10 Traditional Irish Breakfast In Ireland To Try

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Ireland has so many delights to enjoy. Here poets have pondered on profound subjects among castles and historic colleges. There are wonders of all sorts in Ireland, so you will need a good meal to get exploring. Luckily, Irish breakfast is as hearty and satisfying as can be imagined. Ireland is sure to enchant you with its creative spirit and spirited breakfast foods!

What Is Special About Irish Breakfast

Ireland can be cool and harsh, but the breakfast in Ireland never is! Traditional Irish breakfast has something for everyone and is made to fill you up even on the coldest days. The typical breakfast ingredients are humble, but Irish chefs know exactly how to elevate simple ingredients.

A wonderful Irish breakfast features the local bounty. Despite its cool climate, some crops do well in Ireland, like apples, potatoes, and grains. These elements are frequent stars of the Irish breakfast plate.

Ireland’s green grasses also support some of the best dairy cows in the world, so expect to see butter on every Irish breakfast table. Simple seasonings are all the hearty Irish breakfast needs to shine, and never forget the breakfast tea to complete your morning meal in Ireland!

Most Famous Breakfast In Ireland

Full Irish Breakfast


The full Irish breakfast is an all-in-one breakfast sensation! Beyond filling, it has everything you need to start your day and then some.

This hearty classic is served in pubs and restaurants all across Ireland. Before checking out the things to do in Dublin, why not enjoy this rustic traditional Irish breakfast that will keep you warm through the cool weather?

A full Irish breakfast is a platter that includes tons of great Irish breakfast staples. This extravagant breakfast has bacon, white pudding, sausage, beans, and fried eggs to cover the protein. There are mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and delicious crispy potatoes for the vegetables on this platter. Of course, soda bread with jam and butter finishes off the perfect full Irish breakfast.

Traditional Irish Breakfast Foods

Steel-Cut Oats


Everyone loves porridge on a cool morning and nobody makes oatmeal as tasty as the Irish do. This satisfying bowl of comfort is an authentic Irish breakfast.

The process the groats undergo to become oatmeal is what sets this special porridge apart from other oats. The oats are cut with sharp blades so they are not crushed in the process.

To eat Irish breakfast like a local, try delicious steel-cut oats with fruits or a light touch of honey.

Irish Scones


Scones are a staple at both teatime and breakfast in Ireland. Sweet and buttery Irish scones are a delightfully bright way to start your day. Irish scones use rich and creamy local dairy in their dough for nice buttery scones.

Irish scones tend to be on the sweet side and they taste delicious when paired with local Irish butter and jam. Enjoy the sweet side of Irish breakfast with Irish scones!

Irish Breakfast Roll

The epic Irish breakfast roll is a wonderfully handheld take on the classic. This is the super casual take on breakfast in Ireland that locals may eat as a grab-and-go meal throughout the week. The Irish breakfast roll includes typical elements from a full Irish breakfast but is served as a morning sandwich.

Everywhere from convenience stores to casual eateries offers these delicious sandwiches, so tons of variations exist. Generally, an Irish breakfast roll includes one or more morning meats, like bacon, sausage, or black pudding, with mushrooms, tomatoes, and brown sauce.

Some versions include fried eggs while others do not. It’s a hearty breakfast in Ireland that is sure to set you up for a great day on the go!

Sneem Black Pudding


For many residents in Ireland, only one type of black pudding comes to mind and that is Sneem black pudding. This traditional Irish breakfast mainstay is made from an uncased blood pudding that is tray-baked to create a rectangular shape.

Black pudding consists of blood, suet, onions, and spices. This savory sausage is eaten with toast or as part of a larger breakfast in Ireland. You can find sausages in many traditional Irish food and dishes.

Wicklow Pancake

This Irish breakfast dish is kind of like a pancake and an omelet all rolled into one tasty package. The beautiful breakfast creation uses eggs, breadcrumbs, and tons of fresh Irish herbs to make a light and crispy egg pancake.

This Irish breakfast food is sometimes served with soda bread and bacon. Wicklow pancakes have all the rich flavor and protein you need to explore Ireland!




Potato farls are a traditional Irish breakfast that makes use of leftovers and basic ingredients to create a tasty and crispy potato cake. It is one of the many things that Ireland is famous for.

Farls are made from leftover mashed potatoes that are mixed with flour to make potato dough. The dough is shaped into nice flat cakes and cooked on the griddle so they become nice and crispy.

Farls are often served in a full Irish breakfast or with eggs and toast. This waste-not breakfast dish is so tasty you will want to eat it all day!

Soda Bread Muffins


Irish soda bread is one of the most iconic foods in all of Irish cuisine, and the locals find ways to eat soda bread with every meal. One particularly delicious interpretation of the national bread is soda bread muffins. They are a scrumptious and sweet way to enjoy Irish breakfast.

Soda bread muffins have a muffin-like texture and bite but the irresistible flavors of soda bread, like caraway and currants. This fun twist on a classic Irish breakfast item tastes great with a warm breakfast tea on a cool Irish morning!


Irish Brown Bread


This traditional Irish bread dates back centuries and is a well-loved staple of Irish breakfast. This bread is a close relative of Irish soda bread in terms of style, but very different in flavor. It is an unyeasted dough that combines whole wheat and white flour for a more full flavor.

The bread is leavened with baking soda giving it that familiar Irish bread texture. People here love to have brown bread toast with Irish butter for a simple breakfast.

Irish Potato Apple Bread

This delicious Irish breakfast classic is a relative of the potato farl. It is essentially a potato and apple pie, where the potato is the crust.

Leftover potatoes and flour make a dough that is filled with luscious Irish apples and sugar. It is sealed up like a hand pie and pan-fried so the exterior is nice and crispy. The potatoes and apples bring out the best in each other making this Irish breakfast bright, sweet, and irresistible.

Potato apple bread is also sometimes eaten as a sweet snack later in the day.


Discovering Traditional Irish Breakfast

Ireland can be cold and harsh but the food is a true bright spot among the Irish clouds. Rich and rustic Irish breakfasts have been sustaining this spectacular island for ages with simple yet spot-on flavors.

The Irish people know how to take humble ingredients and turn them into breakfast foods that you will crave long after the last bite. Wake up hungry and enjoy the abundance of Irish breakfast before heading out to the beautiful landmarks in Ireland.



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