30 Interesting And Fun Facts About Chad [Explained]

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Chad is a landlocked African country located at the crossroads of North and Central Africa. Many people associate Chad with violence; however, you will find plenty of interesting facts about Chad that go beyond its violent history.

Common Facts About Chad

Officially known as “the Republic of Chad, ” the country has a population of around 17.7 million people.

Chad is recognized for its fascinating culture, rich history, and huge camel population. Despite being landlocked, the nation has several bodies of water; some of which are prominent resources to the region. There are many intriguing facts about Chad worth knowing about to understand this country better beyond its conflicts.

Several countries in Africa are prone to armed conflicts and civil/social unrest. Always double check the latest situations from both your government and the local government advisories.

Historical Facts On Chad

Ancient Chad

Here is a Chad fact many don’t know about. It has existed for a very long time. The ecological conditions of the northern part of the country made it a favored spot for settlement. Since the 7th millennium, the country has experienced an increased population due to ecological conditions.

Agricultural sedentary had inhabited the Chad basin for over 2,000 years. The famous Sao civilization influenced Chad as the region witnessed a crossroads of civilization. After the Sao civilization fell, there were many empires in the region, the most popular being Kanem Empire.

In the early 1900s, French colonization expanded towards present-day Chad; by 1920, the French had total control of Chad. It integrated it as a fraction of French Equatorial Africa.

Chad Independence

In the mid-1950s, the decolonization of African countries began, and Chad was one of the countries at the forefront.

In 1960, Chad gained independence from France. The national holiday and independence day is marked as August 11th. Francois Tombalbaye was the first president to lead the nation.

Chad-Libyan War

This is one of many long civil wars on the African continent that contributes to Chad’s reputation as a war-torn country. The Chad-Libyan war lasted about 9 years, from 1978 to 1987.

It was a series of military conflicts mainly between Libyan and allied Chadian forces against the Chadian Groups supported by France. The war also witnessed several interventions from external factions and foreign countries.

The Libyan forces provided enough amour for the allied Chadians, giving them the upper hand in the war. But the intervention of Franca, the United States, and Zaire with anti-tank and anti-missiles turned the tables against the Libyan and allied Chadian forces.

The Great Toyota War

Did you know this interesting fact about Chad? It had a war named after the Toyota car. The ‘Toyota war” was the last phase of the Chad-Libyan war. It ended with the defeat of the Libyan forces.

The war was literarily named after the Toyota car brand. This is because Toyota Hilux and land Cruisers provided mobility to the Chadian soldiers as they fought to chase the Libyan troops off their soil.

Over 7000 Libyan army were killed, and military equipment worth well over $1.5 billion was captured or destroyed.

Idriss Déby Into

Idriss Déby Into, was a Chadian politician and military officer. He presided over the country from 1990 until he died in 2021.

Idriss was a member of former president Hissene Habres’s military officers. He was influential during the Toyota war, making him an invaluable member of the Hissene Habres cabinet.

The politician was suspected of plotting a coup that ultimately forced him into exile in the neighboring country of Libya. In 1990, he took power from Hissene by leading a coup d’état.

Since then, even though he introduced a multi-party system in 1992, he kept winning the election until he lost his life in 2021.

Cultural Fun Facts About Chad

Boule The National Dish


There are many delicacies in Chad, like Jarret De Boeuf, Maharagwe, and Bangaou, but the national dish in Chad is boule.

Boule is an everyday meal in Chad. It can be made from millet or maize, depending on your location in the country whether north or south.

It looks like porridge. It is usually shaped into a ball and served with different stews and sauces. The most common stew is made from okra. It is often accompanied by meat or dried fish.

Kakaki The African Voice

Here’s an interesting fact about Chad Culture. Like most African countries, they love music. The main musical instrument in Chad is the Kakaki. A long air musical instrument is usually about 3 to 4 meters long.

Kakaki is always used for different ceremonies across the country. In Chad, Kakaki is a symbol of power and is often played by men. It is a common musical instrument in Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Benin, among others. The instrument is called Malakat in Ethiopia.

Languages In Chad

Chad is one of many countries with a dual official language. Although the country boasts over 100 distinct languages, the official languages in Chad are Arabic and French. That is no surprise considering the country was once a French colony.

Livestock Rich Country


An interesting fact about Chad is its status as one of the richest livestock countries in the world. Chad has more cattle, goats, sheep, and horses than most countries worldwide. The country has even committed to paying the $100 million debt it owes Angola with a total of 75,000 cattle.

Camel Racing


Here is another cultural Chad fact, Camel racing is a traditional source of entertainment in the country.

Some of the best camel racing in the world can be witnessed in the Tibesti mountains. In the Toubou tribe, one of the many languages in Chad, Tibesti means “The home of mountain people.”

This camel racing is often on show early in the morning when the Sahara Desert weather is yet to get to its harshest. Toubou has groomed champion camel racers who are just looking for a platform to explode.

Early Marriage And Polygamy

Here is a cultural fact about Chad. It is common for many men in the country to have more than one wife. Polygamy is common in Chad; it is legal and not frowned upon.

Most girls in Chad get married at least at the age of 15, while young boys could get married at 18. It is believed that the men in polygamous marriages can financially stabilize the women. Although most times, that is not usually the case.

Food In Chad


Typically, traditional Chadian food consists more of grains. Millet, Sorghum, and rice are the primary sources of food in Chad. At least a day, every family eats one meal made from grains. As mentioned, the most popular food in the country is Boule.

Geographical Facts About Chad

Large African Country

Chad is a massive central African country located in the heart of the continent. By geographic size, it ranks 5th in the continent and is the 21st largest country in the world.

Chad has a total land area of 1,284,000 square km, which makes it larger than France, Italy, and Germany combined.

Nile Perch


Here is one interesting fact about lake Chad you probably don’t know. The Nile perch, a fish native to Africa and considered one of the largest freshwater fish finds its home in Lake Chad. The Nile perch can be as long as 2 meters and weigh as much as 200kg.

Lakes Of Ounianga

Ounianga lake is a colony of over 18 lakes in the Sahara Desert. These lakes are unique as they have different depths, colors, and chemical compositions. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in Chad.

Natural Resources


There is a good reserve of gold and uranium in Chad. But the discovery of crude oil in the country has weakened the mining industry since it is considered more lucrative.

Mount Koussi

Did you know this fascinating fact about Chad? It houses the highest point in the Sahara Desert. Mount Koussi, which Chadians often refer to as Emi Koussi, is the highest point in the Sahara Desert and the highest point in Chad.

 It is part of the Tibesti Mountains range in northwest Chad. Mount Koussi has an elevation of about 3415 meters above sea level.

Zakouma National Park

This is one of the very few national parks in Central Africa with a decent population of wildlife. It is the country’s first national park. The government has suggested the park be made a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This park is a good location for safari as you get the opportunity to see African elephants, giraffes, and buffalos, among other majestic animals.

Economic Facts About Chad

Livestock Rich Country

An interesting fact about Chad is its status as one of the richest livestock countries in the world. Chad has more cattle, goats, sheep, and horses than most countries worldwide. The country has even committed to paying the $100 million debt it owes Angola with a total of 75,000 cattle.

Rich Country Poor Citizens


Chad ranks as one of the poorest countries in the world. It is not a big surprise as the country has experienced political instability since it gained independence. The country also has rampant cases of terrorism, which has worsened the case of hunger and poverty.

That said, one surprising fact about Chad is that it is actually a rather resource-rich country.

Chad has vast oil reserves, uranium, and gold. But with ongoing violence, poor infrastructure, continuous corruption, and mismanagement, the country remains poor, and many investors don’t entertain the idea of establishing a business there.

Gum Arabic


Here’s one economic fact about Chad you probably don’t know. Chad is the second highest producer of gum Arabic behind Sudan.

Gum Arabic is a regular and important ingredient in processed food like chocolate, icing, and hard candies. This product is a major contributor to the country’s economy.

However, the production of gum Arabic strictly depends on the country’s climate conditions. Usually, the output is between 3000 to 7000 tons in adverse climates, while it produces around 7000 to 13000 tons in suitable climatic conditions.

Simple Chad Facts For Kids

Chad Flag


A fun fact about Chad’s flag is that it’s a similar replica of the Romanian flag. The Chad flag is a vertical tricolor flag featuring blues, yellow, and red. As much as it is a replica of the Romanian flag, it is not an imitation. Chad’s flag was inspired by that of their colonial master France.

Origin Of Name

Here’s another cool fact about Chad, it was named after a lake. Lake Chad is the second largest lake in Africa, it is also the largest wetland in the country. This used to be one of the largest lakes on earth.

Unfortunately, since 1960 the lake has experienced over 90% shrinkage. But it is suggested that the lake is beginning to regain some of its water. It is one to keep an eye on for the future.

Nonetheless, an interesting fact about lake Chad is that it cuts across four different countries, including Chad. Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger are the other three countries.


N’Djamena is the capital of Chad and the largest city in the country. It also serves as the country’s economic hub. N’Djamena has a land area of about 104 square km and an elevation of a little over 300 meters (298m).

No FIFA Qualification

Chad is one of the many countries without any FIFA world championships. They have no world cup or Afcon appearance.

Other Interesting Facts About Chad

Tower Of Babel

One famous fact about Chad is its nickname as the “tower of Babel,” in reference to the infamous biblical tower.

However, You should know that it is not called so because it has many towers built by many people. Chad is called the tower of Babel because it has over 200 ethnic groups and 100 languages.

Chad Media

Radio is the major source of media coverage in Chad. It is evident as the country has over 50 radio stations. There are 10 newspaper stations and 4 major broadcasting stations, with (Tele-Chad) being the prominent one because the state owns it.

Since the country gained independence, it monopolized the media. But in 1990, Chad started democratizing, and it expanded its media horizon, which led to the country having more media outlets.

Chad National Symbol

The national symbol in Chad is a lion and a goat. The lion and goat represent the southern and northern regions of the country respectively.

The country’s coat of arms adopted in 1970 features the goat and lion both holding a shied colored yellow and blue. On top of the shield is a rising red sun. The coat of arms has a motto of unite, trivial, and progress.

Largest Camel Population


Chad is home to one of the highest populations of camels in the world. There are at least 7 million camels in Chad. It is no surprise that camel racing is one of the most popular sports in the country.

Life Expectancy In Chad

Chad has one of the lowest life expectancies in the world. The average life expectancy in Chad as of 2022 is 54.90 years.

The low life expectancy in the country can be attributed to many factors. Low respiratory infections, poverty, violence, and malnutrition are some of the most prevalent factors.

Doctor To Patient Ratio


This is a rather expected piece of information about Chad, but the country has a shortage of health workers.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), the global average of doctors to patients at 141 doctors per 100,000 patients. Chad has an average of one doctor per 23,600 patients, which is well below the global average.

This tops the chart of the country’s list of development challenges.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Chad

Chad is an incredibly unique and diverse country with a fascinating history that goes beyond what the media portrays. From its national symbol to its rich camel population, there are so many amazing facts about Chad to learn about. Despite some of the development challenges it faces, Chad is much more than meets the eye.



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