10 Popular Saudi Arabian Desserts And Sweets To Try

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If you have a sweet tooth, Saudi Arabian desserts will not disappoint you! They are meant to balance out the richness of their meals, but you can enjoy them separately too!

Arabic desserts are a blend of creaminess and fruitiness, while packed with amazing flavors like cardamom, saffron, sweet dates, and honey. You will find that Saudi Arabian sweets are an equally good reflection of the country’s diverse culinary traditions. 

What’s Special About Saudi Arabia Desserts?

Almost all the desserts famous in Saudi Arabia showcase their local ingredients. This gives them a unique taste and appearance. One standout feature is the abundant use of dates. These sweet and nutritious fruits are not only a delicious treat but also symbolize hospitality and generosity in Saudi culture.

Saudi desserts come in a wide range of textures, from crispy and crunchy to soft and gooey. This diversity adds an interesting dimension to the dining experience. That is why they hold a special place in the local traditions and hearts of its people. 

That said, sweets play a crucial role in Saudi culture during special occasions like weddings, festivals, and religious celebrations. They are often used to symbolize hospitality and generosity. Offering sweets to guests is a customary practice to show respect and warmth.

Also, Arabic desserts have evolved over centuries, influenced by the trade routes that once crisscrossed the Arabian Peninsula. This historical significance adds cultural depth to these sweets.

To top it all off, you will find that the presentation of Saudi Arabian desserts is top-notch. They are often intricately decorated with patterns and designs, making them visually appealing and a treat for both the taste buds and the eyes.

Most Famous Dessert In Saudi Arabia

Kunafa (Pastry Soaked In Syrup)


If you ever find yourself in Saudi Arabia or any Middle Eastern restaurant for that matter, Kunafa is a must-try. One of the most popular Saudi Arabian desserts, Kunafa is a flavorful dish with a unique texture combination. It’s this fantastic dessert that’s made a name for itself globally.

Now imagine this, a crispy outer layer made of semolina, baked until perfectly golden brown. However it doesn’t end there, the surprise comes with its filling.

A warm, gooey cheese with a touch of cardamom. The stretchier the cheese, the more we love it. 

Kunafa is typically served warm and drizzled with fragrant rose syrup on top, making for a perfect end to a rich Saudi Arabian meal.

Fruit-Based Saudi Arabian Desserts

Qatayef (Fruit-Filled Pancakes)


Indulging in one of the most exquisite Middle Eastern desserts, Qatayef is a pancake that is also sometimes enjoyed as breakfast in Saudi Arabia. 

It not only tastes good but is also a feast for your eyes. This pancake is shaped like a crescent moon and sprinkled with pistachio bits. So creative! 

The semolina-based batter is griddled until it gets a perfectly golden brown shell. The batter has a very lacy and shiny consistency which allows the outer layer to get very crumbly. 

When you break open the crispy shell, it gives way to a creamy filling that is just the bomb. From nuts to sweet cheese to different fruits, there are many options to elevate the taste and feel of this dessert.

Tamriah (Nut-Filled Dates)


Highlighting one of the most important ingredients in Arabic sweets, dates, this dish is a perfect collision of gooey and crunchy. These sweet and caramelly dates are pitted and filled with a variety of smoked nuts like almonds or walnuts.

Each bite provides a perfect balance between the natural sweetness of dates and the earthiness of smoked nuts. Not only that, but the dessert is served very aesthetically. Locals often dust it with powdered sugar or garnished with pistachio shavings. 

Due to their size, it is rather addictive and you will unconsciously eat a lot of them at a time. This is a perfect sweet to share amongst friends and family while enjoying some warm tea and a nice chit-chat. That said, we like to get them as souvenirs from local markets.

Baked Saudi Arabian Desserts

Mutabbaq (Cream Cheese Stuffed Baked Pastry)


Mutabbaq is like a pastry lover’s dream come true. The buttery crust is baked into a flaky golden dough filled with sweet cream cheese filling, triggering several flavors and textures at once.

Every single bite is a contrast between the crunchy, crumbly outer layer and the sweet, gooey inner fillings. A simple yet elegant dish that is made from the humblest of ingredients.

Mutabbaq can be easily enhanced by using fruits and nuts in the filling and the toppings. This Arabic dessert is pure indulgence into the world of sweets, satisfying those late-night cake cravings.

Ghorayeba (Shortbread Cookies)

One of the most loved Middle Eastern sweets, Ghorayeba is the perfect little snack to go with coffee or tea. These shortbread cookies are made with the simplest of ingredients; flour, butter, and sugar which are elevated to this culinary masterpiece.

They feature a signature combination of crumbly crust with a soft, chewy interior. The scent that wafts through the air once they come out is pure and warm. 

Be it tea time, festivals, or events, these cookies make the perfect comfort food to share and eat amongst friends and family. You can also carry them as convenient refreshments when exploring the different landmarks in Saudi Arabia. 

Classic Cakes In Saudi Arabian Desserts

Balah Al Sham (Arabian Doughnuts)

Saudi Arabia’s take on the classic donut rings, Balah Al Sham, is one of the most famous desserts locally. These signature orbs of batter are fried to golden, giving a crispy, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Similarly, you can add different toppings to them to make it all fancy-looking.

However, Arabic heritage is shown via the most popular donut flavors. In classic Arabic preparation, these donuts are doused in flavored syrups rather than sprinkles.

From rose to cardamom to orange blossom, all these aromatic spices which are heavily used throughout Arabic cuisine, are also reflected in their desserts. It gives a perfect bite with a crispy exterior and a soft pillowy inside all soaked up in syrup. 

Kleeja (Date Cake)

One of the most common Saudi Arabian cakes that features the populous fruits, i.e., dates. This delicacy is the perfect harmony between sweet and nutty flavors. The outer crust is a flaky pastry baked to golden brown giving it a crumbly texture.

On the inside the filling is heavily infused with Arabic aromatics, nuts, and dates. This gives the inner feeling a sweet nutty texture that smells amazing. Kleeja is an Arabic home staple to be enjoyed with Kahva or tea, at breakfast, supper, or dinner.

Popular Puddings In Saudi Arabian Desserts

Layali Lubnan (Semolina And Yogurt)

Also interestingly known as “Lebanese night”, this is one of the famous Arabic desserts made from milk pudding. 

As you can guess from its name, Layali Lubnan was originally from Lebanon but made extremely popular in Saudi Arabia. This pudding combines the flavor of semolina with typical Arabic aromatics like rose and cardamom.

In the classic Arabic sweet fashion, a semolina cake is infused with flavored syrup that adds a sweet and floral taste. This soft and spongy cake is then topped with creamy yogurt which gives a good blend of textures.

Aish as-Saraya (Bread Pudding)

Aish-as-Saraya is an Arabic spin on the globally renowned bread pudding. It is made with the minimalist of ingredients yet the combination of flavors and textures makes this an indulgent dessert.

The base has these perfectly golden toast that are drenched in flavored syrup. This immensely sweet base is further topped with a smooth and creamy custard with spices like cinnamon or nutmeg. You will get a decadent and filling experience from a big bite of this Saudi Arabian dessert.

The crunchy, sweet toast topped with aromatic cool custard gives a flavor bomb that just leaves you satisfied. 

Roz Bel Laban (Rice Pudding)


Roz Bel Laban can be considered Saudi Arabia’s take on the famous rice pudding everyone loves! It is creamy and flavorful and comforting. 

Elevating the simplest of ingredients like lumps of rice simmered in milk till they become soft. The dessert is then imbued with a fragrant syrup such as rose or vanilla. 

It’s amazing how just a handful of ingredients make a dish that will make us lick our fingers. Many people like to enjoy it warm which is comforting and filling. However, you can also have it cold which enhances the sweet and silky texture of the rice pudding.

Discovering Traditional Desserts In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian desserts are deeply rooted in the country’s rich cultural heritage and are often enjoyed during special occasions and gatherings. They come in various forms, including pastries, puddings, and confections.

Often infused with aromatic spices like cardamom and saffron, these mouth-watering sweet bites pack a distinct Middle Eastern flavor profile. It’s one of the most exciting facts about Saudi Arabia for foodies.

Whether you’re indulging in a warm, comforting dessert like rice pudding or savoring a delicate, flaky pastry, Saudi Arabian desserts offer a sweet journey through the country’s traditions and flavors. 



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