15 Moroccan Desserts And Sweets In Morocco

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Feel the rush of warm air and bustle of noise and excitement in Morocco. It’s an enchanting country with warm days to spend adventuring this beautiful Mediterranean destination. The best things to discover in Morocco are on the dessert menu! Moroccan desserts are almost as exciting as the streets of Casablanca, and no trip here would be complete without some sweets!

What Is Special About Desserts In Morocco

While Moroccan cuisine may be famous for bread, that is far from the only baked good Moroccan chefs have mastered. Sweets are an essential part of local Moroccan life, and having a mint tea with something sweet is about as authentically Moroccan as it gets.

The delicious desserts in Morocco feature complex flavors like orange, almond, dates, pistachios, and warm spices. Citrus fruit trees grow well in Morocco so almonds and oranges are common ingredients.

The dessert in Morocco takes influence from other North African nations and uses some common ingredients with these countries. These desserts are as layered as beautiful Moroccan pastries!

Most Famous Moroccan Dessert

Kaab el Ghazal (Gazelle Horn Cookies)

It’s impossible to ignore the amazing biodiversity in Morocco, including the amazing wildlife. The most famous cookie in all of North Africa celebrates the amazing animals you will find here, kaab el ghazal or gazelle horn cookies.

These fun-shaped and tasty cookies are a Moroccan dessert favorite! Kaab el ghazal are lavish almond cookies shaped like gazelle horns and flavored with sweet orange blossom.

They are frequently pinched or scored along the edges to emphasize the horn-like appearance of this enjoyable Moroccan dessert. These nutty cookies are often enjoyed with mint tea or as part of a sweet cookie assortment.

Traditional Moroccan Desserts

Meskouta (Orange Cake)

Locals in Morocco love the flavor of oranges. One traditional Moroccan dessert that features this sweet citrus is Meskouta, orange cake. This decadent Moroccan cake is a moist dessert with a dense pound cake-like texture. The bright cake is often dusted with sugar or lightly iced and enjoyed with mint tea or coffee.

Sellou (Roasted Flour Dessert)

Sellou is one of the Moroccan desserts that you are sure to see during Ramadan. It’s a pretty dessert that celebrates Morocco’s love of grains. This unique treat combines ground sesame, toasted flour, toasted almonds, and sweet honey.

Some varieties will be kept rather powdery and presented in a large cone. Other varieties use a little more sweetener to help pack the grain into balls. 

Sfenj (Donuts)

Traditional North African donuts, or Sfenj, are an irresistible Moroccan sweet. Similar in appearance to a raised donut, sfenj are an addictive sweet treat!

They are made from an unleavened dough that is deep fried and then dipped in honey or sugar. Sfenj are perfect with a warm mint tea or coffee, and you can enjoy this Moroccan dessert at any time of day!

Fekkas (Moroccan Twice-Baked Cookies)

If you like biscotti you will love fekkas. These nutty cookies were made to dunk into warm mint tea. Fekkas are made from a short dough usually incorporating almonds.

The cookies will be flavored with great Moroccan spices like anise and orange blossom and studded with dried fruits and roasted nuts. They are baked twice to give this Moroccan dessert a crunchy texture that pairs well with a warm drink.

Oranges with Cinnamon

Oranges are one of Morocco’s favorite fruits. Citrus trees grow very well in the Moroccan climate so the flavors of orange and orange blossoms are staples of Moroccan desserts.

One simple local favorite is to eat slices of fresh local oranges with fresh ground cinnamon. A little sprinkle of orange blossom wakes up this dessert and excites your mouth with sweet Moroccan flavors.


Moroccan Pastries

M’hanncha (Almond Snake)

Flakey, nutty, and citrusy, this is one snake you won’t shy away from. M’hanncha is a traditional Moroccan dessert with an interesting shape; it’s a snake. This sumptuous snake is made from phyllo dough and stuffed with amazing almond paste.

Like many great Moroccan sweets, m’hanncha is often flavored with orange blossom. This pastry has all the flavors of Morocco. 

Briouat (Filled Puff Pastry)

Puff pastry is the perfect vessel for wonderfully sweet Moroccan flavors. Briouat are traditional Moroccan pastries that come in sweet and savory forms.

When briouat is made sweet warm and nutty fillings like almond paste are often used. The filling will usually have a touch of orange blossom, cinnamon, and anise for a wonderfully complex sweet flavor.

Jawhara (Layered Pastry)

If you are craving a truly decadent Moroccan dessert Jawhara is for you. It is an amazing layered pastry that locals love.

Jawhara is made from layers of fried warqa, a Moroccan pastry sheet, stacked with velvety cream and roasted almonds. This show-stopping dessert is often paired with local seasonal fruits for a truly lush dessert.

Baklawa (Baklava)

Moroccan locals love the almond flavor. The trees grow in abundance here, so almonds are a Moroccan dessert must-have. This amazing pastry layers phyllo or warqa sheets and almonds to build a layered base.

The whole dessert is then soaked in a nectarous syrup made from orange and honey. It is flakey, sweet, and nutty, and it pairs well with tea or fresh oranges.

Moroccan Sweets And Cookies

Maamoul (Date-Filled Cookies)

Maamoul is a great Moroccan dessert for tea time or with coffee. They are delightfully filled cookies that will surprise you with sweet Moroccan flavors.

These Moroccan treats use a sweet almond dough with a touch of cinnamon and orange blossom. Stuffed inside the sweet dough is a delicious date paste. Maamoul is a surprising treat with all the flavors that make desserts in Morocco so irresistible.

Ghriba (Almond Cookies)

Wonderfully cakey ghriba will win you over with just one sweet bite! These little cookies are made with a Moroccan dessert favorite, almonds. They have a wonderfully crumbly and buttery texture for an almond cookie.

Ghriba are finished with a coating of powdered sugar that will stick to your fingers in a satisfyingly sticky way! Enjoy these sugary almond cookies with coffee, but beware because it is nearly impossible to stop at one!

Chebakia (Sesame Cookies)

These Moroccan sweets are as pretty as a bouquet. Chebakia are traditional Moroccan cookies in the shape of beautiful flowers. The dough is made of sweet sesame and orange blossom-flavored dough. They’re shaped into gorgeous blossoms and fried. These delectable treats are a staple dessert during the celebration of Ramadan.

Ghoriba (Sesame Shortbread Cookies)

Ghoriba is more of a style of sweets than one specific cookie. These Moroccan sweets are traditionally hand-shaped cookies. The cookies are usually made of a short, sweet, sesame dough.

These lovely little bites have a crispy texture and usually feature a touch of rich vanilla flavor. Ghoriba will usually come in a cookie assortment or served alongside warm mint tea.

Halwa Dyal Makina (Piped Cookies)

Moroccan desserts have so many rich fruit and spice flavors that chocolate may be somewhat rare. These cookies remedy that. This sweet Moroccan treat is a light cookie dough that is piped into pretty ribbons and then baked.

After baking, these wonderfully buttery sweets get a chocolate coating on either end for a buttery chocolate delight! The locals love to pair these cookies with coffee.

Discovering Traditional Moroccan Desserts In Morocco

After a long day of Moroccan discoveries, there is probably only one thing on your mind, mouthwatering Moroccan desserts!

Grab some warm mint tea and dig in, because the flavors of Moroccan sweets are succulent and layered. You can learn so much about a culture through the indulgences they enjoy, so get to know the real Morocco with these sweet luxuries!



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