15 Popular Hungarian Street Food In Budapest

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While visiting restaurants in Hungary can offer a complete gastronomic experience, don’t miss out on the gems you find on the streets as well. The street food in Budapest also features some of the iconic dishes from traditional Hungarian cuisine.

What Is Special About Hungarian Street Food

Hungarian street food consists of dairy products and meat, with most of their dishes featuring paprika. Chimney cake, goulash, and langos are some of the common street foods in Hungary. You can also find many soups and stews, it’s a big part of Hungarian culture!

Street food in Budapest serves up a variety of delicious meals for travelers. You will see many food trucks and street food carts lined up along the streets. There are also several food markets in the city to grab a bite.

Here are some of the popular Hungarian street food in Budapest you can try. 

Most Popular Hungarian Street Food

Goulash (Beef Stew)

 Goulash is a national dish of Hungary that you can find almost anywhere. It represents the authentic taste of Hungarian cuisine. 

This satisfying street food in Budapest is a thick and tender meat and vegetable stew with a broth. The added broth is seasoned with rich paprika and spices such as caraway, cumin, and peppers.

It’s one of the most comforting Hungarian street foods. The warm dish is ideal to try in cold weather. Goulas station located in street food Karavan, Budapest is a famous spot known to serve the best-tasting goulash.

Traditional Hungarian Street Food 

Kolbasz (Hungarian Sausages)

 Kolbasz is another popular meat-based street food in Budapest. It’s a Hungarian-style sausage that can be eaten boiled, fresh, dried, or smoked. It has a garlic taste accompanied by smoky, cloves, pimentos, and marjoram flavors.

This Hungarian street food is made from a paste of pork or beef, fat, and a blend of heavy spices. The mixture is packed in a tubular casing of the pig intestine; then it is cold-smoked and fried overnight.

Kolbasz is typically enjoyed like a cold cut with bread. Some people also eat it as part of their main course. It’s also added to several dishes such as stews, soups, pastry dishes, or even salads.

Paprikas Csirke (Chicken Paprikash)

 Paprika Csirke is the specialty of street food in Hungary. It gets its name from paprika, which is used in almost every dish. The Hungarian spice has a mild and sweet taste.

 This traditional Hungarian street food is made with chicken cooked in butter, onion, and paprika. It is then simmered for hours in a sauce made of paprika-infused roux. The sauce gives the dish a velvety, rich, and creamy texture. 

 Barack es saliva is the best spot to try this classic Hungarian food. It usually comes with Hungarian dumplings or boiled egg noodles. Some restaurants also serve it with side dishes such as Tagliatelle, cucumber salad, or millet.

Hungarian Street Food – Vegetarian Options

Toltott Kaposzta (Stuffed Cabbage)

Toltott Kaposzta is a well-known street food in Budapest. This low-carb meat dish is one of the healthier Hungarian snacks. It’s usually made for Christmas and wedding ceremonies.

This Hungarian street food is made from rice, onion, paprika, garlic, and egg. The mixture of ingredients is wrapped in cabbage leaves before getting cooked in tomato sauce and sauerkraut.

The comforting dish offers a comforting taste and is typically served with sour cream. You can try it from any street food market in Hungary.

Rakott Krumpli (Potato Casserole) 

Rakott Krumpli is one of the favorites among locals. It’s a type of Hungarian casserole with the most satisfying taste. This tasty dish is influenced by Moussaka.

It’s made with layered potatoes, smoked Csabai sausages, fried bacon, and boiled egg. All the ingredients are mixed with thick sour cream and baked until golden brown.

This delicious street food in Budapest has a crispy texture and a satisfying taste. It is often served as the main course, but some people also enjoy it as a side dish with their main course.

Turos Csusza (Curd Cheese Noodles)

Turos Csusza is a Hungarian-style curd cheese noodle with a savory flavor. It’s a budget-friendly dish that you can enjoy from anywhere.

This classic Hungarian street food is made from bacon, egg, and noodle. The noodles with all the ingredients are cooked in salty water. It is then topped with a thick sauce made of creamy cottage cheese and sour cream and heated before serving.

This tangy curd noodle is a must-try item of Hungarian cuisine. It has a creamy, smooth, and velvety texture. You can enjoy it topped with extra thick sugar and crispy bacon bits.

Budapest Street Food – Soup And Stew

Halaszle (Fisherman Soup)

Halaszle is the traditional soup-based street food in Budapest. The soup was invented by fishermen, therefore, known as ‘fisherman’s soup’. Now, it has become a folk item of Hungarian foods.

In Hungary, you can find two variants of this soup, Danubee and Tisza (named after the river the fish collected from). Both the soups are bright red colored and taste super hot and spicy. It’s usually made from hot paprika, carp, or mixed river fish.

This Hungarian street food is served hot in a bowl. The warm and thick soup is best enjoyed in cold weather where it feels like a comforting hug to the stomachSteg Fish Bar is a famous spot to enjoy this paprika-based Hungarian delicacy.

Fozelek (Vegetable Stew)

Fozelek ranks among the top street foods in Hungary. The dish is something between soup and stew. Locals may also enjoy it with meat on social occasions.

This Hungarian street food is made with countless varieties of vegetables. Some of the most common include cabbage,  tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, sorrel, squash, kale, peas, beans, carrots, kale, and many more. All the veggies are boiled and then tossed with sour cream.

Furthermore, bacon, sausages, and spices can be added for additional flavoring. It’s a delicious, refreshing, and healthy Hungarian food that can be a lunchtime staple or a garnish for your main course.

Budapest Street Food – Salad 

Uborkasalata (Hungarian Cucumber Salad)

Uborkasalata is a traditional and common street food in Budapest. It is a Hungarian cucumber salad with a creamy dressing, perfect for hot summer days.

This Hungarian street food is made of fresh cucumber cut into thin slices. Then it is dressed in vinegar, onion, sugar, salt, paprika, and sour cream, giving it a crunchy and super refreshing flavor and texture profile.

It’s enjoyed as a side with many other dishes, particularly heavy, meat-centric mains. Some locals also have it as an appetizer.

Hungarian Street Food – Pastries And Cakes

Flodni (Pastry)

Flodni is an iconic street food in Hungary. These special Hungarian snacks are traditionally made at festivals such as Hanukkah and Christmas.

The confectionery is a Jewish-style pastry packed with mouth-watering filling, including walnuts, poppy seeds, apples, and plum jam. The pastry has four separate layers of flavors representing the unity of people from different religions and ethnicities.

This flavorful dessert is a treat for sweet lovers. It has a distinctively exciting flavor of tart, sweet and bitter.

Lapcsánka (Potato Pancake) 

Lapcsánka (also known as a ‘potato pancake’), is another delicious Budapest street food. It’s a type of fast food with almost 70 different names in different regions of the world. The dish seems quite similar to langos but varies in its ingredients.

The main ingredient of this Hungarian street food is grafted potato. Other ingredients include flour, salt, and pepper. Some people also add onions, garlic, milk, and eggs to make their version of the recipe.

Potato pancakes have a soft texture compared to usual pancakes. They feel crispy and delightfully delicious. You can enjoy this Hungarian snack with sour cream as a side dish with your meal course.

Hortobágyi Palacsinta (Hortobagyi Pancake)

Hortobágyi Palacsinta is another all-time favorite street food in Budapest. It’s a pancake made of meat, usually veal. The secret of its delicious taste comes from the thick and sour cream sauce served with it.

This Hungarian street food can also be made of pork and chicken. In Hungary, the pancake is prepared in various ways with different recipes. Traditionally, it is created as a stew with onion and spices and then baked in the oven with paprika.

In the vegetarian version, the meat is substituted with mushrooms. Both versions taste super delicious and are served garnished with fresh parsley. You can try it from any local pastry!

Kürtőskalács (Hungarian Pastry)

Kudtoskalacs is a Hungarian street food originating from Transylvania, which is now part of Romania. The pastry is also commonly known as chimney cake, because of its cylindrical shape.

This street food in Budapest is made with a unique style. First, the raised dough is baked with a wooden rolling pin. It is then sprinkled with brown sugar while rotating slowly over the fire. On heating up, the brown sugar melts down and turns into a sticky caramel coating.

This scrumptious cake usually tastes like sweet milk bread with a fluffy texture and crispy crust. The flavor can be varied with varying types of toppings such as sugar cinnamon and ground walnuts. You can find this traditional Hungarian food in every corner of the city.

Langos (Deep-Fried Flatbread)

Langos is another must-try street food in Hungary. The dish gets its name langos from the Hungarian word ‘lang’ meaning ‘flame’. It is because the snack was traditionally baked in brick or clay ovens in the past years.

Today, this dish has evolved into a deep-fried flatbread loved by everyone. It is typically made with yeast or flour and sometimes potato. The dish offers a burst of garlic taste with the rich softness of the cheese.

You should not miss this delectable treat of Hungary. Every bite of this delicious Hungarian street food feels silky, soft, and creamy. It’s served hot and fresh topped with sour cream and grafted cheese or sausages.

Langos is also commonly eaten for a convenient and filling breakfast in Hungary.

Dobos Torte (Hungarian Sponge Cake)

Dobos torte (also known as ‘Dobesh’), is a popular layered cake and Hungarian dessert. The pastry is named after its inventor, chef József C. Dobos. It is one of the most beautiful baked goods in Hungary.

This is a sponge or a torte made with chocolate, butter, and cream and topped with caramel. The round sides are coated with ground hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, and almonds. The topping is devoted to hardened caramel that prevents it from drying out.

This layered cake is ranked as one of the best street foods in Budapest to try. It has a dense texture with rich flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. You can enjoy this rich layered cake from any local bakery, but Auguszt cukrászda Belarus in Budapest is one of the most popular places to try this rich cake.

Discovering Delicious Hungarian Street Food In Budapest

You will find a variety of desserts, vegetables, and meat-based dishes when it comes to street food in Budapest. Some of their dishes represent the authentic taste of Hungarian food while others are influenced by other cuisines.

Nevertheless, don’t sleep on the delicacies you can find on the streets of Hungary. They can offer a different perspective on Hungarian cuisine and food experience. 



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