10 Typical Hungarian Breakfast In Hungary To Try

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Breakfast in Hungary does usually include a large variety of options. You will find a few common items on the table, but best believe these Hungarian breakfast foods are flavorful enough to give you a good start to the day!

What Is Special About Breakfast In Hungary?

Hungarians have some favorite foods that they eat regularly. They mostly prefer sweet, and savory breakfasts instead of spicy meals for breakfast in Hungary. Dairy products, bread, and seasonal vegetables are common fares in the traditional morning meal. 

The typical Hungarian breakfast mostly includes a cup of tea, coffee, or milk with pastries. Some people prefer cereal and a bun with honey or jam, but hot drinks are often a part of breakfast.

Rice pudding or semolina cream topped with sugar, fruit syrup, or cocoa powder are some of the top picks for breakfast for children.

Most Popular Hungarian Breakfast

Kolbasz (Hungarian Sausages)

Kolbasz is a traditional breakfast and street food in Hungary. These Hungarian sausages are enjoyed baked, smoked, unsmoked, dried, or added to other meals.

Kolbasz is made of ground pork, bacon fat, and paprika. The mixture is added with garlic and spices and stuffed in the pig intestine. Then sausages are hung overnight and later enjoyed in a variety of ways.

You can enjoy this Hungarian breakfast food with bread or as an appetizer. The unsmoked variety is typically roasted and accompanied by mashed potatoes.

Hungarian Breakfast – Bread

Langos (Fried Bread)

Most of the breakfast in Hungary involves bread and its variants. Langos is also very popular among locals. This typical Hungarian breakfast is also a famous street food in the country.

This deep-fried flatbread is usually served hot and accompanied by a variety of toppings. Some locals also like to eat sausages or ham with it, while others eat it plain with butter.

You can also enjoy it topped with sour cream or grated cheese. It tastes creamy and feels super soft, making it a perfect match with morning tea.

Bundas Kenyer (French Toast)

Bundas Kenyer is a traditional Hungarian breakfast item inspired by French toast. While this popular dish is commonly served as breakfast, some enjoy this snack with a nice evening tea.

This Hungarian breakfast food is made with different types of bread. It’s as simple to prepare as French toast. A bread slice is coated with a beaten egg and pan-fried until crispy.

This delicious delicacy of Hungarian cuisine is a must-try. The snack tastes sweet, soft, and crispy. It’s served with mayonnaise and sour cream on the side.

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast or sandwich is one of the delicious and fancy-looking Hungarian breakfasts. This flavourful toast is a good choice to start your day. The combination of the crunchy toast and smooth avocado is simply amazing.

This yummy Hungarian breakfast is an open sandwich filled with mashed avocados, spices, and other ingredients. The toast is topped with a thick layer of creamy avocado. A full indulging breakfast plate can include poached egg, salmon, and greens on the side.

You can find several cafes and breakfast places in Budapest to try this amazing Hungarian breakfast. Szimply and London Coffee Society are the two cool breakfast places to hit up for this delicious, international favorite.  

Hungarian Breakfast – Sausages

Salami (Cured Sausages)

Salami (or Szalami) is the smoked Italian-Hungarian sausage that gets its name from its unique production method. As one of the largest exports of the country, it’s also common to see this during breakfast in Hungary.

This traditional Hungarian food is made from lean pork and can be enjoyed in different forms. The sausages have a pleasing smoky flavor. Pick salami and Herz salami are the two most popular salami in Hungary.

The locals enjoy it straight, with bread, or accompanied by Dakota Krumpli. You can have it with crackers and veggies or use it as a yummy addition to your sandwich or salad.

Bubos Rantotta (Scrambled Egg With Sausages)

It’s a typical egg-based breakfast in Hungary. The dish is quite popular among the locals and is enjoyed accompanied by bread or plain. 

Bubos Rantotta makes a perfect match with morning tea along with toast. It’s made of scrambled eggs, butter, milk, rye, bread, bacon, sausage, onion, and salt. 

First, chopped onions are added to the eggs and scrambled while cooking. It is then mixed with sausages and fried until golden brown. In the end, sour cream, salt, and milk are added and cooked with the fried bacon and bread pieces.

This delicious and warm Hungarian breakfast is served topped with sour cream. The chopped chives garnishing and paprika on top make it look even more appetizing.

Hungarian Breakfast – Cakes And Pastries

Lekvaros Bukta (Sweet Pastry)

Lekvaros Bukta (or Buchteln) is a Hungarian-style jam-pastry or roll. The dessert contains fluffy sweet buns loaded with fruit jam. It’s a treat for those who want to start their day on a sweet note.

Some people also stuff these plum jam buns with walnuts, poppy seeds, and sweetened cheese. After baking in a large pan, the rolls stick together giving a mouthwatering appearance.

This confectionery is served topped with vanilla sauce and powdered sugar. You can enjoy it alone or with a cup of tea or coffee. Every bite of this yummy Hungarian breakfast melts your heart as the fruity lava bursts from inside.  

Turos Batyu (Cow’s Curd Pastry)

Many locals like to start their day with something sweet and light instead of some heavy dish. Turos Batyu is one such Hungarian breakfast made of Cow’s Curd. It’s a pastry that goes perfectly with morning tea or coffee.

This sweet pastry has a creamy texture with a sweet and tart taste. It’s traditionally stuffed with a delicious filling of creamy cow’s curd.

You can grab a bite from any pastry stall anywhere in Hungary. FILTERY is a popular spot known to serve this best-tasting Hungarian breakfast throughout the country.

Somloi Galuska (Trifle Cake)

This is another popular and sweet Hungarian breakfast food. The dessert is a type of trifle cake made of several layers. It’s a fancy treat for sweet lovers.

The sweet Hungarian delicacy consists of delicious layers of sponge and custard cream. It also includes fillings of chocolate, walnut, raisins, and rum. The confectionery is further topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

This sweet Hungarian breakfast holds a special place in the hearts of locals. Its flavorful and rich taste also delights the taste buds of international travelers. You can enjoy it with coffee for breakfast.

Kakaos Csiga (Hungarian Chocolate Rolls)

Kakaos Csiga is one of the beloved Hungarian breakfast dishes. You might know it by the name ‘cocoa snail’ or ‘chocolate rolls’. This Hungarian delicacy is a raised pastry made from puff pastry batter.

It includes chocolate rolled in the shape of a snail and filled with sweet cocoa cream. The dessert is served sprinkled with powdered sugar which further enhances its looks.

These sweet rolls taste similar to cinnamon rolls. It’s crispy on the edges and soft on the inside. You can enjoy this Hungarian dessert for breakfast with tea.

Discovering Traditional Hungarian Breakfast

Breakfast in Hungary typically involves food that is not very spicy. Instead, you can find more sweet and savory options. Fresh bread, veggies, cold sausages, sandwiches, pastries, and jams are more likely to be a part of Hungarian breakfast.

Of course, the morning meal can also be a combination of different dishes. You can definitely find some great eats to fuel up before heading out to explore the landmarks in Hungary.



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