10 Tasty Moroccan Breakfast In Morocco To Try

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Morocco is such a unique and adventurous country. It will capture your imagination with its unique countryside and architecture. This North African nation is very diverse, and the cuisine here reflects that. Waking up here is so delicious thanks to the rich Moroccan breakfast in Morocco.

What Is Special About Moroccan Breakfast

Bread is not just the heart of traditional Moroccan cuisine, it’s also the heart of Moroccan culture. Bread is everywhere, especially in Moroccan breakfasts. Locals in Morocco love to start their day with sweet and savory breads served with dips and sides. The breakfast in Morocco is spicy, varied, and balanced. 

Most Famous Breakfast In Morocco

Beghrir (Semolina Pancake)

These airy Moroccan breakfast cakes are the perfect sweet start to your North African day. Beghrir are amazingly light and bubbly Moroccan pancakes. They are a beautiful light take on pancakes that just melt in your mouth when you eat them.

This sweet spin on breakfast in Morocco is made from a semolina batter poured into a hot skillet. The semolina cakes fill with air pockets that pop leaving behind thousands of sugary holes to savor.

Typically these cakes are only cooked on one side to preserve the grid-like texture. Wonderful beghrir are made to pair with sweet jam or honey.

Traditional Moroccan Breakfast Foods

Fried Eggs

A humble but exceptional breakfast in Morocco is Moroccan fried eggs. The locals have an amazing flair with fried eggs that will make you want to change the way you have been making eggs!

Rich and creamy Moroccan-style fried eggs are just that, fried eggs, but what makes them special are the extra touches. While the fried eggs cook the yolks are broken just slightly and a pinch of fresh cumin is added to the yolks. The savory spice adds a pop of earthiness to the eggs.

Fried egg yolks are perfect for dipping freshly baked bread in, and are often served with olives.

Jben (Moroccan Cheese)

Creamy and smooth jben is a must for a true Moroccan breakfast. Jben is a traditional Moroccan cheese from the Rif Mountains, and it has been crafted in Morocco for ages.

This satisfying spreadable cheese has a soft texture perfect for pairing with flatbread. Traditionally jben is made with goat’s milk, and occasionally a bit of cow’s milk, and fermented in terra cotta pots.

Today the process has modernized a bit, but the delectable taste of jben remains the same. Try this cheese with fresh baked bread and olives for a rich and delicious Moroccan morning.

Bissara (Bean Soup Dip)

Summer is balmy and inviting in Morocco, but the winters can get very cold. Local Moroccans have found a warm way to start their mornings that is sure to bring cheer to any local weather.

Bissara is a warm bean breakfast food that you will want to make part of your morning routine! It’s a tantalizing soup made from fava beans and split peas. This hearty soup is so thick that it’s perfect for dipping bread into, and will often be served as part of a Moroccan breakfast spread.

Raib (Moroccan Yogurt)

Yogurt is pretty universal, every country has its own version and it is often eaten for breakfast. Raib is a popular Moroccan yogurt. This luscious yogurt combines dairy with amazing local flavors like orange blossom, rose water, and mint to create a creamy and tempting yogurt. This dairy treat is sometimes topped with fruit and often served with other Moroccan breakfast foods.

Khlii or Khlea (Cured Meat)

This traditional North African take on preserved meat is a staple of breakfasts in Morocco. Khlii or khlea is a classic way of curing meat and it is used in Morocco for lamb or beef. This salty dish is made by sun-drying strips of meat and then cooking them in suet or fat.

The khlii is stored in more suet and has a flavor similar to spiced jerky. Salty khlii is perfect with eggs, bread, and olives in the mornings.

Marinated Moroccan Olives

As one of the world’s largest producers of olives, Moroccan breakfast simply would not be complete without some rich olives. In the mornings, locals love to eat olives that have been marinated in a mix of spices.

Harrisa, a hot North African chili paste, is often combined with cumin and olive oil to make a satisfying dressing for these beautiful little bites. Olives are so beloved here that they are served with almost every breakfast food in Morocco.


Traditional Moroccan Breakfast Breads

M’semen (Morning Flatbread)

Bread in Morocco is synonymous with sustenance. Flatbreads are often used as utensils or vessels for dips, sauces, soups, and jams.

The favorite of Moroccans for flatbread in the morning is m’semen. This thin and versatile bread is made from durum flour and semolina with just a touch of sugar. Moroccan breakfast flatbreads are fried on a griddle and served with exceptional local honey or jam.

Harcha (Griddle-Fried Bread)

Harcha may look familiar to English muffin lovers, it has a similar appearance but a more cake-like texture. This Moroccan breakfast food is a thick and hearty flatbread made with semolina flour. It is pan-fried for a wonderfully crispy exterior.

It has the perfect filling texture for the morning, making this a favorite for breakfast in Morocco. Harcha is perfect when served hot with jam or a light touch of honey.

Khobz (White Bread)

This basic food is a cornerstone of Moroccan culture and practically a way of life. No meal in Morocco, especially breakfast, is complete without khobz. It is a basic Moroccan white bread made with primarily white flour, but sometimes a touch of semolina.

This bread is eaten for breakfast in Morocco with olives, honey, or fried eggs. Some khobz may get a sweet breakfast touch with a little seasoning of anise. Eating like a local means lots of khobz at every meal!

Discovering Traditional Moroccan Breakfast In Morocco

The food in Morocco is spiced and balanced. The elements of flavor come together perfectly at the Moroccan breakfast table. Crispy yet airy bread meets savory delights like eggs and olives or sweet treats like Moroccan honey. You are sure to fall in love with this decadent way of starting the day!



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