10 Popular Swedish Candy And Sweets [Swedish Fish Candy]

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Sweden is such a sweet place. It’s a country steeped in tradition and history, but still able to have fun and look forward to the future. Locals in Sweden love to cut loose with some delicious sweet treats. No exploration here would be complete without trying all the amazing Swedish candy.

What Is Special About Swedish Candies

Believe it or not, Swedes are a top consumer of candies. They love eating sweets on Saturdays and have their own style of candy-making. Swedish sweets use a lot of bold flavors, like licorice and sour fruits.

The shapes of sweets in Sweden are almost as delicious as the flavors. They love to use animal shapes and fun sugar or salt dust on the outside of their candies. There is no quest sweeter than the journey to discover all the great candy in Sweden!

If you are not in the mood to have tasty Swedish desserts or cakes, Swedish candy can also be a good option to end the meal on a sweet note.

Most Internationally Famous Swedish Candy

Sweden Fish Candy vs. Lakrits Fiskar (Licorice Fish)

The somewhat surprising truth about the international favorite Swedish Fish is that Swedes don’t eat them.

The red gummy Swedish Fish was developed by a Swedish confectioner; however, they were made to sell to the Americas. This fish candy is so popular with Americans it has spurred spin-offs, like Swedish Fish Oreos.

The signature flavor of the red Swedish Fish is lingonberry. It’s fruity, sweet, and a little different from popular candy flavors in Sweden. If Swedes don’t eat Swedish Fish, then what candy do they love?

In Sweden, you will find so many candy lovers, and they like bold flavors. That’s why in Sweden they enjoy Lakrits Fiskar, or black licorice fish.

Rather than chomping on chewy Swedish Fish, here they love the full flavor of black licorice fish. These gummy fish are available in shops across Sweden and have the powerful taste of anise.

Getting a black fish at dinner may not be pleasing, but seeing these black fish will get your appetite for Swedish candy going!

Swedish Candy: Licorice And Gummies

Salta Blackfiskar & Blackfiskar Sura (Gummy Squids)

Swedish candy lovers like to see fun shapes in their candy, especially sea animals. Blackfiskar are gummy squids that rule Swedish candy stores.

They can be found across Sweden, but the most popular varieties are; salta, salted licorice, and sura, sour fruit. The salted variety combines sweet and spicy anise with slat for a fun bite. The sour squids have fun and fruity undertones with a pucker-inducing chew!

Gelehjärtan (Heart Gummies)


Say “I love you,” the Swedish way with these fruity treats! Gelehjärtan are a delightful Swedish candy made in the shape of a heart. These literal sweet hearts incorporate Sweden’s love for berries with their bright raspberry flavor.

These gummies are usually finished with a sugar dusting for an extra fun texture. Falling in love with Swedish candy has never been so sweet!

Kanderade Haxvral (Salted Licorice Sticks)


The name of this Swedish candy may sound like a warning, but they are truly delicious! Kanderade Haxvral means “candied witch’s scream,” so this candy may not be for the timid!

This Swedish confection is a combination of sweet licorice and salty licorice. It’s the perfectly balanced bite to excite your palate.

Swedish Sweets: Chocolates & Caramels

Mormor Lisas Cocos (Chocolate Coconut Truffles)


Sweden’s candy makers have something to offer every palate, even chocolate lovers! Mormor Lisas Cocos are a chocolate and coconut sweet in Sweden.

They have a rich chocolate center with a milk chocolate coating and they’re topped off with shaved coconut. Chocolate and coconut make the most interesting and delightful taste combination.

Knäck (Christmas Toffee)


No holiday season is complete without this Swedish sweet. Knäck means “crack” in Swedish, and it’s an appropriate name for this crisp and buttery holiday toffee.

This decadent toffee is traditionally filled with almonds, but festive fillings may vary. These wonderful toffee cups are seen in sweet shops and gift boxes across Sweden in the wintertime.


Swedish Candy: Marshmallows

Sockerbitar (Swedish Marshmallows)


Swedish candy uses a lot of tasty marshmallows. One candy that Swedish locals cannot get enough of is sockerbitar, or marshmallows. Swedish marshmallows tend to be on the chewier side, but they melt away in your mouth.

Sweet shops in Sweden often offer these as a pick-a-mix bag, so you can experience multiple flavors in one mix. Strawberry, vanilla, and banana are common flavors for this candy.

Skumkantereller (Marshmallow Mushroom)

This sweet may be named after a fungus, but there is no mushroom flavor in this candy. Skumkantereller is a candy in Sweden that’s made from marshmallows.

They look like pretty pink mushrooms, but they taste like strawberries with a hint of vanilla. It’s a tongue-in-cheek sweet that will make you smile when you see it and when you eat it!


Swedish Sweets: Hard Candies

Citron-Apelsin Klyftor (Citrus Hard Candies)


When you’re craving a little sweet and sour, this Swedish candy is for you! These tasty treats are classic candy in Sweden made with a sweet, citrus bite. The candies are shaped like little citrus slices to entice your appetite. Citrus hard candies are a great choice for anyone in Sweden looking for a tart candy bite!

Mojanger Pecan (Pecan Candy)


These candy springs will make your mouth jump for joy. Mojanger pecan is a Swedish candy made in the shape of a spring. They have the warm, nutty flavor of candied pecans. The candy has the perfect mix of sweet and nutty. Swedish candy is all about unexpected but delightful flavors, and these fun springs are just the thing!

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Discovering Traditional Swedish Candy and Sweets

Candy in Sweden is a lifestyle. The locals love candy so much that they have forged their own way to make beautiful confections. There is nothing sweeter than discovering all the whimsical flavors and shapes of candy available in Sweden!

They are great as a snack for enjoyment or to round off a delicious meal with traditional Swedish food and cuisine.



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