20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Saudi Arabia [Explained]

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Saudi Arabia is one of the richest Arab countries in the world, but there is much more to the country than just this. It has a long history, as it is the religious center for Muslims around the world. The best way to understand what this country is about is to get to know the facts about Saudi Arabia.

Recently, the country has been trying to make many strides to become more modern and make its mark on the world. If you want to learn more about this country, here is some useful information about Saudi Arabia to know.

Historical Facts About Saudi Arabia

The history of Saudi Arabia is mostly related to the rulers and monarchs that rule the country. It is important to understand its history to make sense of the present monarchy. Here are some interesting historical Saudi Arabia facts.

Ibn Saud Proclaimed Independence For Saudi Arabia In 1932

Saudi Arabia has always remained an absolute monarchy and continues to be that way. Ibn Saud united all four regions of the country in 1932, as he proclaimed independence in 1932. Yes, the country is named after him, and people consider him to be the father of the nation.

The Country Allowed Women To Vote In 2015


When it comes to women, Saudi Arabia has been a little backward. However, in recent times, it has been trying to give more rights to women. In 2015, Saudi Arabia was the last country to allow women the right to vote.

Oil Was Discovered In 1938


If there is one thing Saudi Arabia is known for, it is its oil reserves. This natural resource was discovered in the country in 1938, and this was a defining moment for its economy. Almost half the GDP of the country comes from its oil resources.

The First Muslim To Travel In Space Was In 1985

Prince Sultan bin Salman was the first person from Saudi Arabia to travel to space. That is because, in 1985, he rode aboard the U.S. Space Shuttle Discovery. Doing this also put Saudi Arabia more on the map as it was international news.

Cultural Facts About Saudi Arabia

You will witness that Islam mostly guides the culture of Saudi Arabia. Of course, there is still much more to it than just religion. Here are some facts about Saudi Arabia’s culture you must understand.

Arabic Calligraphy Was Declared An Intangible Cultural Heritage Of Humanity By UNESCO


UNESCO made this happen recently in 2021, as this bid was led by sixteen Arab countries. Of course, Arabic calligraphy is an important part of the country’s culture, along with falconry and many other things. This was a huge step in furthering the culture of the country internationally.

The Country Still Restricts The Rights Of Women

There is still a long time to go before women get their full rights. This is perhaps one of the more controversial facts about Saudi Arabia. However, some changes have been made recently to further women’s rights. These include giving women the right to vote, drive, and travel without needing a male guardian.

Kabsa Is An Important Cultural Dish


Whenever you visit Saudi Arabia, we recommend that you try out Kabsa. It is arguably the most famous dish in the country.

The dish consists of roast chicken and aromatic rice that is served on a big platter. It is a great way to sit with a few people and share this meal right from the platter. After which, maybe you can even enjoy some sweet Saudi Arabian desserts to wash it all down.

In any case, be sure to some traditional food in Saudi Arabia on your trip. You will really appreciate how they use spices and even flora to enhance their cuisine.

Interesting Facts About Saudi Arabia For Kids

Saudi Arabia is an important Arab country that contributes many things to the world. This is why kids should also know about this place. Here are all the facts about Saudi Arabia for kids that will boost their knowledge.

Saudi Arabia Is The Birthplace Of Islam 


The birthplace of Islam is Saudi Arabia, as it is home to many religious shrines, which include Medina and Mecca. Two million people come to the country each year to perform Hajj. That is because it is one of the five pillars of Islam that Muslims must follow.

The Government Is Trying To Construct The Tallest Building Worldwide

The government is constantly trying to make changes in the country to attract more international tourists. Because of this, they are also trying to create the tallest building worldwide. This will be known as the Jeddah Tower, and it will be more than 3,280 feet high.

The Country Has To Buy Sand


Saudi Arabia is mostly desert, and yet it has to buy sand from abroad. Seems like an ironic fact of Saudi Arabia. However, that is because the sand in the desert is not suitable for things like glass making and construction. It imports sand from Australia so that it can meet its construction needs.

Fun Saudi Arabia Facts For Travelers

Saudi Arabia is not just about religion and Islam. Instead, there are many fun things for you to explore within the country. Here are some fun facts about Saudi Arabia that will make your trip even better.

King Fahd Fountain Is The Tallest Worldwide

The King Fahd Fountain is located in Jeddah, and it is one of the best sights you will see. The fountain is 312 meters high, and it gushes more than 350 kilometers per hour. It was completed in 1985, and most tourists come here to witness this beautiful fountain.

You Will Find An Incredible Shipwreck At Shoaiba Beach

As you go seventy kilometers south of Jeddah, you will find a haunting shipwreck that will take your breath away. The Dutch created this ship in the late sixties, and it is situated at Shoaiba Beach. You will also find that most people call this the Al Fahd Shipwreck.

You Can Only Access The Abandoned Al Habala Village Through Cable Car

Al Habala is an abandoned village that you will find on the side of a steep cliff, which is why it is, also known as the hanging village. You can use a cable car to access this village and explore it for as long as you like. Many paragliders also come here for an adventurous day.

The Lost City Of Mada’in Saleh Is Open For Exploration


Mada’in Saleh is a lost city that many people don’t know about exists in Saudi Arabia. The city was once captured by the Romans. However, it is now a well-preserved lost city that you can visit, which includes more than 100 tombs carved of rocks.

Common Facts About Saudi Arabia

There is a lot of information about Saudi Arabia that is common, and many people know about it. However, there are still many general facts that most people don’t know. Here are some of the many fun Saudi Arabia facts:

The Country Doesn’t Have A River

Yes, Saudi Arabia doesn’t have a river. It is actually the largest country worldwide that doesn’t include this natural formation. Most of the fresh water in the country comes from underground reservoirs or desalinization plants. Therefore, you might not find many river-related activities to do here.

95% Of The Country Is A Semi-Desert Or Desert


A big part of the country is considered a semi-desert or desert. If you want to see the largest sand desert in the world, then we recommend that you visit the Rub Al-Khali. It will leave you breathless and provide you with an adventure of a lifetime with tons of activities.

Capital Punishment Is Still A Thing

Capital punishment is still a thing in the country. As of 2019, it executed more than 180 people for breaking the law. Besides that, homosexuality is also punishable by death. On the other hand, other crimes that can lead to the death penalty include using drugs, rape, murder, adultery, and much more.

Other Interesting Facts About Saudi Arabia

Finally, here are some interesting facts about Saudi Arabia that will make the country even more unique for you.

Witchcraft Is A Crime


Witchcraft is considered to be a serious crime in the country, which is why even Harry Potter books have been banned. Try not to take these books with you while traveling to the country.

Immigrants Make Up 30% Of The Population

One of the interesting facts about Saudi Arabia’s society is that 30% of the population is made up of immigrants. That is because the labor force of the country comes from Africa and Southeast Asia. Around 80% of the labor force in Saudi Arabia consists of non-nationals.

You Will Find Bedouins In The Desert


Bedouins are also known as desert dwellers, and you will find them in the desert in the country. These people herd camels and goats. Besides that, they are loyal to their tribes and families and don’t surrender to anyone else.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Saudi Arabia

These are all the Saudi Arabia fun facts that you need to know about. Be sure to use these facts to decide whether you want to visit the country or not. It has a lot to offer apart from religion and Islam, which is why we recommend that you visit this place at least once in your life.



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