious landmarks in England. It has seen its fair share of dramatic history since it began construction in 1421, surviving countless religious and political wars that threatened its existence. Today, the cathedral welcomes visitors into its centuries-old walls at no price! 

It is known for its perpendicular architecture, a style that England is famous for. Visitors come from far and wide to view its breathtaking stained glass windows and ancient Medieval artifacts. If you’re in Manchester, the Manchester Cathedral is a must-see destination. 

Manchester Town Hall 

While a town hall might not sound like the most exciting destination, the Manchester Town Hall draws in countless visitors due to its iconic structure. 

This impressive building is considered one of the country’s finest examples of Neo-Gothic architecture. It is regarded as one of the most important landmarks in England, signified by its government given Grade 1 status – meaning it is a building of exceptional interest. 

The John Rylands Library 

The John Rylands Library contains one of the most prestigious and rare book collections in the world. Its collection features priceless Medieval manuscripts and some of the earliest printed works in history. The library is definitely worth a visit, as its Victorian architecture resembles that of an entrancing cathedral. 

This famous building in England is open seven days a week, and it often hosts free events and talks. If you decide to stop by, immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere browsing the shelves of rare books. Afterward, stop for a delicious tea at the library’s cafe. 

Bath, England Landmarks 

Roman Baths 

The Roman Baths were constructed around 70 AD, and they are some of the most well-preserved Roman ruins in the world. This extraordinary landmark in England was built atop natural hot springs, so the baths are filled with hot water every day. You can take a step into ancient Rome while being only two hours away from London. 

When visiting the Roman Baths, you can admire the ancient architecture, take a tour of the area, or even bathe in the natural thermal springs at the Thermae Bath Spa. 

While the ancient Roman baths are preserved and therefore not open for public use, the Thermae Bath Spa draws heat from the same underground springs. This historic English landmark makes for a fascinating trip out of the English capital.

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Pulteney Bridge

The Pulteney Bridge is one of the most photographed structures in England, due to its Georgian architecture and unique design. It is also one of only four bridges in the world to have shops span the entirety of both sides. So, strolling up and down the bridge while shopping for local goods is an excellent way to spend an afternoon in Bath. 

The Pulteney Bridge is considered one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. It is well-known for its Palladian style, a classic architectural style named after the famous Italian Renaissance artist Andrea Palladio.

The beautiful pillars, domes, and pediments make this bridge one of the most romantic and unique English landmarks. 

Bath Abbey 

Speaking of which, if you are a fan of architecture from the olden times, there are plenty of places to visit in Bath, and Bath Abbey is one not to miss. It features spectacular architecture and world-renowned fan vaults, making it a top destination for tourists visiting Bath.

In addition, Bath Abbey has been an active church for more than 1200 years, making it one of the oldest surviving abbeys in England. Located in the heart of Bath, it provides a peaceful intermission from the bustle of the city. 

Oxford, England Landmarks

University of Oxford

If you’re in Oxford, the University of Oxford is a must-see. Easily one of the most internationally famous English landmarks, this is the second-oldest university in continuous operation in the world. It is thought that teaching started at the university as early as 1096, and it has retained its prominence in the academic world ever since. 

The University consists of many different buildings, halls, colleges, parks, and gardens. It is a central aspect of the surrounding city of Oxford, and, as such, it’s impossible to miss if you’re visiting. 

You don’t need to be a student to visit the campus, and there are even tours organized by alumni that take you around the main areas. It is easy to completely immerse yourself in the culture, history, and charm of Oxford University. 

Bodleian Library 

The Bodleian Library is one of the oldest libraries in all of Europe, and it is located in the heart of Oxford. It consists of 26 libraries with an astounding collection of over 13 million items. This certainly makes it one of the most esteemed landmarks in England. 

The library was opened in 1602 and has continued to grow in prominence and size in the last 400 years. Some of the library’s most famous visitors include various royals, government figures, and, of course, writers. J.K. Rowling, Oscar Wilde, and C.S. Lewis have all spent time in the library’s reading rooms. 

Christ Church 

Visiting the Christ Church is an excellent way to spend a few hours while in Oxford. The church was founded by King Henry VIII in 1546, and it is actually a constituent college at the University of Oxford rather than a church. This means it is concurrently a church and an academic institution – the only one of its kind in the world. 

The Christ Church has become a famous English landmark in the modern day through its frequent occurrences in pop culture. In fact, Oxford in general has served as a filming location for many popular movies including several of the Harry Potter films. 

The Christ Church is perhaps most known for being featured in the first two Harry Potter films. It was used as inspiration for the series’ iconic dining hall which often leaves a huge impression. 

Other Famous Landmarks In England 


Stonehenge gives you a look into England’s ancient history, as parts of it are estimated to be around 5,000 years old. It is not only one of the most famous landmarks in England but in the world! Stonehenge is widely considered an incredible and mysterious wonder of the ancient world. 

You can walk around the famous Stone Circle or the surrounding Neolithic ruins to get a glimpse into the ancient past. As a World Heritage Site, it is irrefutably one of the most prominent landmarks in the United Kingdom. 

The mysterious arrangement of standing stones and the ruins surrounding it is well worth a visit. 

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Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall dates all the way back to the Roman Empire, making it one of the most historic places in England. While it might not look like anything striking visually, it holds an important significance for security and defense. Today, it is also considered a monument to the Emperor Hadrian. 

This famous English landmark offers a glimpse into Britain’s ancient Roman past as its impressive 129 km span is lined with barracks, forts, and museums. Hadrian’s Wall is recognized internationally as a UNESCO Heritage Site. 

Alnwick Castle 

In Northumberland lies Alnwick Castle, an 11th-century structure filled with history and charm. Some of the movies and TV shows that England is famous for – including Harry Potter and Downton Abbey – used Alnwick Castle as a filming location. Whether you want to see the real-life Hogwarts or marvel at the artifacts on display, Alnwick Castle is an excellent way to spend the day. 

Next to the castle is the esteemed Alnwick Gardens. There are several different features of the gardens that are well worth a visit including the Bamboo Labyrinth, Grand Cascade, and Serpent Garden. The Poison Garden is a particularly intriguing aspect of the Alnwick Gardens, drawing visitors from around the world to see its over 100 different species of poisonous or toxic plants.  

Durham Cathedral 

Durham Cathedral, located in Durham, England, is just one of the many stunning cathedrals that England is famous for. This cathedral features spectacular Norman architecture, and it is a UNESCO Heritage Site. It boasts an incredible collection of artifacts, artworks, and treasures that you won’t regret going to see. 

Construction began on the Durham Cathedral in 1093, making it almost 1000 years old. It is an incredible English landmark that epitomizes the country’s rich history. If you’re in Durham, make sure to spend time in the quaint town and beautiful castle as well as the cathedral. 

Coventry Cathedral 

Coventry Cathedral is unique from the other cathedrals mentioned because most of it is not hundreds of years old, but rather built in the last century! 

While the cathedral was originally built in the 14th century, it was almost destroyed in World War II. Amongst the various cathedrals in England, this was one that suffered the most damage during the war. Nevertheless, it was rebuilt in 1956 and has been a treasured English landmark ever since. 

You can find the cathedral at the heart of Coventry. While the architecture is not as ancient, they are equally impressive and striking with similar vibes. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace offers you the unique experience of touring a palace that is still in use. This famous English landmark is home to several members of the royal family including the Prince and Princess of Wales. 

During some parts of the year, it is open for tourists to see. If you’re visiting during those times, be sure to hop on the opportunity. It is a famous place in England you can’t miss.  

There is even a restaurant on-site where you can indulge in a traditional afternoon tea, amidst the same beautiful garden views that royals enjoy. 

Windsor Castle 

If you want to immerse yourself in the royal culture of England, be sure to visit Windsor Castle! It is one of the most famous landmarks in England, as it is the oldest occupied and working castle in the world. You can tour the inside of the castle, wander the gardens, and learn more about the royals that England is famous for. 

The massive castle features over 1000 rooms and 300 fireplaces. It is also the original source of the Royal Family’s last name, as George V changed their last name to ‘Windsor’ during the First World War. As you might have guessed, Windsor Castle is deeply entrenched in royal history and is of immense importance to the Royal Family. 

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Warwick Castle  

England is full of remnants of the medieval era, and Warwick Castle is one of the most popular examples. Built in 1068 by William the Conqueror, this famous landmark in England is almost 1000 years old. 

The castle served as a defensive base during historic wars such as the English Civil War and Wars of the Roses. The structure is incredibly impressive and relatively well preserved, which makes it a popular filming location these days as well. 

Warwick Castle definitely rocks that typical medieval vibe, one that you would imagine based on a movie. You should visit the castle to get an unmatched medieval experience at one of the most historic places in England. 

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Natural Landmarks In England

Lake Windermere 

Lake Windermere is found in the Lake District National Park, and it is England’s largest natural lake. Spanning around 11 miles long, the lake encompasses 19 islands, some of which are inhabited by beautiful houses and famous personalities. 

If you’re looking to spend a day surrounded by nature, Lake Windermere is the English landmark to visit. It makes for a relaxing getaway; admiring the natural landscapes or relaxing on a cruise around the lake. There are also other attractions like the Holehird Gardens and World of Beatrix Potter.

Cliffs Of Dover 

The Cliffs of Dover offer spectacular views, so it is no wonder it is one of the most popular and famous landmarks in England. Aside from being a stunning natural beauty, the Cliffs of Dover also has interesting historic significance. If you’re a history buff, look into the Cliff’s World War II relations. 

The coastline that the cliffs occupy is on the Strait of Dover, the shortest distance between England and France. If you are very lucky, you might be able to see the French coast from the cliffs! There are also two shipwrecks that can be seen from the clifftops. 

Cheddar Gorge 

To admire natural beauty and get a glimpse into one of the renowned archaeological finds in England, the Cheddar Gorge is the place to go. It is a limestone gorge located in Somerset, England that is teeming with geological finds. Its beautiful caves and cliffs make it one of the most famous landmarks in England.

The Cheddar Gorge is where Cheddar Man, England’s oldest complete skeleton, was discovered. The skeleton is estimated to be around 9000 years old, and other incomplete remains dating back 12000-13000 years have also been found in the area. 

As such, the gorge is simultaneously considered one of the most beautiful and the most historic places in England. 

Discovering Famous Landmarks In England 

England is a treasure trove of history, culture, and natural beauty, an adventure waiting to be discovered. From ancient castles and majestic cathedrals to serene lakes and awe-inspiring cliffs, each English landmark has its own unique story to tell. 

Whether you’re a lover of history, a fan of architecture, or a nature enthusiast, you can find something that sparks your interest. Be prepared to make incredible memories while uncovering some intriguing stories of legends and myths.



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