10 Best Swiss Chocolate Brands and Chocolates From Switzerland To Try

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Chocolate is a staple in most people’s lives. For many, it is considered one of the major food groups in your diet. Chocolate can even influence the way you plan your vacation or your next adventure. If this sounds like you and your relationship with chocolate, then you most likely have heard of Swiss chocolate.

Switzerland is known for some of the best chocolate in the modern world. You can find Swiss chocolate brands in most grocery stores across the globe and enjoy the mouth-watering sweets from the comfort of your hometown.

You will also be able to enjoy the same Swiss chocolates when you visit Switzerland, but what about when you make the trip and actually go to Switzerland?

We’ll go over the best chocolate in Switzerland, from ones available to you at home to the exclusive experience you can have with Swiss chocolatiers on your next trip to Europe.

Chocolates In Switzerland

I was lucky enough to live in Switzerland for a few years. While I was there, I made sure to try as much chocolate as possible. I spent most weekends traveling to new towns and cantons, going on tours of Swiss chocolatiers, and finding out what chocolates the locals eat.

I found out the best chocolate to cook with, (Giandor) the best Swiss chocolate to bring home to family (Sprüngli) and the best for a snack (Toblerone). While there is a lot of chocolate I miss now that I no longer live in Switzerland, I do love that I can find Swiss chocolate in my local grocery store.

Here is a compilation of international Swiss chocolate to try at home, and also the best ones to try while in Switzerland that you won’t be able to find at home. Chocolates are, after all, some of the most famous foods in Switzerland.

Why Are Swiss Chocolates So Famous?

First, let’s talk a bit about what makes Swiss chocolate the best in the business. Most of the Swiss chocolate brands that are popular today, as well as the Swiss Chocolatiers, have been making chocolate for almost 200 years.

In the late 1800s Swiss Chocolatiers were the first to create the vital recipes and techniques that are still used today all over the world to make milk chocolate and truffles. There was even a chocolate war in the twentieth century where Switzerland played a large role in determining what kind of cocoa and the quantity of sugar was allowed in chocolate.

So, they do take all things chocolate pretty seriously. Throughout all Swiss chocolate brands, you will find the best ingredients, most traditional techniques, and the highest quality chocolate.

Here are the best Swiss chocolates to try while in Switzerland. Or you can simply order it and enjoy from the comfort of your home.

International Swiss Chocolate Brands

Lindt Swiss Premium Chocolate

Most already know of Lindt, but may not know that it is actually a Swiss Chocolate. Making delicious chocolate since 1845, Lindt has perfected the art of making chocolates. They have avariety of products from chocolate bars to truffles and are always adding new flavors.

If you’re already familiar with Lindt chocolate, try their Matcha or Swiss luxury gift box for something a little more unique.


Originating in Bern, Switzerland, Toblerone is famous all over the world for its large triangular chocolate bar. The Swiss chocolate bar is designed to remind you of the towering Swiss Alps with every bite.

This Swiss chocolate brand is famous for its crunchy filling and unique packaging.It also has an expanding variety of flavors. Though you may have only tried one of Toblerone’s chocolates, you may not have tried their many other varieties.

Check out their Tiny Swiss Chocolate Gift Set, the 9 pound Toblerone bar, or the Swiss Chocolate variety pack.


Everyone has heard of Nestle, but have you tried anything other than their chocolate chips baked into your favorite cookies? This Swiss chocolate brand is famous globally for a reason, but most haven’t tried their assortment of gourmet chocolates.

They do specialize in chocolate and have some incredible flavors with a surprisingly wide variety. However, they also make baby food, pet food, snacks, coffee and so much more. This is more of a unique Swiss chocolate brand, as most Swiss chocolatiers exclusively focus on creating chocolate.

The above 3 are internationally Swiss chocolate that you can likely find at home. Let’s dive into the spectacular chocolate you will taste while in Switzerland!

Best Swiss Chocolatiers to Try


Every time I was in Zurich, I had to go to Sprüngli. I couldn’t stop thinking about the truffles that melt in your mouth. I always have a shopping list from friends of mine who miss them just as much as I did.

This Swiss chocolatier was one of the first and was founded in 1836. Their current location in Zurich opened in 1859. As you walk into the storefront, you feel the history surrounding you.

This chocolatier transforms your chocolate tasting into a sacred experience. Make sure you have a cup of coffee in their adjoining café and dig into your chosen Swiss chocolates. I cannot speak highly enough of this Swiss chocolatier. My biggest piece of advice is to add Zurich to your list of destinations purely for Sprüngli.

You can order Sprüngli chocolates online and have them shipped to you.


One of the best Swiss chocolatier tours is Callier’s factory tour. Technically the oldest Swiss chocolate brand, Callier was founded in 1819 and is still located in Gruveres, deep in the countryside.

The tour will walk you through the history of the chocolatier, the process of making the chocolate and how it’s changed over time. You’ll get to taste a wide variety of chocolates along the way as a part of the tour.

However, you absolutely need to get their dark hot chocolate from their shop at the end of the tour. It is by far the thickest and creamiest hot chocolate I have ever had!

If you simply can’t wait until your next trip to Switzerland, you can order Callier on Amazon. Their assorted Neapolitans are a wonderful way to sample their various flavors. Their dark chocolate bars are also incredible and come in thin, long sections rather than squares.

Giandor (or Migros Budget)

This Swiss chocolatier is my favorite simply because it is true to its Swiss chocolate roots, but on a budget. When you’re in Switzerland you will see Migros grocery stores in all larger cities and most small towns.

As you wander down the extensive chocolate aisle, look for the giant green and white chocolate bar. Whether you just need a square to satisfy that chocolate craving after a meal, need chocolate shavings for your next baking adventure, or just want reliable creamy chocolate for your homemade hot chocolate, the Giandor/Migros budget brand will do the trick and more.

The best thing about this chocolate bar, is it is incredible Swiss chocolate that is also affordable.

You can order Giandor chocolate bars online, but unfortunately, the Migros sub brand is not available outside of Europe. You’ll just have to taste the giant chocolate bars on your next trip!


More Switzerland Chocolates to Try

Still looking for more to try? Check out three other Swiss chocolate brands to try from anywhere in the world!

Milkboy Swiss Chocolate

This incredible chocolate originates in the Emme-Valley region of Switzerland and originated over 100 years ago.

Named after the milk boys who traditionally bring the cows down the mountains each spring to be milked, this Swiss chocolatier is very proud of its origins and classic methods.

Their Swiss Chocolate variety pack offers a wonderful sampling of their most popular bars. However, the common favorites are the mint and the coffee flavors


Originating in Geneva, Switzerland, Genève Swiss chocolates are traditional, creamy, and worth every bite. Known for their sustainable practices and organic products, Genève is well respected throughout Switzerland and well loved by the locals.

While their chocolate bars are wonderful, you simply must try their pralines, truffles, chocolate powdered almonds and so much more, which are a bit harder to get but can be ordered through their website and are absolutely worth it.


Though Milka started in Germany back in 1901, it was a Swiss chocolatier who created the chocolate brand, so of course, Switzerland gets all the creative credit! Known for their milk chocolate, Milka may seem like your average Swiss chocolate brand, but don’t be fooled. Try their assorted variety pack to see just how much flavor Milka can pack into one chocolate bar!


Indulging in Swiss Chocolates

Whether you live life for chocolate or enjoy a taste every once in a while, I think we all can agree that good chocolate can make your day better. Swiss chocolates is one of the things that Switzerland is most famous for. I hope you enjoy this compilation of the best Swiss chocolate brands and Swiss chocolatiers and get to try something new.



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