20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Sardinia

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Sardinia is famously known for having the clearest waters and the best beaches in Italy. However, many people don’t know the facts about Sardinia that have made it the region it is today. These fun facts boast the history, people, food, and culture of Sardinia that have made it one of the top destinations to visit.

Anyone looking to visit Sardinia will appreciate these interesting Sardinia facts; it will make your trip even more fun. Here are the top things to know about the region.

Common Facts About Sardinia

There are some general and common facts that you should always know when you visit a region. It helps you understand the land better. Here are the top common facts about Sardinia that everyone should know.

Sardinia Is The Third-Largest Region In Italy

Many people think of Sardinia as one of the biggest islands in Italy. However, it is also the third-largest region out of all the twenty in Italy. The region comes after Sicily and Piedmont.

Besides that, Sardinia also has more administrative power than the fifteen regions. That is because it is one of the top five autonomous regions in Italy.

It Is Also Known As The Land Of Shepherds Since Prehistoric Times


One of the interesting Sardinia facts is that the locals used to live off sheep herding since prehistoric times. Even now, sheep herding is one of the top activities in the region. In addition to traditional Italian cuisine, there are also some foods you will find in the region that is based on sheep and goats.

All The Roads Are Free


Yes, if you love driving, you will absolutely love visiting Sardinia. That is because all the roads are free, as there are no tolls. Besides that, there is also no highway that you will find on this island.

You Will Find More Than Three-Hundred Unique Plant Species Here


Do you love plants and looking at nature? If you do, then you will find more than three hundred plant species on the island. This is because the landscape of the region will vary greatly as you keep moving from one place to another.

The Average Life Expectancy In The Island Is 81 Years


Of course, when the island is so beautiful and rich in nature, people will also live longer. The life expectancy in Sardinia is 81 years, and it also has the highest rate of centenarians worldwide.


Interesting Facts About Sardinia That Will Make You Think

Now that you have some general idea about Sardinia, you can learn many fascinating things about this island. Here are some of the top interesting facts about Sardinia that can boggle your mind/

You Will Find An Island Filled With Wild Albino Donkeys


There is an island, Asinara, in Sardinia, which is home to white albino donkeys. It includes more than a hundred such donkeys, and you can visit it to witness these species. Asinara is now a Marine Reserve and a National Park.

It Is Home To More Than Fifty Spider Species


Sardinia is home to over fifty unique species of spiders. It is perhaps one of the scariest and creepy Sardinia facts to anyone scared of spiders. However, a diverse specie count doesn’t mean that the crawlies are spawning everywhere.

Therefore, anyone that doesn’t like spiders can easily ignore this fact about Sardinia and enjoy everything else the region has to offer.

The Region Has Its Own Language

Language nerds will appreciate this fact about Sardinia. While many think of the region as having its own dialect, it does have a language known as Sardinian, even if it is in the minority. That is because Sardinian has a proper lexicon, grammar rules, and much more. The language was developed even more Sardinia became a part of Italy.

There Are Few Primary Forests Left In Europe In Sardinia


Only a handful of primary forests are left in Europe, and one of them is in Sardinia. The forest has not been touched by humans, which is why it is still in its natural and original state. Sas Vaddes Forest is untouched by humans, and you will need a jeep and tour guide to get around here. Nature lovers should take note of this exciting Sardinia fact.


Fun Facts About Sardinia For Exploration

Put your exploring shoes on. These fun facts about Sardinia will make help enhance your journey of discovery.

25% Of The Island Is Taken Up By Wildlife Reserves And National Parks

All outdoor and nature lovers will fall in love with Sardinia. The island is stunning, and 25% of it is preserved. These include many national parks and wildlife reserves to keep the beauty of the region intact.

One Of The Deepest Canyons In Europe, Su Gorropu, Is In Sardinia

Su Gorropu is one of the deepest canyons in all of Europe, and you will find it in Sardinia. You can take a trekking trip here and enjoy everything that this natural wonder has to offer. It is one of the top sights in the region that will take your breath away.

La Costa Smeralda Is Perhaps The Most Expensive Coast Worldwide


La Costa Smeralda, or the Emerald Coast in Sardinia, is perhaps the most expensive in Europe and even worldwide. Houses here cost more than 300,000 euros per square meter. That is because many celebrities and royal people have houses here, as they come to spend their vacations.

There Are More Than Two-Hundred Beaches In Sardinia


One of the top fun facts about Sardinia is that it is home to more than two-hundred beaches where you can forget all your troubles. You will find all types of beaches here, as the coast is incredibly long and wide.

Anyone that loves a beach vacation will find Sardinia to be a paradise. Here are some of the best beaches in Sardinia you can visit.

One Of The James Bond Movies Was Filmed In Sardinia

The location for The Spy Who Loved Me was Sardinia. The scene where James Bond drives in the sea was shot on Romazzino beach. It is one of the top beaches on the Emerald Coast that people love to visit.

The Caves Of Santa Barbara Are One Of The Most Ancient In Europe

There are hundreds of caves in Sardinia, but the Caves of Santa Barbara is one of the most ancient caves in Europe. In 1952, some mine workers accidentally came across this cave. They were mesmerized by the cave, as the workers thought they had entered a heavenly and white cathedral.

The Biggest Sand Dunes In Europe, Piscinas, Are Found Here


One of the best Sardinia facts you must know is that the dunes of Piscinas are found to be in Sardinia. You will find them in Costa Verde; it is one of the most fascinating places you can visit in the region. Whenever you come here, we recommend seeing these dunes at least once.


Historical Facts About Sardinia

Sardinia is incredibly rich in its history, as it has been through a lot. Here are the top historical facts about Sardinia to know.

Sardinia Used To Be Called Ichnusa

You might think Sardinia was always called Sardinia, but that is not true. That is because, in 1500 BC, it used to be called Ichnusa. It was a Greek name that the island had before it became Sardinia.

Malaria Used To Plague Sardinia Until 1946


Very few people know this fact because Sardinia is mostly associated with beauty. Up until 1946, the entire island was plagued with malaria. After that, the entire island was sprayed with chemicals so that malaria could be wiped out of the region.

Many People Believe That Sardinia Is The Lost City Of Atlantis

Of course, no one yet knows what happened to the Lost City of Atlantis that Plato described. However, there are recent studies that point towards Sardinia being the Lost City of Atlantis at some point in time.

The conclusion has been reached by carefully studying ancient texts from Herodotus, Aristotle, and many others.

Many Civilizations Have Ruled Sardinia

One of the most intriguing Sardinia facts is that many civilizations have ruled Sardinia in the past. These include Nuragic populations, Phoenicians, Romans, and many others. Even Barbarian populations had entered the island at one point and invaded it.

Because of this, Sardinia was the home base for many pirates for a few centuries. So, if you want to learn the way Sardinia as it is now, then you need to understand its extensive past.

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Finding More Fun Facts About Sardinia

These are just some of the interesting facts about Sardinia that will enhance your knowledge and help enrich your trip. Sardinia is one of the most beautiful places that offer reserves, beaches, national parks, and much more.

The region is diverse and therefore great to visit with your friends, family, or even alone. There is so much to explore and you will gain a much deeper appreciation of the history, culture and natural beauty.



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