20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Kenya [Explained]

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Every time you think of Kenya, you probably think about the safaris, animals, wildlife, and much more. Well, there is much more to Kenya than what you get to know about in the media. There are many fun facts about Kenya relating to the culture, food, and everything else that makes this land unique.

Here are some interesting Kenya facts to enhance your knowledge of this region and learn more about its diversity before visiting.

Several countries in Africa are prone to armed conflicts and civil/social unrest. Always double check the latest situations from both your government and the local government advisories.

General Kenya Facts

These facts about Kenya are common and related to the country and its people.

More Than Sixty Languages Are Spoken In Kenya

You might be surprised after hearing this, but it is true. The country has two official languages, but over sixty are spoken throughout the region. There are endless ways you can say hello, goodbye, and many other common terms, depending on where you are in Kenya.

The National Animal Is The East African Lion


One of the important facts about Kenya to know is its national animal – the East African lion. It is considered vulnerable, and it is also included in the Big Five. Spotting this majestic beast is one of the exciting activities to do when visiting Kenya, and a safari is a popular way to do that.

The Most Valuable Export For The Country is Coffee


Kenya exports billions of shillings worth of coffee to other countries. The best part is that even the locals highly value this commodity, but you will not see them drinking it. That is why only a small amount of this coffee is sold in the region, as most of it is exported.

Hunting Is Illegal


Hunting is not permitted within the country, and it is a criminal act to do so. You will be punished accordingly, depending on the nature of hunting. One of the essential Kenya facts to note is that Kenyans love wildlife and animals, which is why no one is allowed to hurt them in any manner.

Kenya Fun Facts For Travelers

Here are some fun facts about Kenya that will help enhance your trip experience.

There Are Fifty Reserves And National Parks In Kenya


The country has at least fifty reserves and national parks that you can explore. Of course, everyone has heard of the Masai Mara National Park, but that is not the only one that exists. The best part about these parks is the impressive views that you get to soak in.

All of them are managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service. It is their duty to protect wildlife from poachers or hunters.

The World’s Largest Desert Lake Is Here

The largest desert lake in the world is located here, which is known as Lake Turkana. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is part of the national parks in the country. Head north from the Great Rift Valley, and you will find this famous desert lake.

It Is One Of The Top Destinations For A Safari


An exciting fact on Kenya is that it is one of the top safari destinations in the world. When you are in Kenya, your trip will not be complete unless you go on a safari.

In 2021, the World Travel Awards also recognized this country as being one of the best places for safari. The country has held this position for almost a decade now.

It Has The 2nd Highest Mountain In Africa

The second-highest mountain in Africa is known as Mount Kenya, and of course, it is located in this region. The highest mountain is in Tanzania, and it is known as Mount Kilimanjaro. Anyone that loves the outdoors and nature should come here to experience these beautiful peaks.

Interesting Facts About Kenya Most People Don’t Know

There are many things about Kenya that most people are not familiar with. However, it is still good to know these interesting facts about Kenya to enhance your knowledge.

The First African Woman To Win A Nobel Peace Prize Was From Here

The first female in Africa to win a Nobel Peace Prize comes from Kenya, and her name is Wangari Muta Maathai. She is one of the most inspirational women who is fuelled by activism and more.

Wangari is a political, social, and environmental activist that has contributed a lot to the development of the region. She won the prize in 2004 because of her contributions to peace, democracy, and sustainable development.

The Great Rift Valley Formed Here

Twenty-five million years ago, the Great Rift Valley was formed here in Kenya from the north to the south. It also goes by the name of East African Rift Valley. This is one of the most interesting facts about Kenyan nature, as it created some of the best habitats for the wildlife of the country to thrive.

The Coastline Spans For More Than 530 Kilometers


Many people don’t think of Kenya as a beach destination, but it does boast a coastline of more than 530 kilometers. When you visit, you will find some of the most exquisite beaches here that have the clearest waters and fine white sand. Some of the most popular beach destinations in Kenya include Watamu, Diani, and Malindi.

It Is Home To The Big Five


One of the well-known and exciting Kenya facts is the existence of the Big Five. These are the Cape Buffalo, Rhinoceros, Leopards, Elephants, and Lions. You can find them all in the Masai Mara, where you will also find the Masai people, who are known for their warrior skills.

Kenya Food Facts

The cuisine of the country represents agriculture and the people. Here are some interesting facts about Kenyan food.

Kenya’s Cuisine Is One Of The Most Diverse In Africa


This is due in part to the country’s location on the continent, as well as its history of immigration and trade. Some of the most popular dishes in Kenyan cuisine include ugali (a maize porridge), pilau (rice cooked with spices), and chapati (a flatbread). Make sure you sink your teeth into some traditional Kenyan cuisine when visiting.

The Staple Meal In Kenya Is Ugali


Ugali is the staple meal of Kenya that you can find anywhere. This dish is a type of maize porridge that you can serve with vegetables, meats, stews, and more. Be sure to have this dish at least once when you are in Kenya.

People Here Love Chai


One of the Kenya food facts to be aware of is that locals here love to drink chai tea, and they will likely serve that to guests. On the other hand, you will not find many of them drinking coffee. That is because they would rather sell the coffee than drink it.

Cultural Facts About Kenya

These cultural facts about Kenya will give you a glimpse into the people.

Men Can Have More Than One Wife


In the constitution of Kenya, men can have more than one wife. The rule of polygamy was passed eight years ago. However, this doesn’t mean that every man here will marry more than one woman.

The Most Common Greeting Is Jambo

One of the key cultural facts about Kenya to know is the common greeting word – Jambo. Any time you meet a local, be sure to greet them with this. It means hello, and they will be humbled that you are using their language.

People Enjoy Freedom Of Religion

Kenya is a mix of many religions. Because of this, people have the freedom to follow any religion that they wish. The government doesn’t decide the faith that people ought to follow.

There Is A Village Where Only Women Are Allowed

There is an all-female matriarch village known as Umoja Uaso. It is near a river, and this village was founded in the 90s. The village began as a refuge for survivors of sexual assault, and now it is a thriving economy run by only women. Certainly one of the empowering and interesting facts about Kenya.

The Most Famous Long Distance Runners Are From Kenya


A proud fact of Kenya is that most famous long-distance runners are from this country. Whenever there are major running marathons, you will find a few winners from Kenya. Kenyans are known for their speed and stamina.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Kenya

These are some of the most interesting facts about Kenya to know if you plan on going to the country anytime soon. The people are great, the landscapes are beautiful, and the country is diverse. There is plenty more to explore in this top safari destination in the world. Be sure to visit to discover and experience more cultural facts about Kenya yourself.

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