25 Things Wales Is Known And Famous For

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England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales are the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. Wales seems buried under England and Scotland’s shadow but there are many things that Wales is famous for that testify to its fine culture, scenery, and how spectacular it is.

Wales is a nation located in the Western part of Great Britain and has recently gotten the attention of travelers as it has lots of fun, nature, and adventures to offer. If you’re wondering where and what these adventures can be experienced in Wales in full delight, then knowing famous things and places about Wales will come in handy.

What Is Wales Famous For?

Wales is known for its rich culture, lovely countryside, stunning coastal areas, and amazing adventures. It is also known for its heritage sites, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Blaenavon Industrial Landscape and Castles such as Conwy Castle and Caernarfon Castle. Wales is also famous for its beautiful National Parks like Snowdonia National Park and Brecon Beacons National Park which are full of natural wonders.

Cities and Travel Destinations Wales Is Known For

The Gower Peninsula

The Gower Peninsula is simply a phenomenon that is strategically located in South Swansea around the Atlantic. It has lovely beaches full of sand, very rugged cliff tops, and other attractive scenes.

The peninsula is often considered one of the most picturesque locations in the country. This was why it was picked as a location of Outstanding Natural Beauty making it a landmark Wales is famous for. 

It is well known for its unique beaches which are often thrilling because of the impact of nature which has helped shape the beach giving it a unique look


The Capital of Wales is Cardiff, it is a beautiful ancient city with interesting landmarks among which is the 2000 years castle. This castle serves as a common tourist attraction that attracts many to the city. Aside from the castle, the city is full of life, you are sure you would never get bored in the city.

Welsh Coast Path

Wales is known for its stunning coastal walk paths. These paths run along the beaches in North Wales towards Pembrokeshire in the South West and are also popular for wildlife; from endearing penguins to dolphins. On some lucky days, you may even get to see whales along the way.

Little wonder it is regarded by some as one of the most scenic paths in Britain. This coastline that Wales is famous for spans 870 miles (1400 km) in length.

It passes through eye-catching and captivating beaches, stony cliffs, and about 10 national reserves. Its trail traverses many of Wales’ beautiful remote coastlines. More than a decade ago, the coastline was recognized as the 1st coastline covering the full length of a country’s coast.

Landmarks Wales Is Known For

Caernarfon Castle

Wales is famous for having over 600 castles built throughout different periods of history. Out of these long lists of castles in Wales, Caernarfon Castles is certainly a standout.

It was constructed in 1283 and has stayed outstandingly preserved as one of the best castles in Europe all these years. This historic monument is adorned with arrays of pubs, cafés, and restaurants where you can walk around and enjoy a fun trip with your family.

Stunning Waterfalls

Waterfalls are such a beauty to behold especially when you are on a getaway making them a destination for relaxation. Wales is famous for its waterfalls and is blessed with many of them.  One of the most prominent waterfalls in Wales is the Swallow falls. It is located in a serene environment and offers an excellent atmosphere to enjoy and relax.


Snowdonia National Park is visited by tourists who love to hike or just enjoy a rough landscape. It is situated in the North West area of Wales and beautifully endowed with lakes, woodlands, and mountains.

One of these mountains housed by Snowdonia is Mount Snowdon and it stands as one of the tallest mountains in the United Kingdom. If you ask a Welsh what is Wales famous for, Mount Snowdon will be one of the top answers.

Other fun activities you can do apart from hiking and rock climbing in Snowdonia National Park are taking the Snowdon Mountain Railway, enjoying lake activities, and visiting old Welsh villages.

Brecon Beacons

Wales is famous for its upland regions, one of them being the Brecon Beacons. The region is a designated national park that borders Southern and Mid-Wales. It was named after the old signal fires or beacons which are usually lit in mountain areas. Historically, it was used to fend off intruders.

Today, this has turned into a nice paradise that attracts tourists, especially tourists who love rural adventures. It has streams of rivers that flow over stony beds and which also pass deep into the associated gorges.

With a lovely and captivating landscape that is known to be rugged with over 20 astonishing waterfalls scattered across the vast areas. Many of them are accessible to tourists, some are hidden within the Brecon Beacon Park.

Culture, Symbols, And Traditions Wales Is Known for

St David’s Day

St David’s day is celebrated every March 1st in honor of the national saints which started with St David,  the patron saint of Wales.

He was referred to as the ‘Welsh Apostle’ and David’s day is also called Welsh Day. The small city where he lived which was named after him (St David’s) is also a famous place in Wales you can tour.

St David’s day is a day of festivities where people get dressed, throw a Welsh flag around their necks, and have fun. You’ll see everyone in their traditional Welsh attire and people participating in competitions (Eisteddfod).


Daffodil is a flower that has decided to make Wales its home. You will notice plenty of them blossoming in the spring. It is considered by the Welsh as a symbol of a new dawn, closing up the dark winter and ushering in the warm spring.

Visiting Wales at this time will give your eyes a beauty of nature to behold because apart from daffodils growing all around town, the Welsh people also put them around their homes for decoration. 


If you ask a Welsh which between daffodils or leeks stands more as Wale’s national symbol, he might go for leeks. It is probably perplexing to wonder why is Wales famous for leeks.

The history behind leeks goes way back 655-682 AD when St David told the soldiers during the war to go with leeks rumored as a good luck charm

Leek has then been a vegetable in Wales and is known to cure illness so it’s added to meals and also believed to ward off evil spirits.

Wales Flag

Wales is known for its unique national flag, its national flag looks nice and interesting. On close observation of the national flag, you would notice that the flag has a red dragon on it; this red dragon has been part of the Welsh symbol for at least a thousand years.

Legend has it that Merlin who was a popular figure in Wales about 1000 years ago prophesied the emergence of the red dragon defeating the Saxon white dragon and would help in the restoration of Wales’s culture and pride.

Although this has not happened the people of Wales are still proud of their flag


Lovespoons is a tradition Wales is known for. This is a love tradition amongst the Welsh where a carved spoon is used to express romantic intentions.

This tradition dates back to 1667 and it’s a means a Welsh man uses to show his love interest his woodworking skills and that he can cater for a family. The earliest known love spoon is still at the St Fagans National History Museum.

Welsh Colloquialisms

We can’t talk about famous things in Welsh without talking about Welsh slang. There are too many of them in use in Wales making Wales famous for English slang.

Sometimes this slang may sound ridiculous to some Non-Welsh indigenes but it is just perfect in Wales. So you shouldn’t be surprised when these slang words are used around you. Common slang you’d hear around include:

  • Cwtsh: Means hug
  • Tamping: It is related to anger
  • Lush: it means amazing
  • Buzzing: Horrible
  • Chopsing: It means the discussion has lingered on more than normal.

Combined with this slang is the beautiful accent of Wales which is a bit distinct from others in the United Kingdom.

The Prince of Wales

Historically, the Prince of Wales is marred with complex bloodbath traditions. This probably explains why many warlords and kings who were non-indigenes tried to gain some level of power over the country.

Interestingly, the Welsh independence was a bloody campaign that led to a series of wars among which involved the death of Llywelyn who was the last known prince of wales and the grandchild of The Great Llewelyn. He was killed during one of those wars leading to independence around 1282.

Since then, the prince of Wales attained a fascinating and notable status in history which has become very controversial, especially among Welsh patriots. Today, the title is owned by the British Monarchical system


Ship sailing has always been part of the historical context of man. We have heard tales of how Pirates have ravaged the activities of a Ship sailing.

Interestingly, Wales has a rich history of this activity, the tales of Piracy are true and relevant. Wales was known for Piracy as it was dominated by pirates making the land inaccessible to travelers for many years.

Eventually, Seaports in Wales became a final place of refuge for several ships that were not willing to transfer their cargo to English authorities.

One of the landmarks known to have housed Pirates in Wales was Brandy Cove located in Swansea. It is a coastal beach with towering cliffs surrounding it. It was thought to have housed Pirates’ treasures.

Industries And Sports Wales Is Famous for


One of the interesting facts about Wales is that there are more sheep than humans in the country. It comes as no surprise that Wales is one of the top exporters of sheep.

This makes sheep farming a common thing here, especially for wool, and getting delicious lamb meat is even more common as sheep are the primary source of meat. 

Lamb is traditionally on every restaurant menu you will come across in Wales and you will often have to stop for sheep to cross when you go out for a ride or an early morning walk.

Coal Mining

The country of Wales is well known for its coal mining which began around the 15th century. It was around that period that coal mining activity peaked in the country.

This activity continued till around the 18th century when the industrial revolution began which ushered in a new wave of coal mining activity never seen previously.

During this era of the industrial revolution, it was estimated that over 600 mines were built to cater to the surge in demand. Among these mines included Barry and Cardiff which was said to have contributed most to the coal export to the world

Today, the mining activity in South Wales contributes less to the economy of Wales as it is estimated that about 1200 are employed by the sector.


Wales is famous for Rugby. It is also one of the predominant sports Wale is good at. Rugby is a sport that is comparable to American football. The only difference is that it does not have protective equipment. This causes bleeding in its participants.

Rugby is a sport common to the people of England. However, the Welsh people have been able to carve out a stronghold for themselves in the sport. Most of the Rugby games played by Wales are usually at Cardiff Stadium where Welsh fans cheer on their team to victories.

Usually, Wales is one of the members of the 6 Nations which include: England, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Italy. The team at the moment is ranked 9th position in the world of Rugby. If you are a lover of rugby, Wales is one of the best places to have a great watch.

Food Wales Is Known For

Welsh Cakes

This is an old and traditional meal that involves a classic baking style. Bakers use an iron griddle also known as bakestone in Wales and add sultana as a special ingredient to give it a sweet flavor.

It comes out as a sweet-smelling round gem with a pancake, biscuit, and cone taste altogether. You’re bound to enjoy the deliciousness of Welsh cakes when you visit. These are incredibly fulfilling desserts in Wales.


Cawl is served with extra care and lovingness as it is the most homely meal Wales is famous for. It is a known soup that comes in different varieties, but the common one consists of leek vegetables, potatoes, and lamb. You can enjoy your broth with fresh bread and cheese sprinkled as toppings.

Welsh Rarebit

Welsh rarebit is an easy-to-make Welsh breakfast food. Its nice taste has made it a favorite meal in the UK.  It is made with bread slices, cheese sauce, and spice.

Welsh cheese is melted into a sauce, combined with spice, and poured on hot toast. You can also pick from a variety of cheeses you like. It’s a meal Wales is known for because there’s hardly any restaurant you’ll visit where you can’t order this.

When you visit the country, be sure to check out all the delicious traditional Welsh food that is on offer.


Famous Wales People

There is much to love about the country of Wales. From its great history to lovely landmarks, it can be truly attractive but that is not all.

There are some famous Wales people you might want to meet or know about. These individuals are world-renowned and have made an impact across the globe.

Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale is a remarkable Welsh international footballer who has also captained the national team. He has played for some of the biggest teams in Europe, including Tottenham Hotspur and Real Madrid.

Bale is known for his famous ‘heart celebration’ whenever he scores a goal. His incredible dribbling skills and ability to score from long range is iconic in the sport. Gareth Bale is also the most expensive Welsh player in history.

Saunders Lewis

Sander Lewis is a renowned activist, historian, and Welsh nationalist. He is best known for his role in the creation of Welsh nationalism and national identity. Sander was also a noted poet, novelist, and playwright.

He was an advocate for the preservation of the Welsh language, culture, and history. His works have been translated into multiple languages and he has become an iconic figure in Wales.

Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas is one of the world’s most renowned Welsh writers. He is best known for his works such as “Do not Go Gentle into That Good Night,” and “Play For Voices.”

He was also a poet, playwright, and screenwriter whose work has been adapted into plays and films. His works are known for their unique use of language and vivid imagery. He is one of Wales’ most renowned literary figures.

Tom Jones

Tom Jones is a famous singer and songwriter from Wales. He was born in Pontypridd and has gone on to become one of the classic Welsh artists of all time. The talented musician has won multiple awards and nominations over his career, including Grammy.

Tom is best known for tracks such as “What’s New Pussycat,” and “Delilah.” He is an iconic figure in Wales and his music has been performed by generations of fans around the world.

These are just some of the famous people from Wales; there are many more who have contributed greatly to the country’s culture and history.

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Discovering More Things Wales Is Famous For

Wales is a beautiful country with lots of fun activities and beautiful scenery to get your eyes glued. The landscape and people are amazing. Whether you’re in Wales alone or with friends, you’ll definitely enjoy the attractions the country has to offer. Explore all places, foods, and cultures Wales is known and famous for.



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