10 Interesting And Fun Facts About Nairobi, Kenya [Explained]

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Famous for its historical attractions and animal feeding centers, there are many fun facts about Nairobi to explore. This Kenyan city is a gem within the African continent that is often rather challenging to travel.

Historical Facts About Nairobi     

Nairobi Became The Capital City In 1907


Construction on Nairobi began in 1899, but it took several years after that for it to become Kenya’s capital. As the city’s population started to rise in the early 20th century, it quickly surpassed Mombasa and became not only the capital city but the largest city in Kenya.

Nairobi remained the capital even after Kenya gained independence in 1963 and became a republic. One key reason is that the region was a major tourism center.

The Nairobi Railway Museum Is A Historical Landmark

The Railway Museum is one of the most important landmarks in Nairobi because it tells the story of how the railway system emerged in this area. The museum offers interesting insights into the city’s history, from the British protectorate to gaining independence.

Steam engine parts, old wagons, and coaches make up the fascinating collection. You can even see the engine seat, which gave Theodore Roosevelt and many other famous personalities a truly spectacular wildlife view from the train.

Cultural Facts About Nairobi

The Maasai Market Is A Major Hub For Traditional Items

One of the most interesting facts about Nairobi is that it has a market representing the culture of the Maasai people. You can get traditional items such as cutlery, jewelry, and much more at this bustling market.

It is good to learn some basic Swahili phrases before visiting, as this will make it easy to bargain with local vendors and maybe even make some friends.

Karogas Are A Popular Option For Feasts

A karoga is a dining experience that Kenyans enjoy at outdoor dining places. You can bring your own ingredients to cook up an appetizing dish. Otherwise, the restaurant also offers a delicious Kenyan food menu that you can order from.

Ugali is the national dish of Kenya and is well worth trying at least once at a local diner. It is made of cornmeal and served with many meals in households throughout Nairobi.

You Can See Ancient Cultural Artifacts At Nairobi National Museum

Another top Nairobi fact is its magnificent National Museum, which has a collection of prehistoric items such as skeletal discoveries. You can also see native bird species at the site if you’re a fan of flying creatures.

Want to make your experience even better? The museum has a society offering guided tours. The site opened in 2008 and is still operating to this day.

Simple Facts About Nairobi For Kids    

You Can Feed Giraffes At The Giraffe Center     


As a safari hotspot, you can be sure that many fun facts about Nairobi involve the local wildlife and animals. 

A safari is not the only way to view, learn, and appreciate nature’s gift. You can enjoy bird walks at various museums and parks. There is also a nature education center in the city that protects endangered species and helps them thrive.

This same center will also give you the rare opportunity to pet a giraffe. When you feed biscuits to the giraffe, it might even reciprocate your love by licking your hand (although, we gotta admit the tongue is rather slimy).

Nairobi Has Award-Winning Cheese     


Nairobi was never famous for cheese until the famous Brown’s Cheese Factory opened in the region in 1979. All products at the site are made of organic milk and fresh produce. There are lots of different options for a factory tour to learn how different cheeses are produced and aged.

 You’ll also get to try samples at the end of many of these tours that will satisfy your curious taste buds. Homemade breads and salads produced by the factory may also be offered.

Useful Nairobi Facts For Travelers  

The Tusker Beer Has Rich Taste And History


Kenya is famous for its Tusker Beer, which is offered at the lovely Fairview Hotel. The drink has been derived from barley that is directly sourced from Maasai Mara, a significant wildlife conservation area.               

Other ingredients for the beverage, such as yeast and water, are sourced from the local mountains. Relax and unwind with this refreshing drink on your trip to Nairobi.     

Nairobi Is Known As “Nairobbery” Due To Its High Theft Rate


Nairobi has a high crime rate for theft and vandalism. This is why you must be careful when roaming around if you have expensive handbags, watches, or coats.

Pickpockets are common in many traditional markets around the city, so avoid taking expensive items on your trip.     

Africa’s Largest Ice Rink Is Here

The Solar Ice Rink is one of the important landmarks in Kenya, not only for being the biggest in the region but also because it is the first rink in Central and East Africa. It opened in 2005 at the Panari Sky Center.

Enjoy a spacious area of 15,000 square feet for activities such as ice hockey, ice skating, and much more.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Nairobi

These are just some of the interesting Nairobi facts, but there’s plenty more to learn and discover. 

The city’s colonial past offers it a rich history. Many museums around the city are a great opportunity for you to learn more about Kenyan culture and facts. 

This is one of the many cities and countries in Africa that is comparatively not as tricky to visit.



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