11 Finnish Desserts, Sweets, And Pastries You Have To Try

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Finland has such a gorgeous Nordic landscape and wonderful traditions. It is a country with a proud heritage but a full modern feel. It is no wonder that life in Finland just feels a little bit sweeter. The local chefs in Finland have crafted a style of dessert making that is purely their own and simply delicious. Finnish desserts are full of delicious surprises and they’re all waiting for you!

These sweets and pastries form a big part of traditional Finnish cuisine and are the perfect conclusion to any meal.

Most Famous Finnish Desserts

Pannukakku (Finnish Pancakes)


To call them pancakes may be selling them short. Finnish pancakes are so much more than what you expect when you hear “pancake.” The Finns make a style of oven-baked pancake that is so rich and decadent that it tastes like pure bliss.

Finnish pancakes use eggs, butter, vanilla, and sugar to make a pancake batter that is almost more like a custard. The flavor of pannukakku is smooth, creamy, and perfectly sweet. Try this famous Finnish sweet topped with lingonberry jam or syrup for a taste of Finland.

Traditional Finnish Desserts

Sultsina (Crepe-Like Dessert)


This Karelian specialty is a local dessert favorite. Sultsinas are Finnish desserts that celebrate some of the Finns’ favorite flavors, like rye. They consist of a very thin, crepe-like rye flatbread that is filled with sweetened farina. Some variations will use Finnish rice pudding as a filling instead. It’s a great sweet for an afternoon snack in Finland. 

Mansikkakakku (Strawberry Meringue Cake)


These beautiful traditional Finnish desserts are so lovely you will fall for them at first sight. Mansikkakakku is a traditional strawberry cake that is frosted with beautiful white frosting and topped with bright red strawberries. It is as bright and summery to behold as it is to taste!

The cake is traditionally made of layers of almond meringue and whipped cream. The Almonds balance the fruitiness of the strawberries perfectly. The bright flavors of these perfect desserts in Finland show how much locals love fresh fruit and clean flavors.

Runebergintorttu (Runeberg Cake)


This bite-sized ginger cake bears the name of a famous Finnish poet who enjoyed its bold and sweet flavors. This special sweet is common to see in sweet shops and cafes around Porvoo all year, and throughout the country from January to early February.

The tiny torte consists of an almond cake soaked in arrack liquor and topped with a ring of icing around the raspberry jam. The flavors are wonderfully sweet and fruity. These Finnish desserts are the perfect warm respite from the cold outside.

The Finns are known to be big coffee drinkers and desserts like this make for easy, delicious complements to the rich cafe flavors.

Vispipuuro (Lingonberry Pudding)

These vividly colored Finnish desserts are sure to capture your heart with their lovely fruit flavor. Vispipuuro is an airy whipped lingonberry pudding.

The berries are cooked with semolina and as they cook they’re whipped. This gives the pudding a smooth and luscious mouthfeel that is simply irresistible. Finnish sweets are full of fruit surprises and great textures, and this dish is a testament to that!

Lingonberry is a delicious and versatile ingredient; the Finns also use them to make a comforting Lingonberry porridge for a fulfilling Finnish breakfast.

Mämmi (Finnish Rye Bread Pudding)

A typical day in Finland would not be complete without Finnish rye bread. The locals love the flavor of rye so much that they use it in many dishes beyond bread. A favorite application for rye is in mämmi, a traditional Finnish Easter dessert.

Mämmi is a mixture of rye, malt, salt, and Seville orange that is baked into a Finnish rye bread pudding. The texture is somewhere between jam and pudding. This treat is enjoyed cold and often with vanilla cream.

Piparkakku (Gingerbread Cookies)


Finland is known to be the home of Santa Claus. At least if you are from Finland, you firmly believe this; therefore, Christmas is a cause for an extravagant celebration!

All of the best Finnish desserts are served around the holidays and one staple of holiday cheer is piparkakku, Finnish gingerbread cookies.

Finnish gingerbread cookies are a delight around Christmas time for locals young and old. The cookies are used as decoration and dessert. Their beautiful designs and delicious ginger flavor are synonymous with the holidays. Just don’t forget to leave some piparkakku for Santa!

Finnish Pastries

Lörtsy (Fried Pastry Pocket)


These delectable Finnish pastries are the perfect marriage of sweet and fried. Lörtsy are a hand-pie-like pastry that is filled and then fried. Lörtsy tends to be larger than a typical hand pie but of a similar shape.

The traditional sweet filling for these pastries is a blend of apples and spices. Some bakers will also prepare lörtsy with a savory filling made of ground meat and spices, so no matter if you’re craving sweet or savory these Finnish pastries have you covered!

Tippaleipä (Finnish Funnel Cake)


Summer in Finland may be short but locals know how to make the most of it with these delightful Finnish desserts! Tippaleipä are a Finnish style of deep-fried, piped cake.

The sweet, lemony batter is piped into a hot fryer and cooked to a crispy golden brown. These wonderful cakes are enjoyed at May Day festivals throughout Finland.

Munkki (Finnish Donut)


The sweet flavor of cardamom shines in these beloved Finnish pastries. Munkki are a Finnish fried doughnut made from a cardamom-flavored dough. They are coated with sugar and cannot be beaten when served warm.

What makes these Finnish desserts so special is the richness they get from the quark in their mixture. It is a local type of soft cheese that brings so much flavor and smoothness to the Munkki dough.

Laskiaispulla (Cream-Filled Bun)


These deliciously sweet rolls are a local favorite for dessert. Laskiaispulla are a type of Finnish pastry made from a cardamom-flavored sweet bun. The bun is filled with almond cream and/or fruity jam.

They are common to see in bakeries across Finland between Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras) and Easter. These Finnish desserts are the perfect springtime indulgence in Finland.

Pulla (Finnish Bread Braid)


Cardamom is one of the most beloved dessert flavors in Finland. Pulla is a type of Finnish bread that uses cardamom in the tastiest way. The flavor is baked into this beautifully braided bread to make a sweet and inviting loaf. Pulla is often served with light tea or coffee to bring a little sweetness to the afternoons in Finland.


Discovering Traditional Finnish Desserts

There are so many wonders to discover in Finland, but the sweetest wonders are on the table. Finnish chefs know exactly how to balance tart, sweet, and savory to create exciting and delightful Finnish desserts.

As you explore the stunning landmarks in Finland, take a break and give your tastebuds a treat. Bring your appetite and get ready to be impressed by the irresistible desserts in Finland.



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