10 Swedish Breakfast In Sweden

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Sweden is a beautiful country known for its forests, lakes, and castles. It is a magical country that feels like it fell out of a storybook. Sweden is such a beautiful place you will just want to devour all that you see, and luckily you can! The Swedes know how to eat, and that starts with a sumptuous breakfast in Sweden

What Is Special About Swedish Breakfasts

Sweden is a land of balance. They walk a line between tradition and modern life. Part of that balance is their healthy love of great Swedish cuisine.

Swedish breakfast incorporates that wonderful sense of balance that seems to exist in Sweden. No dish is too rich or too sweet, rather foods here are layered in complex flavors.

Locals in Sweden love to eat simple and savory in the mornings, but there are some great indulgences to be found in Swedish breakfast foods.

Most Famous Breakfast In Sweden

Smörgås (Sandwich)


Some people may be shocked to find out that Swedes don’t usually eat pancakes for breakfast. There are of course exceptions to the rule, but in general, people prefer a more savory breakfast in Sweden. A typical Swedish breakfast consists of two things, a sandwich, and coffee.

The local people love to start their day with a protein-packed meal of rye bread, butter, cheese, and cold cuts. Often a Swedish breakfast smörgås will include colorful bell peppers. Some people like to add cucumber and tomato to their breakfast sandwiches.

Lovers of savory and filling breakfasts, Sweden has you covered!

Kaffee (Coffee)


No Swedish breakfast is complete without coffee! Swedish people love coffee! There are many proud Swedish coffee roasters and Swedes rank among the largest coffee consumers in the world.

The Swedes even have a special word for their daily tea or coffee break, “fika.” This is a Swedish custom or attitude, one of many things Sweden is famous for.

It’s only natural that a country that loves coffee this much would make coffee a part of their daily breakfast. Most Swedes take their coffee black, but it’s just fine to have a splash of milk in your coffee.


Traditional Swedish Breakfast Buffet Foods



Hearty, filling, and most importantly, tasty muesli is the preferred breakfast cereal in Sweden. This cold oatmeal has everything you need to get your adventurous day started!

Muesli is a blend of rolled oats, grains, nuts, and fruits and it has a porridge-like texture. It’s the perfect Swedish breakfast food to give you energy without weighing you down!

Boiled Eggs


This convenient and tasty Swedish breakfast staple is seen on tables in homes and restaurants nationwide. Locals love to eat light in the mornings, so simple options like hard-boiled eggs are a favorite.

Many Swedes will have a coffee, boiled egg, and fresh fruit to start their day. Scandinavian living is about keeping it simple, so why not a simple breakfast!?

Filmjölk (Swedish Yogurt)


Light and easy options reign over the Swedish breakfast table, and there’s no better choice than yogurt to keep things simple! Swedish people have their own variety of yogurt called filmjölk.

This dairy product is made from fermented milk, and actually contains less lactose than normal dairy. It has a creamier texture than other yogurts. Filmjölk pairs wonderfully with fresh berries or oats.

Kalles Kaviar (Fish Spread)


This popular brand of smörgåskaviar is a favorite of locals for breakfast in Sweden. The name may be misleading because there is actually no caviar in this fishy spread. It is roe-based spread with oil and spices.

Kalles Kaviar is a favorite national brand of this squeezable fishy dish. It’s great on its own or spread over crispy bread or rye.

Makrill Fillet (Mackerel Fillet)


No meal in Sweden is complete without a little fish. Excellent access to the ocean makes seafood an absolute mainstay of Swedish food and cuisine. Thanks to a love of savory breakfasts in Sweden, this fish is a common morning player too.

Mackerel filets are simply cooked with salt, pepper, and herbs, and served for breakfast with toast or eggs. Mackerel has a similar flavor to tuna, so it’s an easy sell for seafood novices.


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Swedish Breakfast Baked Goods

Kardemummabröd (Cardamom Bread)


Kardemummabröd is wonderfully warm spiced bread served with coffee for breakfast in Sweden. This great bread is made from an enriched dough flavored with the Swede’s favorite sweet spice, cardamom.

The bread is braided into a gorgeous golden brown loaf that will make your mouth water! Sweet and butter kardemummabröd is the perfect treat for a true Swedish fika. Some would even have them as desserts in Sweden!

Ugnspannkaka (Savory Bacon Pancake)


Swedish breakfast is not just simple and light dishes, there are a few indulgences, like the ugnspannkaka. It’s a wonderful savory crepe dish that layers traditional Swedish pancake batter and bacon.

The dish is baked in an oven to create a crispy and salty breakfast casserole. Top ugnspannkaka with lingonberry jam for a real Swedish flavor. A delicious breakfast in Sweden for bacon lovers.

Pannkakor (Swedish Pancakes)


It is true, most Swedes do not eat pancakes for breakfast. They prefer them with lunch or traditional Thursday dinners; however, many Americans believe this dish is synonymous with Swedish breakfast.

While pancakes may not be a morning staple here, they are delicious. The Swedish style of pancake is more of a crepe. They are light and just sweet enough. Top this classic dish with fresh whipped cream and lingonberry jam for a beautiful Swedish presentation.

Discovering Traditional Breakfast In Sweden

Exploring everything Sweden has to offer is a hungry business! Start your adventure on the right foot by eating like a local. They are good for building up energy before you explore the famous landmarks in Sweden.

Experiencing the authentic local breakfast fare here will open your eyes to a whole new way to start your day.



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