7 Popular Nepali Breakfast In Nepal To Try

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In Kathmandu, the early mornings give a completely different vibe. Hot tea and fried dough items dominate breakfast in Nepal.

People come to the food stalls to buy crispy morsels or pick fried gwaramari for their families. With their half-opened eyes, carrying delicious Nepalese snacks wrapped in newspaper and stuffed into plastic bags, going back to their homes.

You can witness this scene in all the streets as the city wakes up slowly.

What Is Special About Nepalese Breakfast?

A typical Nepalese breakfast is nothing like the traditional Western breakfast. You will never see bacon, peanut butter, muesli, or toast on the Nepali breakfast menu. 

Generally, the first meal in Nepal is in mid-morning. Instead of a typical Central Asian breakfast, they prefer freshly boiled and brewed tea, with or without milk. However, lots of sugar is mandatory.

As Nepalese don’t really follow a three-meal-a-day rule, you might not find any specific breakfast dishes. Nonetheless, here are some of the most popular dishes for breakfast in Nepal.

Most Popular Nepali Breakfast Item

Chiya (Nepalese Tea)


Chiya, also known as chai in India and Pakistan, is undoubtedly the most significant part of Nepalese breakfast. You cannot imagine a Nepali breakfast without this traditional tea.

People here love to drink tea at any time of the day. Regardless of religion, caste, or social status, tea is the favorite of all Nepali people.

A regular local drinks tea 2-3 times a day. They start their day with a hot cup of fresh black tea, followed by traditional milk tea.  

As it is a flexible Nepali beverage, the ingredients vary from one person to another. If you like chai latte or chai-flavored things, you will love this Nepali chiya. Want to balance the creaminess and sweetness of the tea? Buy some traditional Nepali snacks to go with it.

Nepali Breakfast – Bread

Sel Roti (Ring-Shaped Sweet Bread)

Sel roti is a sweet bread commonly eaten at breakfast. Besides being a popular Nepali breakfast, the dish is a popular snack for special occasions. It is perfect for those who want to start their day with something sweet and delicious. 

This delicacy is ringed shape bread with a sweet character. The bread has a glutinous interior made with pounded rice, rice flour, and spices. It is nice and puffy on the outside and soft on the inside. 

This sweet Nepali breakfast resembles doughnuts with a hole in the middle but has a relatively different character. It is traditionally served along with the Gwaramari. Vendors of little push carts serve hot sel roti on a piece of newspaper. 

Jeri Swari (Funnel Cake With Flatbread)

The next delicacy is a crispy and succulent deep-fried Nepalese breakfast. It is a sweet funnel cake similar to Indian jalebi. This local Newar breakfast is available anywhere across Kathmandu.

Just like jalebi, this sweet Nepali breakfast has loops made with all-purpose flour. Then, it is dipped in sugar syrup and fried in oil. Some even enjoy it as a dessert in Nepal.

Jeri Swari is usually served wrapped in a Swaari, a thin Nepalese bread, thus the name. As one of the famous things in Nepal, this is worth trying.

This sweet breakfast in Nepal is enough to keep you satisfied for longer. It tastes best when eaten fresh with its crispy edges. You can easily spot people selling this Nepali breakfast across the valley.

Gorkhali Toast (Spiced Toast)

Gorkhali Toast is a popular breakfast in Nepal. It is named after the small town of Gorkhali, famous for its finest spices. In Nepal, this breakfast item is known for its unique and delectable flavor. 

This traditional Nepali food resembles the classic French Toast. It contains a slice of bread soaked in an egg, milk, and spices and then fried till golden brown. The result is a crispy treat that offers a savory and tasty flavor.

It is enjoyed topped with honey, jam, or butter; and the toast tastes best with a hot cup of chia or coffee.

Pancake Breakfast In Nepal

Malpuas (Deep Fried Pancakes)


Malpua is another delicious addition to the Nepali breakfast menu. It is one of the tastiest deep-fried Nepali sweets packed with incredible flavor. Although it is a morning delight, you can also have it in the afternoon and evening.

These pancakes taste sweet with a nutty topping of pistachio and other nuts. They are made using a batter of sugar and all-purpose flour. The pancakes have a crispy and lacy outer texture with a fluffy interior. 

This Nepali breakfast is eaten hot. When served, it spreads a pleasing sweet aroma in the surrounding. Traditional Nepali tea goes well with these hot pancakes.

Nepalese Breakfast – Dumplings 

Gwaramari Dough (Round Puffy Dumplings)

Gwaramari Dough balls are a prevalent and fulfilling breakfast in Nepal. This street-side breakfast is a significant part of Newar cuisine. It is similar to Yorkshire pudding or donuts. 

The crispy Nepali breakfast is a round puffy bread fried in simmering oil. Some chefs add spices to make it flavourful. Finally, it is served hot with Nepalese tea.

This traditional Nepali food is a typical side dish with Newar Jeri-Swari and Malpua accompanied by Sel roti. You can find it at any local street tea shop in Kathmandu. If you want to try it, wake up early as it is hardly available after 9 am. 

Rice Breakfast In Nepal 

Chura (Flattened Rice)


Nepali breakfast is not only about fried sweet and savory snacks, but you can also find some healthy fried food options. Here we are talking about the widely eaten flattened rice dish from Nepal. Chura is a healthy Nepali breakfast option as it contains fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamins. 

Many shops sell chura as the sun rises slowly in Nepal. You can find chura filled with beaten rice, spices, fruits, and nuts. This breakfast is quick to prepare and can be ready in minutes.

Chura often goes with yogurt, tea, or milk. If you ever come to Nepal, don’t forget to try this light and fulfilling Nepalese breakfast.

Discovering Delicious Nepalese Breakfast 

Breakfast in Nepal is very simple. It mostly consists of Nepalese tea with some fried snacks. But the early morning breakfast in Kathmandu forces you to get up from bed. While you are in Nepal, start your day with delicious fried or stewed Nepalese breakfasts with a hot cup of chiya.



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