20 Best Beaches In Palermo, Italy For Beach Vacation

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When you plan your vacation in Palermo, surely one of the first things you think about is the beaches. There are so many incredible beaches in Palermo that it can be so hard to choose which will provide you with the best experience. In an attempt to make your life a bit easier, we have put together a list of our twenty favorite beaches in Palermo.

From the closest beaches to the city and the best beaches in Palermo for families, to the best island beaches and the perfect beaches for snorkeling, we have you covered!

Our Favorite Beach in Palermo

San Vito Lo Capo Beach


While our favorite beach in Palermo is actually just over an hour and a half drive away from the city, San Vito Lo Capo Beach is absolutely worth a day or two of your vacation.

San Vito Lo Capo is a small coastal town that is full of hidden gems, incredible restaurants, local shops, and, best of all, miles of untouched coastline. The pristine beach is known as the Caribbean of Italy and for good reason. It won’t be hard to find a spot on this wide stretch of beach, as it is not only massive, but it isn’t on many tourists’ itineraries yet.

If you’re looking for more to explore, you will find plenty of historic churches and even some ruins near the beach as well. There are plenty of other beaches in Palermo that are closer to the city, which we will tell you all about next, but if you’d like the perfect weekend getaway make your way to San Vito Lo Capo. 

If you would like to extend your trip to San Vito Lo Capo, which you absolutely should, consider staying at Hotel Iride. Just a one-minute walk to the beach, this hotel has a rooftop terrace, their own bar overlooking the water, and a beautiful garden. Hotel Iride is family-run and also offers diving and boat trips along the coast which you can book during your stay.

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The Closest Beaches to Palermo

Arenella Beach

If you’re looking for a beach day but would rather not leave the beautiful city of Palermo, then you’re in luck! Arenella Beach is right in the center of the city, is surprisingly secluded, and is easily accessible.

This is one of the best beaches in Palermo because it’s actually less known than the other beaches that are close to the city center. It’s easy to find on the map, but you do have to walk through a few narrow alleys to reach the shore itself, making it easy to miss if you were just strolling through town.

Arenella Beach is made up of a combination of rocks and sand and is very comfortable to sunbathe on if you bring some towels or your own beach gear. As it is in the heart of the city, there are many restaurants and shops close by to dine at or grab a drink once you’re beached out.

If you’d like Arenella Beach to be your backyard while you’re visiting Palermo, then consider staying at Villa Di Nera B&B. A three-minute walk from the beach, this beauty has all the modern amenities you could need in addition to a private garden. Villa Di Nera Bed and Breakfast could be the perfect escape from the city while staying in the center of Palermo.

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Mondello Beach


By far the most famous and popular beach in Palermo, Mondello Beach is definitely worth a visit. One of the best things about Mondello Lido is that while it is very popular, it is so large and spread out that you will not have a problem finding a spot to relax on the golden sand.

The beach was originally swampland but was turned into this beautiful beach in the early 1900s. It’s been a favorite of both locals and tourists ever since. Plus, it’s only 30 minutes outside of the city center of Palermo, making it a great destination for an afternoon on the beach.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive beach, then this is possibly the best beach in Palermo for you to visit. Not only is the long stretch of sand lined with restaurants, bars, and shops, but you can also rent beach gear and boats to use along the shore.

If you’re interested in staying near Mondello Beach, then consider staying at Domia Boutique Hotel Mondello. This beautiful hotel is just a six-minute walk from the beach and has its own outdoor swimming pool, bar, garden, and hot tub. The design is a combination of beach and modern styles, creating the perfect environment to relax in after a day of exploring Palermo’s beaches.

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Lido Del Finanziere

If you’re looking for a smaller version of Mondello Beach that is still close to the city, then make your way to Lido Del Finanziere. On the southern end of Mondello Beach, this small lido is popular with locals, so you won’t find as many tourists along this stretch of sand. It is less known and actually more scenic than its more famous neighbor.

Lido Del Finanziere is one of the best beaches in Palermo for many reasons, but also because most will overlook the smaller beach on their way to Mondello Lido. Lined with colorful traditional fishing boats both on the shore and in the shallows of the harbor, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a small fishing village without even leaving Palermo.

Interested in staying right next to Lido Del Finanziere? Consider B&B Mondello Design. Only a two-minute walk from the beach, this small Bed and Breakfast is a little paradise. Not only will you be able to enjoy the spectacular views from your own private balcony, but you can also use the B&B’s bikes for free to explore more of Palermo.

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Addaura Beach

Known as one of the chicest beaches in Palermo, Addaura Beach should be on your list of beaches to visit. It will be a bit more expensive than other beaches in Palermo, but you will definitely get to experience a very relaxing beach day. The beach itself is lined with beach clubs and resorts, many of which have large decks that overlook Modello Bay.

Though it is more of a rocky beach, the beach clubs will provide you with everything you could need to enjoy the cool water of the bay on a hot day. From sunbeds to water shoes, you will have everything you could desire at your fingertips. Make sure to enjoy one of the many restaurants with both local and international cuisine after your day in the sun!

While you’re visiting Palermo, you may want to stay just outside of the city next to one of Palermo’s beaches with breathtaking views. If you’re interested in staying near Addaura Beach, consider Addaura Village e Congressi. A fourteen-minute walk from the beach, this beautiful hotel has an outdoor pool in case you didn’t get to swim enough at the beach, as well as ocean views from most rooms available.

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The Best Beaches in Palermo for Families

Cefalu Beach


If you’re visiting Palermo with family, you have many beaches to choose from that will be safe and fun for everyone to enjoy. An hour east of the city center is one of our favorite beaches in Palermo.

Cefalu Beach is a very wide and long beach lined with lifeguards and watchtowers, making it one of the safest beaches in Palermo for families with young children. The water is also very shallow and calm towards the two ends of the beach but does get more narrow with harsher waves at the center. All along the white sandy beach are public showers as well as stands where you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds.

While visiting Cefalu, you may decide to stay a couple of days to explore the beautiful city as well, and then you should book a room at Hotel Riva del Sole. Located just one minute walk from the beach, the hotel is also directly on the seaside promenade and gives you easy access to the town as well. The hotel itself has sea-view terraces, a private restaurant, a beautiful garden, and their own stretch of private beach.

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Capaci Beach

 Not only is Capaci Beach one of the best beaches in Palermo for families with children, it also is lined with some of the best restaurants in the area. Here you will be able to enjoy the long stretch of shallows that extend from the beach shore into crystal clear waters.

Just a thirty-minute drive west, Capaci is the perfect afternoon adventure or even weekend getaway for you and your family on your next vacation. There are several paid sections where you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as a free section, but it isn’t as well maintained as the private areas.

Capaci Beach is definitely known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Palermo, so it does get crowded on the weekends and in the summer. It is advised to visit Capaci either early in the morning, during the week, or in the off season to be able to fully enjoy everything this beach has to offer.

If you’re looking to spend more time in Capaci, consider staying at Hotel Sirenetta. This hotel is located directly on the water, has its own private section of the beach, an outdoor swimming pool, open-air bar, and private park.

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Spaggia Gorgo

One of the best beaches in Palermo for a quiet, family day at the beach is Spaggia Gorgo. On the northern side of Sicily, just 50 minutes from Palermo by train, Spaggia Gorgo is much less crowded than other beaches closer to Palermo and is absolutely worth the short trip.

This long, sandy beach has calm waters, making it safe for young children to swim in. There are also plenty of places where you can rent umbrellas and all the beach gear you could need. There are also many restaurants that line the beach, so after a full day in the sun, you’ll still be able to enjoy the view and the ocean breeze as you relax with some dinner and drinks.

Since this is a bit further from the city, you and your family can stay at one of the many Bed and Breakfasts in the area such as B&B Le Dune. Not only does this Bed and Breakfast have their own private section of the beach with sunbeds and umbrellas, but they also have a private garden and a wonderful Italian spread for breakfast.

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Our last beach in Palermo for families is in the town of Balestrate. This small seaside village is a fifty-minute drive, though takes an hour and forty minutes by train, from Palermo. This is one of the lesser-known beaches in Palermo on our list, making it a perfect spot for you and your family to enjoy a quiet beach day to yourselves.

We suggest visiting Balestrate Beach on hot days, as the water is colder than on other beaches in Palermo, which makes this beach a great location for your family to cool off. The waters are shallow at first, but do drop off and have some stronger currents, so while it’s perfect for young children to wade in, we do not suggest going too far out into the bay.

One of the best places to stay while visiting Balestrate is Stanze del Mare Hotel. Just 350 feet from the beach, this hotel has private balconies, and several lounges. It would be a great stay for you and your family on your next vacation in Palermo.

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The Best Beaches in Palermo for Snorkeling

Capo Gallo

One of the best beaches in Palermo for scuba diving is Capo Gallo, Located at the edge of a nature reserve, this beach is very secluded and harder to reach than other beaches in the area, but is absolutely worth the trek if you’re interested in seeing incredible sea life and crystal waters.

It is a rocky beach which makes it harder to access the water over the large boulders, so keep this in mind as you’re planning your beach day. As it is one of the most secluded beaches in Palermo, there aren’t any stands to rent sunbeds, umbrellas, food, or drinks, so make sure to bring everything you need for your beach day. While Capo Gallo is fairly isolated, it is very popular for scuba divers, so try to get there early to beat the crowds!

As Capo Gallo is in the middle of a large nature reserve, you can’t stay directly on the beach. However, if you’re interested in being the first on the beach in the morning, then you can stay at Il Glicine Sul Golfo. Located on the edge of the nature reserve, this hotel has spectacular views of the ocean, a beautiful garden, and balconies with most rooms.

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If you’re interested in snorkeling and exploring underwater caves, then you absolutely need to visit Sferracavallo. At the western end of Riserva Naturale di Capo Gallo, sits a beautiful village with yet another stretch of rocky shoreline. Sferracavallo is one of the most popular beaches in Palermo specifically for snorkeling.

Not only will you be able to explore breathtaking underwater caves, but you will have endless options of local cuisine to choose from the seafood restaurants along the shoreline. This village is also very popular with young travelers, so it does not have as many families or young children. 

While visiting Sferracavallo, you should stay at Palermo Mare Holidays right on the water. Just 150 feet from the seafront, this hotel has a rooftop terrace with views of the bay and is just feet away from the famous seafood restaurants that line the harbor.

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The bays surrounding Terrasini create natural pools that are the most ideal location for snorkeling. If you’re looking for the best beaches in Palermo for snorkeling then you definitely need to visit Terrasini.

Just a forty-five-minute drive from Palermo, this red rocky beach may not be the ideal spot if you’re looking to relax in the sand by the ocean. Rather, it’s the perfect location for those looking for unique experiences on the water, breathtaking views, unique shorelines, and endless caves and bays to explore.

There aren’t any stands where you can buy beach supplies or food so make sure you pack everything you need for your beach day beforehand. The town of Terrasini is just a short walk away and has many shops, restaurants, and ice cream parlors to experience. 

There is so much to explore in Terrasini, so you may want to spend a few days in the area. One of the best bed and breakfasts in the area is B&B Le Oasi. Just a one-minute walk from the beach, this bed and breakfast feels like you’re staying in a local Italian home with all the modern conveniences you could need.

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If you’re looking for a truly adventurous and unique experience while you explore the beaches of Palermo, then make your way towards Ustica. This beach is located on the volcanic island of Ustica in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It takes an hour and a half by boat from the port of Palermo and is definitely worth the trip.

Here you can explore the incredibly clear waters over a vibrant seabed, making it one of the coolest places for scuba diving and snorkeling in Palermo. It’s important to note that there is no sand at this beach, as the entire island is made up of volcanic rock. The island itself is very popular and you will find plenty of activities to do when you’ve explored enough of the water, from local restaurants to incredible hiking trails that take you all over Ustica.

If you’re set on visiting Ustica, then you should definitely spend at least one night on the island. Hotel Ariston is one of the best hotels on Ustica if you’re interested in experiencing everything the island has to offer. Here you can rent boats and dinghies or hire a guide for a private boat tour. The hotel itself has panoramic views of the cove and sea as well as a private restaurant featuring incredible seafood.  

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The Best Small Town Palermo Beaches

Aspra Beach

If you’re interested in experiencing the small town, coastal Italian beach life, then make your way to Aspra Beach. Not only is this one of the most beautiful beaches in Palermo, but the town of Aspra is full of local cuisine, art, and architecture.

As Aspra has been a successful fishing village for generations, the shore is lined with traditional, colorful wooden boats that are on dry docks along the sand as well as anchored in the gulf. Apsra beach is also famous for some of the best sunsets in Sicily. The shoreline is a great spot for swimming and it actually doesn’t get too crowded even during summer!

If you’re interested in spending some more time in Aspra, then consider staying at Bed and Breakfast Marina d’Aspra. This beautiful B&B is just a few minutes from the beach and has incredible views of the Mediterranean from each room’s private balcony.

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Another beautiful small town with an incredible beachfront is Cinisi, located just under an hour from Palermo. This is also by far the sandiest beach in Palermo, making it a favorite for both locals and tourists alike. It is a bit hard to reach on public transportation, so it’s best to make your way towards Cinisi if you are able to rent a car.

This little village is known for spectacular views, local seafood cuisine, and their significant number of food trucks! Cinisi is a great choice if you’re looking for a lazy beach day by the water and if you would prefer to continue to enjoy the views as you settle into dinner by the water.

Interested in staying in Cinisi for a bit longer? Consider staying at Florio Park Hotel. Just a two-minute walk from the beach, this beautiful hotel is actually located in the middle of a large park. It has an outdoor pool, a private section of the beach, a mini-golf course, and tennis courts. 

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The Best Nude Beach in Palermo

Spiaggia delle Vergini

One of the lesser known but more entertaining beaches in Palermo is Spiaggia delle Vergini. This is by far the best nude beach in Palermo and is actually very close to Sferrcavallo.

This beach is perfect for naturists and is large enough for visitors to be well spread out, so don’t worry about finding your perfect spot. The water is fairly calm and perfect for a dip on a hot day. There aren’t any stands that sell umbrellas, sunbeds, food or drinks so make sure you bring everything you need for your fun beach day.

If you’re interested in relaxing even more after a day out in the sun and would like to stay close to the beach, consider staying at Bellevue del Golfo Hotel & Spa. This hotel has sea-view rooms, classic-style rooms, and a private spa for you to enjoy. Plus it’s right on the water!

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The Best Island Beaches in Palermo

Delle Femmine Beach

One of the easiest island beaches to gain access to is Dell Femmine Beach located just off the Capaci coast. You can reach this island by renting a boat in the city or at Isola Delle Femmine on the mainland.

It’s important to note that both the island itself and the nearby harbor on the mainland are called Isola Delle Femmine, so keep an eye out for this detail when you’re planning your trip. The beach itself is an untouched paradise. The sandy beach is lined with crystal clear waters and a view of a turquoise horizon. The beach on the island is more secluded so make sure you bring everything you need for your beach day.

While there aren’t any hotels or bed and breakfasts nearby, there are several beautiful properties to choose from for your stay. Consider Villa Isabella on your next trip to Delle Femmine Beach. This property is just a two-minute walk from the beach and has a terrace with ocean views, as well as a private garden.

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Located four miles off the western coast of Sicily is the island of Favignana. The island is easy to access and there are several boats and ferries that will take you to the main port on the island.

While there are many beaches on the island to choose from, our favorite is Spiaggia di Marasolo on the southern side of the island. Favignana not only has some of the best beaches in Palermo, but it also has incredible nightlife with bars catering to younger crowds with happy hours and impressive seafood spreads. One of the best things about this nightlife is it doesn’t feel like an active club, but rather an extension of a relaxing beach day into the night.

If you’re going to explore Favignana then you absolutely need to stay at Miramare Residence. This hotel offers a unique experience, as it has a variety of studios, cottages, and apartments for you to choose from. All rooms are dedicated to the traditional Mediterranean style and have private patios. The hotel also has a beautiful beach as well as a private section of the beach for you to enjoy.

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This beach is by far the farthest beach on our list but is possibly the most incredible beach in Palermo. Panarea is located on the island of Ditella, which is the smallest of the Aeolian Islands and takes nearly six hours to reach. But believe us when we say it is worth it. Panarea is known as the Garden of Eden.

We aren’t the only ones who love this beach, as it’s actually a favorite of many celebrities including Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfrey. While this is one of the most expensive Sicilian destinations, it will be a very memorable trip if you’re able to make it.

One of the favorite hotels on the island of Ditella is Hotel O Palmo. Each room at this hotel has a panoramic view of the sea, the hotel itself has been family run since 1955, and we can guarantee you will be living the life of luxury throughout your stay.

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Also located in the Aeolian Islands, Salina is one of the best beaches in Palermo simply because it offers the full package of all Sicilian island experiences. Salina is located on the island of Malfa, the second largest island in the archipelago.

One of the best things about this island is that it is known for hosting some of the best wineries in all of Sicily, including Zibibbo and Malvasia DOC. Enjoy your beach day on the golden sand and then make your way to the wineries for endless wine tasting. It really does not get better than this!

Since you obviously need more than one day on the island of Malfa, consider staying at Hotel L’Ariana Isole Eolie. Just a one minute walk from the beach, this hotel was built at the beginning of the twentieth century and has the feeling of a charming colonial villa. Close to the port of Rinella, you will easily be able to hop on a ferry to explore the other islands in the Aeolian archipelago when you aren’t busy relaxing on the beach or sampling some wine.

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Discovering The Best Beaches In Palermo, Sicily

These are just a few of the best beaches in Palermo. There is an endless amount of amazing beaches that the region of Sicily offers from Palermo to Catania and more. With its sandy shores, crystal-clear water, and stunning scenery, it’s no wonder that this is such a popular beach destination. Get ready to bask in the sun and enjoy the waters of the Mediterranean coast!




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