20 Things Nepal Is Famous And Known For

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Nepal is famous for being home to Mount Everest, its religious monasteries, and a place for outdoor adventures.

Nepal is a popular South Asian country that is bordered by China to the north and India to the south, east, and west. As a result, it is a landlocked country. However, they make up for this with awe-inspiring mountain ranges and lakes. The most famous mountains found here are the Himalayas, which allow for large resorts and revitalizing sporting activities to occur.

What Is Nepal Famous For?

Nepal is famous for its religious monasteries such as Swayambhunath Temple and Buddha Stupa. Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, was born in the Lumbini province and hence is the top pilgrimage site for believers. In addition, Nepal is known for being a popular sporting destination for activities such as mountain climbing, paragliding, and ziplining.


History, Culture, And Traditions Nepal Is Known For


Nepal is famous for its Hindu rituals, one of which is Nuwaran. This is otherwise known as the child naming ceremony which takes place when a child turns 8 or 9 days old. This is for girls and boys respectively.

During this sacred ritual, a priest is called to the house. They must bless the child and perform a traditional called ‘puja’, whereby the household prays over the baby. Additionally, the priest gives the baby their Nuwaran name. This is dependent on the time, date, and place they were born. Also taken into account is their horoscope.


The rice feeding ceremony which Nepal is famous for is also known as ‘pasni’ to the locals.

This ritual aims to celebrate the first time a child is weaned from milk onto solid foods, such as rice. The family gathers and watches as the baby is fed. Usually, this is done by the mother or grandfather.

Some traditions which are kept during pasni include clothing the baby in red velvet. It is believed to be for protection.

Dashain Festival


Dashain is one of the main festivals that Nepal is famous for, often recognized for being the longest lasting two weeks. It is held every year in September or October, depending on the full moon.

During Dashain, the people of Nepal celebrate the goddess Durga. In scripture, it is believed that Durga fought demons known as Mahishasura, and was successful. As a result, Dashain commemorates her bravery and triumph.

Each day has different rituals. Some include the elderly placing tika on the younger generations’ foreheads, animal sacrifices, and donation of the harvest.

Tihar Festival


Aside from Dashain, Tihar is one of the most important Hindu festivals that Nepal is famous for celebrating. It is a shorter, five-day festival, held every year on the new moon in Karthik, the eighth month in the Hindu calendar.

On the first three days, animals are fed and worshipped. The first day includes ravens and crows, the second includes dogs, the third cows, and the fourth ox.

Contrastingly, the last day of Tihar includes celebrating the bond between people. More specifically, brothers and sisters put on tika and flower garlands, to emphasize their strong bond.

During the celebration, households prepare by cleaning and decorating with lights. Thus, Tihar is also known as the ‘Festival of Lights.’

Phagu Purnima

Holi is an ancient tradition in Hinduism that originated over in the 4th century. In Nepal, it is referred to as Phagu Purnima.

‘Phagu’ refers to a red powder, whilst ‘puri’ is the full moon. As a result, Phagu Purnima includes a festival of colors during the full moon of Falgun, which is the month of February or March.

The purpose of Phagu Purnima is to symbolize the fresh start of Spring, and the triumph of good. People gather in the streets to chat, dance and throw powdered colors and dyes.

Cities And Travel Destinations Nepal Is Known For



Kathmandu is the large, lively capital city that has several of the landmarks that Nepal is known for. 

It is mainly famous for its religious ancient monuments such as the Buddha Stupa and Durbar Square. However, several buildings are partly ruined due to their age and earthquakes. Nonetheless, their venerability is a great reason to visit them, as this adds to their character. During festival season, this is where dances and parades are usually held.

Another reason why Kathmandu is so highly-regarded is due to the landscape. As it is located in a valley, encircled by mountains, there are many natural attractions like botanical parks and gardens.



Pokhara is best known for its mountainous views, relaxing retreats, and museums. It is a great city to visit for an adventurous holiday because it is in the center of Nepal, and there are many sporting and leisurely activities to partake in.

In the Annapurna Mountain Range that Nepal is famous for exists the Annapurna Circuit. This is a challenging trail on the Himalayas beginning in Besisahar and ending in Pokhara.

On the other hand, if you prefer reading about mountains instead of hiking them, the International Mountain Museum is a popular place to explore exhibits on the subject.



Lumbini is one of the most culturally significant cities that Nepal is famous for because of its history. It is believed to be the birthplace of the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, in the year 564 BC in the Lumbini Gardens.

As a result, Lumbini is a holy pilgrimage site that is sacred to Buddhists. There are several remains, shrines, and inscriptions which have been excavated and are preserved within the city. In addition, there are Buddhist temples and stupas such as the Maya Devi Temple.


Bharatpur is a city with the perfect mix of history and nature.

Its most notable landmark is the Lohagarh Fort, which is an early 18th-century fortification that has withstood several wars and attacks. It is found in the heart of the city and surrounded by a moat which aided with protection against enemies.

As we have mentioned, Nepal is famous for its unique wildlife. The Keoladeo National Park is a huge area of wetlands and forests that is home to various species of birds. The most popular are herons and storks, which are residential birds. However, there are often rare species of birds that migrate here such as the Falcated Duck and Taiga Flycatcher.

Landmarks And Architecture Nepal Is Known For

Durbar Square (Kathmandu)


The main landmark that Nepal is famous for is Durbar Square and there are three in the country: Bhaktapur, Patan, and Kathmandu. The latter is undoubtedly the most special, due to its complex Nepalese architecture. Unfortunately, the temples were built as early as the 12th century, hence why preservation has been difficult.

During festivals such as Phagu Purnima, the square is filled with character and cheer. Aside from the religious elements such as temples, there are also other activities. This includes restaurants selling traditional foods, and local boutiques.

Swayambhunath Temple


Swayambhunath Temple is one of the most famous places in Nepal, located in Kathmandu. Not only it is recognized for its historical significance, but it is also a picturesque natural attraction.

The translation from Tibetan means ‘Sublime Trees’, which is about the array of plants on Sengu hill where it is located. Additionally, it is referred to as the Monkey Temple, as there are sacred monkeys that reside on the north side of the complex.

The architecture of the temple attributes to how revered it is. Atop the white dome is a golden spire with four Buddha faces said to protect the building. There are also various statues.

Fewa Lake


In Pokhara resides one of the most famous lakes that Nepal is famous for. It is a freshwater lake overlooked by Machhapuchhre Mountain, surrounded by trees and wildlife.

The main reason that Fewa Lake is the resorts which are located on it, which makes for perfect vacations away from home. There are many sporting activities available such as swimming and boating.

On the other hand, if you seek adventure, there is also paragliding above the lake and immersing yourself in nature.

Bharatpur Palace and Museum

Bharatpur Palace and Museum is the ideal attraction to visit if you are interested in the history and cultural identity of the country.

Once the home of the regal family of Bharatpur, the palace is now a museum. There is a rich array of famous things in Nepal, such as stone sculptures, vivid paintings, and archaeological findings.

In addition to the pieces inside, Bharatpur Palace and Museum has a distinct architecture. The white marble exterior and ornate floors are a combination of Mughal and Rajput styles, common in 19th-century Nepal. 

Food Nepal Is Known For



Momo, known otherwise as Nepalese meat dumplings, is a staple famous food of Nepal. They are usually eaten alone, or with a spicy chili sauce. These cute dumplings are traditionally easy to make from scratch but are readily available in stores.

Wheat flour is simply combined with water and molded into a half-moon shape. The filling can be meat or lamb, but vegetarian options include cabbage and carrot. Usually, the dough is then steamed, yet modern recipes may call for deep-frying.

This is one of the most popular traditional Nepalese food you will find across the country.

Dal Bhat


Dal Bhat is considered to be the national dish of Nepal. Despite being popular in Nepal, it is also a favorite in many Asian countries such as India and Pakistan.

Dal bhat is a lentil and rice stew that is often served for dinner because it is quick to cook and affordable. White rice is simply steamed and topped with red lentils. Because it is a simple vegetarian recipe, most of the flavor is derived from seasonings such as turmeric, cilantro, garlic, and ginger.

Many famous places in Nepal sell dal bhat as street food since it is very popular amongst locals looking to get a filling meal in.

Sel Roti


Sel roti is a chewy Nepalese dessert made of dough, which is a popular snack in Nepal.

The dough is seasoned with cardamon to give an intense sweetness, before being molded into a ring shape similar to a doughnut. After this, it can be fried and served hot. It can be kept as a sweet snack and served with tea, or made savory when dipped in yogurt.

Although it can be eaten as a Nepalese breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up, it is also popular during Tihar, a Hindu festival.


Yomari is a famous Nepal food for dessert. It is a sweet dumpling that can be stuffed with an array of decadent fillings.

Before the rice flour is steamed and shaped into a dumpling, it must be filled. Originally, Nepalese households would create fillings such as chaku, a mixture of sugar, pine nuts, and ghee. Another popular filled is khoa, a type of sweet condensed milk.

Yomari is often eaten during celebrations such as Nepalese New Year or Newari festivals.

Famous People From Nepal

Nirmal Puja

Nirmal Puka is a Nepalese and British mountaineer. Puka was born in Myagdi in Nepal, however, was granted citizenship in the United Kingdom in 2012 where he now lives.

Puka is known for his impressive mountain climbing skills, despite the dangerous conditions. His first hike was Mount Everest in 2012, with a fellow Nepali mountaineer. Since then he has continued to climb many dangerous mountains and holds multiple world records. This includes being the first person to climb Everest within two days.

One of the most established awards Puja has received is an MBE, which was personally awarded by Queen Elizabeth II. This was to honor his commendable mountaineering skills, making him one of the most famous people of Nepal.

Anmol KC

Anmol KC is a famous actor in Nepal. In addition to his success, his parents are also well-known in the movie industry. His mother, Sushmita Bomjan, is a famed actress, and his father is a director and producer. Both are in films that Nepal is famous for.   

KC starred in his first film when he was 7 years of age as a child actor. He took a long hiatus before appearing in the romantic movie ‘Hostel’, where he played the main character.

Since then, KC has gone on to become one of the most prominent actors in Nepal. He is known for his part in rom-coms, for which he has won multiple awards.

Sajjan Raj Vaidya

Sajjan Raj Vaidya is a major Nepalese public figure known for his singing and acting. Despite being born in Kathmandu, he resides in the US.

Vaidya released his first single “Aaja Matra” in 2014, however, shot to fame after his subsequent single ‘Hawaijahaj’ two years later. His notable achievements included being awarded Best New Artist by the Radio Kantipur awards in 2018.

Vaidya is also established on the platform YouTube, where he has over 1 million followers and regularly posts videos.

Discovering More Things Nepal Is Known For

This is a beautiful country with many different cultures, traditions and natural landscapes. Beyond its delicious cuisine and tall mountain peaks, Nepal is famous for its devotion to religion.

The majority of Nepalese people are Hindu, which is reflected by the vibrant festivals and commitment to traditions. However, the most famous temples are Buddhist, thanks to being the birthplace of Gautama.

In addition, Nepal is highly acclaimed for its sense of identity. It is one of the only countries that has never been colonized, and its independence is demonstrated through its rich culture.

Whether you are looking for an unforgettable adventure or simply learning more about the deep culture, there is plenty in this amazing country that will capture your interest. With so much to explore, make sure to take a trip and uncover all the wonderful things Nepal is known for.



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