10 Tasty Finnish Breakfast In Finland To Try

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Finland is such an interesting country. There are so many beautiful Finnish landmarks in this Nordic nation making every day a beautiful adventure. Fuel your Arctic exploration with all the bountiful flavors of Finnish breakfast. The locals love simple but delicious morning fare that will fuel whatever awesome adventure awaits you in Finland.

What’s Special About Finnish Breakfast

Finnish breakfast is wonderfully simple and health-conscious. Traditionally Finns enjoy simple breakfasts with bright and filling flavors. That is not to say that there is not plenty of excitement behind breakfast in Finland.

Chefs here use local grains, produce, cheeses, and meats to produce perfectly balanced breakfasts. To eat like a local, try something easy like a fresh smoothie or Finnish rice porridge. Whatever breakfast options you choose, expect plenty of fresh and inviting flavors.

Most Famous Finnish Breakfast

Riisipuuro (Finnish Rice Porridge)


This welcoming finnish dessert is the epitome of a warm and nostalgic breakfast in Finland. Riisipuuro is a traditional form of Finnish rice porridge that all locals are familiar with. It is loved for its ease and simplicity as a filling and warming breakfast on cold mornings.

Finnish rice porridge uses brown rice and milk to create an earthy and creamy flavor. This filling Finnish breakfast is perfect with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. Riisipuuro is sure to warm you when paired with a hot cup of Finnish coffee.

Traditional Finnish Breakfast

Voileipä (Open-Faced Sandwich)


One of the most common ways for Finns to enjoy breakfast is with an open-faced sandwich. This Finnish breakfast offers everything you need to get going in one convenient package. Locals love Finnish rye bread, so that is often the base of a great breakfast sandwich.

Cold cuts or smoked fish and fresh vegetables are added to make a complete and filling sandwich. This is the perfect breakfast to hold you over through a long morning of working or adventuring in Finland.



Locals in Finland are largely health-conscious professionals so they value a breakfast that is easy and nutritious. Smoothies are the perfect breakfast option for fruit lovers and people on the go.

Some local variations of this blended breakfast include local berries. Have a smoothie with an open-faced sandwich for a true Finnish breakfast.

Ruisleipä (Rye Bread)


Finnish rye bread is a national treasure. It is eaten almost every day by many locals. The Finnish style of rye bread uses wild yeast and dark rye to create a uniquely sweet and sour flavor.

This bread is the perfect grain for breakfast. Finnish rye bread makes wonderful toast and works well as a base for morning sandwiches. However you enjoy it, a true Finnish breakfast would not be complete without the rye bread.

Savory Finnish Breakfast Foods

Perunarieska (Potato Flatbread)


This is the perfect breakfast in Finland to use up leftovers. Perunarieskas are delicious potato flatbreads made from mashed potato dough. They are pan-fried so they have a nice crisp exterior, and the potato gives the interior a nice starchy richness.

This Finnish breakfast food pairs perfectly with hard-boiled eggs or topped with a little lingonberry jam. It is super versatile to suit your own preferences.

Kermajuusto (Firm Cream Cheese)

This thick dairy treat is a common choice for locals to eat for breakfast in Finland. Kermajuusto is firm cream-cheese-style cheese that can be found in stores across Finland. It has a delightful mild cheesy flavor and a toothsome thickness. Locals like to eat this with fresh fruit, toast, or smoothies in the morning.

Karjalanpiirakka (Karelian Pie)


This classic Finnish dish is a local favorite for breakfast. It is one of the things that Finland is famous for. Karjalanpiirakkas are open rye pastries filled with a mixture of potatoes, rice, butter, and sometimes carrots.

This dish has been enjoyed in Finland for at least a century, and with one bite of its rich, buttery flavor you will know why! Locals love to eat this Finnish breakfast food with a hot cup of coffee for a quick and tasty meal. 

Lämminsavustettu Lohi (Smoked Salmon)


Life in Finland would not be complete without seafood. It is a mainstay in traditional Finnish food. Finns love to eat fish, especially smoked fish. Lämminsavustettu lohi is a Finnish smoked salmon.

Typically, this salmon is hot smoked to produce a complex and woody flavor in the fish. This local favorite is often enjoyed on rye bread for breakfast in Finland. It is sometimes mashed with dairy products to make a spread for rye that can be eaten as a decadent breakfast.

Sweet Finnish Breakfast Foods

Helmipuuro (Pearl Grain Porridge)


This traditional Finnish porridge is a great way to start the day in Finland. It is made with grains and potato starch. It has a mild sweetness and earthiness that makes this a delight in the morning. Some light to top this porridge with fruit, jam, or honey. Pair helmipuuro with a hot coffee for a simple and delicious Finnish breakfast.

Mannapuuro (Semolina Pudding)


This mildly sweet dish is an inviting bite of Finnish breakfast. Mannapuuro is a semolina pudding made by cooking the grains with milk. It is topped with sugar and cocoa powder or cinnamon to give it extra sweetness and flavor. Try this breakfast food with a hot coffee for a nice balance of bitter and sweet flavors and textures.

Vispipuuro (Whipped Lingonberry Porridge)

This Finnish breakfast is almost too luxurious for the morning. It is a true testament to the local’s love of fruit and grains. Vispipuuro is a whipped porridge made from semolina and lingonberries. It has the texture of a smooth pudding or mousse and the fresh flavor of lingonberry. It’s the perfect way to get both fruits and grains in your morning meal without compromising on decadence!


Discovering Traditional Finnish Breakfast

Finland is such an amazing country. It has a great commitment to its traditions, yet a focus on the future. Art and culture here entwine beautifully to make a truly one-of-a-kind county. To explore all Finland has to offer you need to start your day on the right foot. Eat Finnish breakfast like a local and enjoy all the simply delicious flavors Finland has to offer!



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