20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Uganda [Explained]

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Uganda is an interesting and diverse country that many people don’t consider for traveling. However, it has a lot to offer, such as lakes, rivers, waterfalls, wildlife, and much more. The secret is to understand some fascinating facts about Uganda that will make your trip even better. 

So, if you want to learn more about the country, whether you want to travel here or not, you are in the right place. Here are the interesting and fun facts about this country that will make you want to visit it as soon as possible. 

Several countries in Africa are prone to armed conflicts and civil/social unrest. Always double check the latest situations from both your government and the local government advisories.

Common Facts About Uganda

There are some Uganda facts that most people familiar with. Nonetheless, these are important to the country and the economy. Here are some of the general facts of Uganda that you should know.

It Is The 2nd Most Populous Landlocked Country


Amongst all the landlocked countries, Uganda has the second highest population with over 34 million people. This is right behind Ethiopia.

Despite being surrounded by land, there are still many water bodies that you can enjoy to make your trip fun. These include visiting the lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and other such attractions. 

Besides that, the stunning landscapes and wildlife make up for the lack of ocean here. So, be sure to visit it to take in all the nature. 

The Population Is Young


An important fact about Uganda is that the population here is young. That is because almost 50% of the population is below the age of 15. Because of this, Uganda is the one of most youthful countries worldwide. 

The elderly population is incredibly low here. For example, it is estimated that only about 2% of the population is above the age of 65. 

It Is One Of The Most Ethnically Diverse Countries 

Diversity is the spice of life, and you will find that Uganda is one of the most ethnically diverse countries worldwide. Some of the largest ethnic groups in the country include Basoga, Banyankole, and Baganda.

When you meet a few people, there is a high chance that almost all of them will belong to a different ethnic group. Just imagine all the culture and perspective you will get to experience.

It Hosts Endless Refugees


The country might be poor, but they are rich in heart and spirit. The people host refugees more than any other country on the continent. These refugees belong to neighboring countries, such as Sudan. 

There are more than 1,529,904 refugees in the country as of now. The number keeps on increasing each year. 

Fun Facts About Uganda For Tourists 

Anyone that wants to visit Uganda needs to be familiar with the fun facts about Uganda. These will help you roam the country and find the best places to explore. So, here are some helpful information to know.

You Can See The Big Five Here


An African safari is probably on the list of every traveler that wants to explore the best of Africa. When you are in Uganda, you can go on a safari to explore the Big Five. These include African Leopards, African Lions, Southern White Rhino, African Cape Buffalo, and African Bush Elephants.

This is often said to be an experience of a lifetime for many travelers. Be prepared to leave the country with endless memories and perspectives. Anyone with an adventurous spirit or a love of wildlife will enjoy this experience.

You Will Also Find The Endangered Mountain Gorilla Here


Seeing the endangered mountain gorilla in the country is one of the bucket-list items for visitors to Uganda. The animal is endangered, and at least half of its population lives over here.

One of the key Uganda facts to know if you want to see this animal is to visit the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. There is a better chance of sighting this majestic beast here.

Pan-Fried Grasshoppers Are Considered A Delicacy


Every place has unique food and delicacies that it consumes. That is why if a local invites you for grasshoppers, don’t get freaked out. It means that the person admires you because pan-fried grasshoppers are a delicacy in Uganda. 

That said, don’t worry because pan-fried grasshopper does not define all Uganda cuisine. There are tons of delicious Ugandan foods that you can try and should not miss.

There Is An Annual Rolex Festival That Takes Place Here 


No, we are not talking about the watch brand here. Rolex in Uganda means roll eggs, which is an omelet rolled in chapatti bread. The people here love it so much that they have a festival for it each year to celebrate this food. 

Interesting Facts About Uganda That Will Shock You 

Uganda is filled with the most interesting landscapes, animals, places, people, and much more. Here are some of the most interesting facts about Uganda for you to learn about.

It Has The 2nd Largest Lake 


Lake Victoria is the 2nd largest freshwater lake on Earth. Besides that, it is also the largest lake in Africa. The lake is also one of the sources of the River Nile, as many people say that this is where the river begins. 

The country shares this lake with Tanzania and Kenya. You should check out this natural beauty when you are in the country, as it is a sight to behold.

The Equator Runs Through Uganda 

There are only several countries in the world that the imaginary equator line goes through, and Uganda is one of these countries. The equator line is situated in the southern part of Kampala. Whenever you visit this part, you can buy souvenirs and watch cool water experiments related to the equator. 

The National Bird Is The Grey-Crowned Crane 


One of Uganda’s interesting facts is their national bird, which is a grey-crowned crane. The most noticeable feature of this crane is the crown of golden feathers on the head. Besides that, there are a few reasons why it is the national bird.

These include:

  • A female or male will perform a dance when courting 
  • They are monogamous creatures
  • Both parents share the responsibilities of their kids

One of the Fastest Growing City Worldwide Is Kampala

Kampala is the largest city in the country, and it is also the 13th fastest-growing city worldwide. You will find many popular markets, national theaters, museums, and much more here. We recommend that you visit Owino, the largest open market in Kampala.

Here, you will be able to purchase anything you like, from herbs to clothing. Besides that, if you love casinos and nightlife, this city is for you. 

Uganda Culture Facts 

Now that you are familiar with most of the facts about the country, you must learn a little more about the people. One way to do that is to understand the unique facts about Uganda culture.

People Prefer Large Families Here 


People prefer to have large families in the country, as the country has 5.8 children per woman. Remember that Uganda is one of the most populous landlocked countries? Now you see why.

The downside to this is that the maternal mortality rate in Uganda is also high. That is because it is burdensome to bear so many children at one time. 

It Is Customary For Men To Wear Trousers


Even if you are a male tourist, we recommend that you wear trousers on your trip. You will find that even the locals are wearing trousers, no matter how hot it gets in the day. That is because shorts are thought to be immature and childish. 

On the other hand, you will also rarely see women wearing short skirts or shorts. Even the women have to cover their legs, or they are thought to be of questionable character. 

People Eat Rolex For Breakfast 


People eat a Rolex for breakfast, and so should you while you are in the country. The chapatti is wrapped and filled with tomatoes, eggs, peppers, onions, and cabbage. There are many variations of this recipe that you will find throughout the country. 

However, it is a staple breakfast for everyone living in the country. So, be sure to try it at least once while you are there. 

People Are Ready To Help You Out 


One of the comforting Uganda cultural facts to know about is the hospitality of the people. The people of Uganda have a heart of gold, and they will always be ready to help you out with anything you need.

The people have a beautiful spirit and they want you to visit their country again. If you ever need some help in the country while you are traveling, be sure to talk to the locals. Sure, practice common sense and general caution, but also be open-minded. You will find some good souls that are happy to help.

Uganda Facts For Kids

Everyone should know about different countries and cultures from an early age. Here are some great Uganda facts for kids that will boost their knowledge about the country. Share these will your kids or students.

It Has Fertile Land With Lakes, Rivers, Etc


Uganda has incredibly fertile land with lakes, rivers, volcanic soil, and much more. That is because the country is situated on a plateau. So, you will find many high mountains and such regions throughout the country. 

The Highest Peak Is Margherita Peak 

Margherita Peak at Mount Stanley is the highest peak in the country at over 16,000 feet. The mountain is also the third-highest in all of Africa. The first and second highest mountains include Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. 

Unsurprisingly, this is one of the famous landmarks in Uganda.

It Is One Of The Poorest Countries


Unfortunately, Uganda is one of the poorest countries worldwide because people here mostly work in the agricultural sector. Besides that, most of the land in the country is used for this purpose. Therefore, as you roam the country, you will find many people selling fresh vegetables and fruits throughout the streets. 

Most People Live Abroad 


Many locals leave the country and move abroad because poverty is a big problem in Uganda. Because of this, most people move to the UK or the USA. It is one of the top countries that send the highest remittances back home. 

Discovering More Fun Facts About Uganda

These are some of the interesting facts about Uganda to know before visiting the country. It may be one of the poorest countries, but it has a lot to offer in terms of landscapes, natural beauty, food, and the hospitality of the people. 

Be sure to visit the country if you ever have the chance. It will open your perspective to how other people in Africa live their lives. And you will get to experience and uncover more cultural and historical facts about Uganda.

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