8 Tasty Norwegian Breakfast Foods In Norway

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Starting your day in Norway means scenic views and friendly faces all around. Above all of that, the best thing about mornings in Norway is Norwegian breakfast. Deliciously simple and interesting flavors meet in this beautiful Scandinavian landscape.

What’s Special About Norwegian Breakfast

Locals love fresh and bright flavors to start their day and heavier fare in the evening. Many Norwegian breakfast dishes are simple but satisfying!

Breakfast in Norway features lots of savory flavors like cheeses and smoked meats and fish. There are sweet options, as well, often highlighting sweet dairy and local fruit. Every breakfast in Norway is completed with hot coffee or hot tea.

Most Famous Breakfast Food In Norway

Brunost (Brown Cheese)


This creamy delight is a Norwegian favorite for breakfast. Brunost is a whey-style cheese with a toasty brown color that is traditionally made in Norway. The flavor of brunost varies depending on what type of dairy is used, cow, goat, or both, but it is generally a sweeter cheese.

As an iconic Norwegian food, this sweet and firm cheese is loved by locals. Norwegians like to shave this cheese and eat it on top of Norwegian brown bread or waffles. Its slightly sweet flavor brings a little brightness to breakfast in Norway.

Traditional Norwegian Breakfast

Sveler/Pikelets (Pancakes)


These light and sweet cakes are a treat for breakfast in Norway. Sveler are Norwegian pancakes and they have a wonderful flavor and texture. They are perfect when topped with syrup, honey, whipped cream, or local berries.

What sets the Norwegian version of pancakes apart is the batter. This Norwegian breakfast uses kefir for extra flavor. This makes the cakes sweet, tangy, and delicious!

Grøt (Groat Porridge)


This hearty and welcoming breakfast has everything you need to start your day off right! Grøt is a porridge made with groats and dairy. Groats are the shells left from processing cereal grains like oats and rye.

To make this warm porridge groats are mixed with dairy and cooked to a nice thick texture. The flavor is toasty and creamy and just the thing to warm you on a Scandinavian morning. Grøt is often topped with cinnamon or honey for a deliciously inviting bowl of Norwegian breakfast.

Laks og Eggerøre (Smoked Salmon and Eggs)


This simple breakfast combines some of Norway’s favorite flavors to make a perfect plate. Norway is famous for its salmon and seafood.

Laks og eggerøre is a beautiful dish of Norwegian toast topped with eggs and smoked salmon. It’s a balanced bite of savory food that will energize you through your busy morning.

Laks og eggerøre starts with beautiful Norwegian brown bread that is sliced and toasted. Top that with lovely fried or scrambled eggs and smoked local salmon. This is a great Norwegian breakfast for anyone who prefers to start their day on the salty side!

Nøkkelost (Cumin and Clove Cheese)


This dreamy dairy delight is a favorite for breakfast in Norway. Nøkkelost is a brand of kuminost a flavored cheese. This flavorful cheese is the perfect mate for brown bread to make tasty Norwegian toast for breakfast.

Nøkkelost is a semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk. What gives it the signature herby flavor that locals love to eat in the morning are cumin and cloves. These bold spices give this cheese a complex flavor with just the right bite for serving on breakfast toast.

Flatbrød (Flatbread)


This traditional Norwegian bread is a staple food to start the day in Norway. Flatbrød is a deliciously airy and light style of unleavened bread. It is generally made on a skillet so the exterior gets a light crispness.

Flatbrød is the perfect bread for breakfast in Norway because it can hold up to all sorts of fillings. Many locals enjoy flatbrød with brunost or nøkkelost as a simple grab-and-go breakfast. It can also be served with honey or jam for a sweeter take on Norwegian breakfast.

Lefse/Lompe (Potato Flatbread)


These Norwegian breakfast bread are the perfect bite to start the day. Lefse is the large version and lompe is the small variety, both are potato flatbreads. They are made with grated potatoes, flour, and seasonings.

These thin bread are used for every meal in Norway. At breakfast, locals love to fill them with Norwegian smoked salmon or sweet berries and cream. Pair this classic Norwegian breakfast food with a hot coffee for a great start to your day!

Vafler (Norwegian Waffles)


Vafler may be one of Norway’s most famous culinary traditions. These Norwegian waffles make a delicious breakfast in Norway. Whether they are topped with local cloudberries or syrup, these breakfast cakes are always delicious.

Norwegian waffles are dense and heart-shaped, which is appropriate because you will fall in love with them. Locals love this Norwegian breakfast with brunost for a sweet bite or with hot dogs for a savory twist.

These sweet icons are super versatile and also great as desserts in Norway.


Discovering Traditional Norwegian Breakfast

There are so many sweet sites to discover in Norway. The mountains are world-renowned and their coastline is abundant, but no natural site compares to the sites on the Norwegian breakfast table. Everything is spectacularly light and delicious about Norwegian mornings so get up and ready to eat the best breakfast in Norway!



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