20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Ghana [Explained]

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While Ghana is not the most developed nation in the world, it is still a tropical paradise for anyone that wants to visit. There are waterfalls everywhere you go, along with beaches and mountains. Of course, you will not know any of this till you research some facts about Ghana.

If you want to know more about this African tropic, you have come to the right place. Here are all the fun facts about Ghana that will provide you with a deeper insight into the country.

Several countries in Africa are prone to armed conflicts and civil/social unrest. Always double check the latest situations from both your government and the local government advisories.

General Facts About Ghana

There are some common Ghana facts to know for knowledge, even if you don’t plan on visiting the country.

It Was The First Sub-Saharan Country To Gain Independence


The country gained independence in 1957, but it went through many coups that devastated it for at least three decades. It started witnessing some stability in 1981 when Lt. Jerry Rawlings came into power. Ever since then, the country has seen a peaceful time.

It Is The 7th Largest Gold Producer


One of the exciting facts about Ghana is its gold production capabilities. The country is the 7th largest producer of gold worldwide. Ghana is famous for producing tonnes of gold each year, as it is also the second largest producer of this precious metal in Africa. So, if you need quality gold, you know where to go.

There Are Two Distinct Rainy Seasons

The rainy season in Ghana is split into two unique parts. The first season is a wet one, and then it is followed by dry weather for two months. Finally, the country receives a second rainy season that lasts for at least a month.

The Main Currency Is Cedi


An important fact about Ghana to know for travelers is their main currency, which is Cedi. The currency can also be divided into smaller units, which are known as pesewas. A hundred pesewas form one Cedi, so keep this in mind when traveling.

Interesting Facts About Ghana For First-Time Tourists

As a tourist, there are some things about the country that will help boost your experience. If you are planning to visit the country, here are interesting facts about Ghana for you.

There Is One Natural Lake Here

Yes, there is only one natural lake in the country, which is known as Lake Bosumtwi. Anyone that enjoys the outdoors and water bodies will love coming here.

Lake Bosumtwi Is A Sacred Place

Another interesting Ghana fact about Lake Bosumtwi is that it is a sacred place for the people. The lake is inside an ancient impact crater that spans more than six miles. The only time this lake is replenished is through rainfall, as it doesn’t have an inlet or outlet.

Ghana Is Also Home To The Biggest Man-Made Lake

The country has compensated for its lack of natural lakes with the biggest man-made lake. It is known as Lake Volta, and it spans more than three hundred miles. That means it covers over 3% of Ghana.

The Word Ghana Means Warrior King

There is a reason why the country is named Ghana. That is because the word translated to Warrior King in Mande. This is a language that most people from Western Africa will speak.

Ghana Culture Facts

If you want to discover Ghana in the best way possible, then you should understand the different facts about Ghana’s culture. These will help you understand the people and the country in a much better light.

English Is The Official Language

The official language in the country is English. Anyone that knows English can easily travel and they will not have an issue. There are also local languages and dialects that the citizens speak.

The People Wear A Special Cloth, Known As Kente


The national costume of the country is hand-woven from Kente. It contains various strips that are stitched together. You can think of this cloth as a mix between silk and cotton, but you will only get to experience it once you see this cloth for yourself.

Greet People By Shaking Hands


This is the proper way to greet people in Ghana is from right to left, and always use your right hand.

While you are unlikely to be criticised if you forget, adhering to it let the locals know that you respect their customs. Follow this process when greeting people in Ghana where possible.

Over 200 Dialects Are Spoken

One of the impressive cultural facts about Ghana is that people speak more than two-hundred dialects in the country. Yes, the official language is English, but there are three main languages that take up the country. These include Ewe, Kwahu, and Dagbani.

Keep in mind that not all these dialects and their sub-dialects are spoken widely. Most people know their regional dialect and English as they have to communicate in the latter for work and business.

Mostly You Will See Traditional Salads Served


Food is an important part of any culture. You will come across many traditional salads available in Ghana. These are made from vegetables, such as onions, lettuce, tomatoes, tuna, boiled eggs, and much more. Besides that, people also use baked beans in their salads.

These are the important facts about Ghanaian culture that will help you understand the type of food that makes the culture. The country is rich in many vegetables and crops, and these are an important part of the diet of the people.

Ghana’s cuisine can be exemplary. Make sure to check out the dishes and food in Ghana when visiting.

The People Are Passionate About Protecting Wildlife


The best thing about the people in Ghana is that they are highly passionate about protecting wildlife. This is why you will find many protected reserves and parks here that you can enjoy. For example, there are more than six hundred butterfly species in the Kakum National Park.

Besides that, you will find many such similar parks and reserves with unique species of different animals, birds, and much more. Anyone that is proactive about protecting wildlife will love coming to Ghana and exploring everything they have to offer.

Be sure to visit and understand why people are passionate about protecting the wildlife here.

Ghana Fun Facts That Will Wow You

There are many fun facts about Ghana that make the country interesting, and most people are not familiar with them. Here are the top Ghana facts that will blow your mind.

Its Largest Export Product Is Cocoa Beans


If there is one thing where Ghana thrives, it is the production of cocoa beans. It is the main agricultural export of the country, which is why you will find a lot of coffee here. So, if you want high-quality cocoa beans, you know where to go.

Ferdi Ato Abobe Holds The World Record For Walking Backwards

The people in Ghana are also very athletic. There is a person that also holds the world record for the fastest time of walking backward for hundred meters. He did this within 13.6 seconds, which is highly impressive for anyone to accomplish.

It Has Launched A Space Program


One of the proud Ghana fun facts is that the country also launched GhanaSat-1, which is a satellite program. It was created by the All Nations University students that were based in Koforidua. The satellite was sent in 2017 from the International Space Station.

Ghana Facts For Kids

As a teacher or parent, you can improve your knowledge of your kids’ global knowledge with some Ghana trivia. Here are the top Ghana facts for kids to boost their knowledge about the African country.

The Capital City Of Ghana Is Accra


The capital of Ghana is Accra, and when you translate this in English, it means ants. Of course, there is a reason why this is the case. The name was established due to the anthills that surrounded Accra at one point.

The Name Ghana Comes From The Medieval Empire

Many countries got their names from interesting origins. Therefore one of the fun Ghana facts for kids is that the country received its name from West Africa’s medieval empire. The Empire’s name was Wagadugu.

Kofi Annan Was Born And Raised Here

The General Secretary of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, was born and raised in Ghana. He was in this position between 1997 and 2006, and before this, he had worked as the Tourism Director in Ghana. He is one of the most prestigious men that has worked in WHO, UN, and more.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Ghana

These are some of the important and interesting facts about Ghana to know before you visit the country or if you want to boost your knowledge. It is one of the top tropical countries that you can visit any time of the year. You will find many landscapes, wildlife, and much more that will make your trip better.

If you find these Ghana facts fascinating, don’t forget to plan a trip yourself for the journey of a lifetime. You will uncover many more cultural and historical facts about Ghana that makes this country beautiful and unique.

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