15 Norwegian Desserts And Pastries In Norway To Try

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Life in Norway is so sweet! From the ocean to the mountains there is so much to love here, but nothing as wonderful as Norwegian desserts! The desserts in Norway are a testament to Scandinavian beauty, design, and flavor. Get your sweet tooth ready for some exceptionally sweet eats!

What’s Special About Norwegian Desserts

Desserts in Norway are both lovely and delicious! They feature sweet, citrus, fruit, and warm spices in perfect balance and each one is a work of art! These sweet treats in Norway are great all year, but at Christmas time this Nordic wonderland transforms into a sweet paradise.

Norwegian desserts often feature berries and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. There are lots of cookies and holiday-inspired desserts in Norway, and of course, iconic Norwegian waffles!

As you find yourself indulging in delicious traditional Norwegian cuisine, be sure to save room for a bite (or more) of the excellent desserts!

Most Famous Norwegian Desserts

Kransekake (Wreath Cake)

This towering Norwegian dessert is the highlight of many large celebrations. From weddings to holidays Kransekake is a show-stopping dessert to serve. This dessert has everything you want in both looks and taste!

Kransekake is formed from rings of Norwegian cake. These cake rings are made with almonds and egg whites giving them a light and meringue-like texture. They are then stacked in the shape of a pine tree and iced with a sugary glaze.

Traditional Norwegian Desserts

Multekrem (Cloudberry Whip)

Cloudberries are a rare natural treat in this cold climate and this Norwegian dessert highlights their interesting flavor. Multekrem is a sweet treat made from cloudberries and whip cream. The berries and cream are whipped into an airy mousse-like treat that celebrates the natural gift that is cloudberries!

Karamellpudding (Caramel Custard/Pudding)


People who know the sweet treat flan may find this Norwegian dessert familiar. Karamellpudding is Norwegian caramel pudding, but this pudding has a much more lush and custardy texture than your typical pudding.

The really spectacular part of this dessert is the thin caramel topping. The custard-like pudding is topped with a thin caramel layer that will make your mouth water! Get ready for a taste of the gourmet side of Norway with this beautiful dessert.

Risgrøt (Norwegian Rice Pudding)


No matter where in the world you find yourself you can count on finding rice pudding. Nearly every culture has some version of this classic dessert and risgrøt is the Norwegian version of rice pudding. Locals love this comforting dessert all year, especially in the colder season.

Norwegian rice pudding is typically made with long-grain white rice, milk, and spices. One of Norway’s favorite dessert flavors is cardamom and this is often worked into risgrøt. It’s often paired with fruit and/or honey and served warm or cold.

Norwegian Pastries

Skolebolle (Filled Sweet Roll)

Skolebolle are sweet rolls that are filled with a luscious custard and covered with coconut. This delicious dessert also serves well as breakfast in Norway.

The traditional style for this Norwegian dessert is to put the yellow custard in the center and make a ring around it with a thick layer of coconut shavings making this dessert resemble a cracked egg.

This sweet treat has the perfect balance of breadiness and custard and the coconut adds a beautiful texture. This dessert in Norway will be found in bakeries everywhere. Try these sweet rolls with a hot coffee.

Skillingsboller (Cinnamon Buns)


This Norwegian dessert is a bite of true nostalgia. Skillingsboller are Norwegian cinnamon rolls and they are sure to bring up warm memories for eaters of all backgrounds. Their airy texture and perfectly balanced spice profile make them the perfect dessert.

Skillingsboller are made from a simple enriched dough filled with cinnamon sugar and baked to golden deliciousness. To make this dessert in Norway, cardamom is often added to the dough for extra inviting flavor.

Oslo Kringle

This joyous Norwegian pastry has everything you want from an eclair but in a large sharable format. It uses a pâte à choux dough and creamy almond icing to make the perfect bite. This dessert reads almost brunchy with its light texture and nutty sweetness. It is perfect with a hot coffee for breakfast or dessert!

Norwegian Cakes

Julekake (Christmas Cake)


This holiday-inspired Norwegian dessert is a light and pleasant take on sweets. This is a simple holiday bread infused with the flavor of cardamom for a truly warm feeling bread.

Dried and candied fruits are folded into this bread to make a fruitcake-like loaf. It is beautiful on holiday dessert buffets and as a gift on Christmas in Norway.

Eplekake (Norwegian Apple Cake)


Norwegian apple cake is a local favorite for a sweet snack. This wonderfully spiced cake has a ton of apple flavor and big nostalgic vibes. It’s a truly comforting dessert in Norway.

Eplekake is made with a spiced cake batter that’s studded with fresh apple slices. It is baked to golden perfection and served with vanilla cream or custard. This Norwegian dessert is warm and welcoming enough to make you forget all about the arctic climate.

Bløtkake (Strawberry and Cream Cake)


This traditional Norwegian dessert is a lovely addition to any celebration. Bløtkake is a cream cake that features a bright berry flavor.

It’s made with a lovely vanilla sponge cake, whipped cream frosting, and plenty of summer berries. This Norwegian dessert is the perfect way to celebrate the short summer in style.

Suksessterte (Almond Custard Cake)


This gorgeous Norwegian dessert is naturally gluten-free. It is made from layers of super thin almond sponge cake and thick layers of vanilla custard. It is topped with toasted almonds for a beautifully rustic look.

This dessert is often served at big celebrations like weddings and holidays. It can be found sold in slices at bakeries across Norway. Try suksessterte with a hot coffee for a sweet and nutty treat.

Norwegian Cookies

Sandbakelse (Sand Cookies)


These buttery cookies are one of the best desserts in Norway. Sandbakelse are shortbread cookies that are baked in a special tin to give them a beautiful shape. They are a staple of holidays and other celebrations in Norway.

The name Sandbakelse means “sand cookies” and that is for their texture. They are almost melty with a sandiness from the sugar in the shortbread. Sandbakelse tastes light and sweet so they make a nice tea-time cookie. 

Rosettbakkels (Rose Cookies)

These unique Norwegian cookies cannot be missed, they are too delicious! Rosettbakkels uses an uncommon technique to produce a beautiful and intricate cookie. This Norwegian dessert is especially popular in the winter holiday season.

Rosettbakkels are made by dropping batter into a shallow fryer and then pressing it with a special iron, like that used for Norwegian waffles, to create their distinct shape. This process creates a cookie that is simultaneously pressed and fried making it crispy and light. They are dusted with sugar and sometimes cinnamon to make the perfect wintertime treat!

Pepperkaker (Pepper Cookie)

Everyone in Norway goes all out for the winter holiday season. No holiday celebration is complete without the Norwegian signature pepperkaker or pepper cookies. This is Norway’s take on a gingerbread cookie.

These cookies are set apart by their fairly light flavor. They often use the golden syrup as a sweetener versus other gingerbread cookies. These little cookies come in all manner of festive shapes and are a holiday must in Norway.

Serinakaker (Butter Cookie)


These simple cookies are a lovely local take on sweets. Serinakaker are Norwegian butter cookies and they often feature the flavor of sweet almonds. These butter cookies are light and creamy with the perfect bite from the almond. They are a gifting and holiday buffet favorite!


Discovering Traditional Norwegian Desserts

Scandinavian life is so sweet you’ll think you’re dreaming, but it’s all real and waiting for you! Desserts in Norway are a sweet celebration of the simple things in life. After a day in the mountains or by the cold coastline there is nothing better than a bite of rich Norwegian desserts, so dig in!



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