15 Famous Landmarks In Calgary, Alberta To Visit

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Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, Western Canada. Accordingly, it is home to some of the best destinations in the province. Calgary landmarks are often rich in history, due to the diverse cultures residing here. This is demonstrated by the museums and parks which are reflective of the past. Some of them are also especially beautiful because they remain unspoiled, for example, Bowness Park.

Monuments in Calgary also show this, due to their unique nature and commemoration of past figures. The Famous Five Statue is a core feminist monument and is famous worldwide.

Here are some of the landmarks in Calgary you can visit when traveling in the city!

Visiting Calgary Landmarks- Useful City Passes

Most Famous Landmark In Calgary

Calgary Tower

Standing at just over 190 meters is Calgary Tower. If you are visiting with family during the day, it is worth taking your children to the observation deck. From here, you can see the all-encompassing view from the center of Calgary. In addition, there is a glass floor so you can see directly below you!

Whilst visiting during the day ensures you will see the surrounding Calgary landmarks more clearly, it is especially striking later on in the day. The lights on the buildings nearby shine in contrast to the dark, helping you create unforgettable memories.

Calgary Tower features a light show in the early morning and late at night, which you should consider when planning your visit.

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Religious Landmarks In Calgary

Calgary Alberta Temple

Calgary Alberta Temple is a quaint Church of the Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The huge building was built in 1923 and overlooks downtown Calgary. Although only members of the Church are permitted inside the doors, there are plenty of Calgary landmarks nearby.

An example of this is the scenic garden located just outside, perfect for a relaxing stroll. The building itself is expansive, made symmetrically with a spire in the center.

Natural Landmarks In Calgary

Bowness Park

Families adore Bowness Park as there are activities here all year round. A trip to the park is one of the best things to do in Calgary for locals and tourists alike.

In the summer, children can enjoy the lagoon which is used for paddle boating across the emerald waters. Many consider it one of the best beaches in Calgary for spending some time on water.

Alternatively, when it is chillier, the lagoon is converted into an ice rink. Another noteworthy feature is the wading pool, where children can safely explore the pool with their parents.

For older children or adults, there are options for biking, ski trails, and more. As a result, this urban park is a great landmark in Calgary to visit for some exercise and fresh air.


Fish Creek Provincial Park

Fish Creek Provincial Park is another Calgary landmark you should consider visiting with family or friends. There are many activities to partake in all year round. During the summer, the most popular activities include picnics and rollerblading on the designated pathways. In addition, there are long trails for hiking or simply exploring.

Children may enjoy the wildlife present here, as they can feed the birds or spot interesting frogs and salamanders in the area. Furthermore, the Sikome Aquatic Facility features a swimming pool for some splashy fun.

Gorillas at Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada

Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo, otherwise known as the Wilder Institute, houses a variety of animals and offers other leisure facilities. Of all Calgary landmarks, this is the most suitable for families.

Children tend to be particularly interested in the animals and exhibits here. This includes grizzly bears, camels, lemurs, penguins, turtles, crocodiles, pythons, and owls.

They can learn about the different classes of animal kingdoms and their geographic locations. There is also a playground for kids to play at when the adults become exhausted! At the end of your trip, you can even visit the gift shop and bring home a souvenir.


Historic Landmarks In Calgary


Fort Calgary  

Fort Calgary is one of the most famous historical landmarks in Calgary. Built all the day way back in 1875, it now serves as an educational facility and museum. The building is built on the union between the Bow and Elbow rivers and overlooks the scenic landscapes.

When visiting, you can learn about the importance of Fort Calgary and the role it played in improving lives. It was once used for curating treaties, combatting the problems associated with the whiskey trade, and resolving other local matters.

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is a historical park and museum. There are several old houses and buildings, such as schools, banks, and many more. Exhibits start as early as the 1860s, with interactive elements involving the fur trade and first nations encampment. There are also displays of 1880s pre-railway settlements and 1900s living historical villages.

Overall, there are over 180 different exhibits, so there is something for everyone. The Heritage Park also features a restaurant called The Selkirk, offering fresh dishes with local ingredients. Not only is this one of the most famous landmarks in Calgary, but it is also the second-largest museum of its kind in Canada.

Famous Landmarks in Calgary – Squares and Avenues

Photo credit: billperry/Depositphotos.com

Stephen Avenue

Stephen Avenue is a large strip of stores, dining areas, and other entertainment venues.

Essentially, it is an outdoor avenue where you can spend all day browsing the different products on offer. Outside, there are seasonal performances and areas to sit and people watch. A popular area to visit is the Devonian Gardens on the last floor of the shopping center.

Other famous Calgary landmarks nearby include the Conversation Sculpture. If you are there in July, you may even catch the Calgary Stampede, which takes place annually and moves past the avenue. The iconic event celebrates the heritage of Calgary.

Bow Valley Square

Bow Valley Square is situated in Downtown Calgary. It is composed of four different buildings, one of which is one of the tallest Calgary landmarks, the Bow Valley Square Tower 2. There are a variety of levels with different retailers, from jewelers to shoe repairs.

The rooftop patio is particularly worth a visit; it is a unique dining experience you can share with friends or family. Surrounded by greenery and natural landscapes, this is a charming spot to sit and relax.


Famous Landmarks In Calgary- Museums and Galleries 

Esker Foundation Gallery

If you want to check out some landmarks in Calgary without burning your budget, The Esker Foundation is the ideal place to visit. It is a contemporary art gallery with free entry for all.

You can find it on the fourth floor of the Atlantic Avenue Art Block building. The gallery contains rotating exhibitions, family programs, and books. Exhibitions change three times each year, so you can visit more than once!

Although it was founded recently in 2012, it has since then become respected and gained popularity. Many interesting exhibitions have been held here, such as from murals to tapestries.

Photo credit: jewhyte/Depositphotos.com

The Military Museums

The Military Museums is a collection of archives relating to the Canadian Forces. It is comprised of eight separate museums such as the Air Force Museum and Army Museum. You can spend a ton of time here particularly if you are interested in military history.

Originally, the museum was opened in 1990 by Queen Elizabeth II, when it was known as the Museum of Regiments. There are permanent exhibits as well as temporary, education programs and special events such as Remembrance Day.

Famous Monuments In Calgary

Photo credit: gadzius/Depositphotos.com

Famous Five Statue

The Famous Five Statue is of great historical importance, especially for feminism. This Calgary monument signifies the five women who bravely fought the Supreme Court in 1929 to recognize women as ‘persons’ concerning laws and regulations. Famously, this was known as the Edwards v Canada case, which Henrietta Edwards won.

Subsequently, five bronze sculptures were built in remembrance of their courage. There are many things to do in the area in addition to visiting this monument. For example, the Glenbow Museum is just a short walk away.

Conversation Sculpture in Calgary

Conversation Sculpture

The Conversation Sculpture was created by William McElcheran and in 1981 situated on Stephen Avenue. It is a real-life-sized statue of two respectable men with top hats and briefcases conversing in a discussion. Objectively, this could be a relaxed conversation or a business deal.

This statue is a gentle reminder to stop and look at your surroundings, even though you are on a busy street. This is one of the most understated monuments in Calgary, as often people walk by, yet it brings joy to those who look up.

Famous Landmarks In Calgary- Buildings

Studio Bell National Music Centre

Studio Bell is a huge building made up of five floors, featuring both permanent and temporary exhibitions. All levels have different collections, from exploring well-established artists to making your own music.

The Hall of Fame is especially interesting, containing archives from famous Canadian singers such as Neil Young. Whilst you are in the area, you should also consider visiting the Central Library, another important landmark in Calgary.


The Bow  

The Bow is a 236-meter skyscraper owned by an energy company. The building itself is not open to the public except for the coffee store on the ground floor. The rest of the rooms are reserved for business meetings and private events.

Nevertheless, the architecture is beautiful and stands tall in contrast to the surrounding buildings. That is what makes it a striking landmark in Calgary

In addition, right in front of The Bow, you will find another interesting Calgary monument called the Wonderland Sculpture. This is an art piece of a young girl’s head, which is made of wire mesh.

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Discovering Famous Landmarks In Calgary 

There are a variety of landmarks in Calgary catering to different audience groups. Children will especially enjoy Calgary Zoo and Bowness Park, whilst adults may prefer Stephen Avenue or the Esker Gallery Foundation.

No matter your interests, there are several spots to visit from museums, squares, and parks. That is why Calgary continues to be an attractive travel destination that holds its weight against many other famous places and landmarks in Canada.



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