17 Popular Macedonian Desserts In North Macedonia

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The young nation of North Macedonia has so much to discover. From great biodiversity to immersive exploration of ancient history there is so much to see and do in North Macedonia, but the most impressive thing here is the food. North Macedonia is a food lover’s dream, only no dream tastes as sweet as Macedonian desserts.

What Is Special About Macedonian Desserts

On your journey through the sweetest parts of Macedonian life, you are sure to find plenty to love. Desserts in Macedonia have the perfect balance of traditional techniques and innovative flavor combinations. Macedonian dessert makers use local flavors like figs, phyllo, and pumpkin to craft complex and delicious sweets.

North Macedonian sweets have been influenced by historical occupations like the ancient Romans and the Ottoman empire. Today’s these sweet treats are the product of rich local agriculture and a commitment to traditional pastry techniques. Every bite of Macedonian dessert is a sweet glimpse at their rich culture and history.

Most Famous North Macedonian Dessert

Kozinjak (Sweet Bread)


This beautiful Macedonian bread is a holiday staple. This deliciously sweet bread has been a part of Macedonian culture for centuries and no Easter celebration is complete without this airy and fun bread. This treat is a real showstopper; it’s a braided loaf with a wonderful sheen that will make your mouth water.

Kozinjak is a sweet bread made similarly to hot cross buns. It is a yeasted and enriched dough that is often studded with dried fruits, like raisins or currants. After baking the golden brown bread is often lightly iced and served with hot coffee or tea at holiday celebrations.

Traditional North Macedonian Desserts

Ravanija (Syrup Cake)

These rich and luscious treats are classic Macedonian cakes. Ravanija is a delectable dessert made from a flavorful semolina cake. The toothsome cake is soaked in a sugary syrup that is often flavored with additions like vanilla, coconut, or more.

This wonderfully moist cake is baked to a beautiful shade of yellow that will make your stomach rumble. This is a simple and delicious taste of Macedonian dessert!

Mekici (Donuts)


This airy Macedonian dessert is a local favorite. A crunchy and satisfying dessert that tastes like pure nostalgia. This is a wonderfully flavorful dessert made from fried dough. They might seem similar to donuts but their dough is enriched with yogurt to make the dough even tastier.

Mekici are the perfect treat for any time of day, from morning to night you will crave this poppable dessert. Top this crunchy treat with local fruit preserves.

Celufki (Meringue Cookies)


These Macedonian desserts are iconic to locals with a sweet tooth. The name comes from the word “to kiss” because they have a puckery shape that evokes kisses.

These light sweets are made from meringue and are often colored with fun pastel hues. The meringues are baked to make a lusciously crispy and sweet cookie that you will not be able to resist.

Bombici (Chocolate Truffles)


Bombici is a tasty Macedonian dessert that you will not want to resist. They are decadent bites that showcase the best of Macedonian sweets.

Bombici are chocolate truffles crafted using digestive biscuits, rich chocolate, and some form of liquor. They are lush and full of chocolatey flavor so these are the perfect Macedonian sweets for chocoholics.


Kifli (Filled Crescent Roll)


This beautifully baked treat is well-known for its satisfying and easy-to-handle flavor. Kifli are wonderful Macedonian desserts made from a yeasted and enriched dough that is rolled into beautiful crescent shapes and then baked.

The rolls are sometimes left plain or topped with sesame seeds. Often kifli are baked with delicious fillings like sweet fruit preserves, cheeses, or honey. No matter what variety you try, you will love this bite of beautiful Macedonian dessert.

Gurabii (Shortbread Cookie)


These dreamy cookies are one of the sweetest treats to be found in Macedonia. They are sensationally light and buttery cookies that simply melt away on the tongue.

Gurabii is Macedonian shortbread cookies sometimes lightly flavored with citrus, vanilla, or flower water. These delectable cookies are dusted with powdered sugar and often served with tea. Gurabii is a sweet taste of all the riches of Macedonian desserts.

Sutlijaš (Rice Pudding)


There is no dessert in the world as universally beloved as rice pudding. Sutlijaš is the Macedonian dessert version of rice pudding.

This amazingly sweet and nostalgic dessert is made from sticky rice and creamy dairy. The two combine into a thick pudding that is sweetened and infused with a wide range of flavors, including orange and cocoa. Macedonians like to dust their rice pudding with cocoa.

Vanilice (Vanilla Cookie)


The name of this Macedonian sweet means little vanilla cookies and that is exactly what they are. These lovely tea cookies are a traditional dessert throughout the whole region.

They are sweet vanilla-flavored cookies baked bite-sized and filled with a creamy citrus filling. The filling varies but these Macedonian sweets are always the perfect pick-me-up. They go well with herbal tea or local wine.

Lokum (Macedonian Confection)


Lokum is a traditional Turkish dessert that has grown strong roots in North Macedonia. These wonderful Macedonian sweets are a type of jelly candy made from starch and sugar. The flavors are as varied as the Macedonian landscape. Common flavors are pistachio, dates, walnuts, and rose water. These sugary sweets can be found in candy shops throughout North Macedonia.


This French pastry import is beloved by the residents of North Macedonia. Ekleri is the Macedonian version of the classic eclair. This Macedonian dessert is so fanciful it is practically regal.

It is made from airy pastry dough that is baked and then filled with a thick and creamy vanilla-flavored filling. Ekleri is often dressed in dark chocolate or powdered sugar. These treats can be found in bakeries across Macedonia.

Rol Oblanda

This celebratory Macedonia dessert is an absolute treasure. Rol Oblanda is a traditional rolled wafer dessert. This sweet treat is made from rolled layers of a wafer cookie and caramel filling.

Sometimes these Macedonian sweets are dipped in chocolate to finish. The fillings vary but typically include a caramel sauce. These beautiful bites are perfect with tea or hot coffee after a long day exploring North Macedonia.

Macedonian Cakes

Tikvarnik (Pumpkin Cake)


One of the most beautiful parts of Macedonia is its excellent seasons. Here you can enjoy the best of every season, including the bounty of the autumn harvest. Tikvarnik is a Macedonian dessert made to celebrate the wonderful flavor of fall pumpkins.

This tasty Macedonian cake has a dense texture from the sweet pumpkin and the flavor is simply spiced and delicious. This dessert is easiest to find in the fall and winter and is beloved as a holiday treat.

Bajadera (Chocolate Tea Cake)


This decadent sweet is well-known throughout the whole Balkans region. Bajadera is a wonderful teatime treat that people in North Macedonia love.

This little cookie is made from tea biscuits layered with delicious nougat and chocolate. The cookies are sliced small which is fortunate because you will not be able to stop eating this rich and flavorful dessert.

Vasina Torta (Almond Orange Cake)


These traditional Macedonian cakes have a romantic origin story. This legendary cake was said to have been made as a thank-you to a committed father. No matter the history of this layered Macedonian dessert, anyone who received this cake would surely be grateful!

It is crafted from three layers of cake, mousse, and meringue. The overall flavor is sweet almonds and fresh orange. They are beautiful Macedonian cakes with a bright citrus flavor.

Ohridska Torta (Walnut Cake)


These delectable Macedonian cakes have been beloved by locals for ages. This traditional dessert consists of wonderfully soft walnut sponge cakes with a custard-like filling.

Ohridska torta has a light and creamy texture that will keep you coming back for more bites. These cakes are more than tasty, though, they are also gorgeous. Typical decoration includes a lush chocolate frosting that makes this cake look simply regal.

Palačinke (Crepes)


If your sweet tooth likes to get up early why not try some delicious Macedonian dessert for breakfast? These sweet Macedonian cakes are thin, airy, crepe-like pancakes. The crepes are filled with all sorts of sweet delights like fig jam, honey, or even Nutella.

They are often folded into triangles, but the rolled version is also an accepted presentation. Try this scrumptious Macedonian dessert with a bold coffee. 

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Discovering Traditional North Macedonian Desserts

There are so many sweet things to find in North Macedonia. From the rich and bountiful agriculture to the interesting and diverse history there is a lot to discover here. Any foodie will be in paradise in Macedonia, but it’s especially great for sweet-seekers.

There are so many bold, fruit, nutty, and sweet flavors to find in this vibrant young country, so dive into traditional Macedonian desserts! They are a big part of the cuisine and a satisfying follow-up after some traditional Macedonian food.



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