10 Best Beaches In Venice, Italy For A Beach Vacation

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There are endless beaches in Italy and while Venice is known for its canals, the surrounding area has many wonderful beaches to choose from. What better way to enjoy your vacation than relaxing in the sun and swimming in the Adriatic Sea?

There are plenty of things to do in the city of Venice itself which can take up your entire holiday. However, if you finish your explorations in the beautiful town, make your way outside of the city to one of the many beaches in Venice that are at your fingertips.

It is important to know that most of Venice’s beaches aren’t actually in the city. This is significant because they will not be walkable and you will probably need to plan ahead a bit more than you may have anticipated. These beautiful beaches are all just a short water taxi or water bus away from downtown.

Most Famous Beach In Venice

Lido of Venice


The Lido of Venice is definitely the most famous of the many landmarks and beaches in Venice. This 12 kilometers of white sandy beach is directly between the city of Venice and the Adriatic Sea.

The different sections throughout the Lido are owned by resorts that are directly on the beach. You do have to pay a fee to go onto this part of the beach, but in these sections, you can rent sunbeds and parasols.

Not interested in paying to hang out on the beach? Head towards the southern tip of the Lido and you’ll find the free section! You can lay your own beach towel or map here and chill.

If you’re interested in staying directly on the most famous beach in Venice, then you are in luck! There are many resorts and hotels that are only feet away from the sand of the Lido of Venice, but you will pay a little, or a lot, extra to stay on the most famous beach in Venice.

Check out B&B Villa Ines for a more affordable stay that still has incredible views and doesn’t sacrifice the proximity to the beach!

The Local’s Favorite Beaches in Venice

Spiaggia del Bacan


Spiaggia del Bacan is definitely one of the local’s favorite beaches in Venice. Located on the island of Saint Erasmo, this beach is just outside of the city of Venice and is very easy to access. Don’t be fooled by the central location though. Spiaggia del Bacan is shockingly quiet and secluded, and the entire beach is free.

Consider bringing your own beach tent or chairs though, since the free beaches mean fewer sunbeds available for rent. Once you’re done with the water and the sand, wander through the surrounding gardens and orchards.

If you think you would enjoy a beachfront stay while being close to the city, consider one of the Airbnbs on the island. You can get an entire bungalow to yourself for your stay on the beach in Venice!

Lido di Jesolo


The next local favorite beach in Venice is Lido di Jesolo. This is one of Italy’s famous Blue Flag certified beaches. It is filled with resorts and fun activities for both adults and kids.

An hour north of central Venice, this 15 km stretch of white sandy beachfront is a well-known summer spot for local Italians and a favorite to bring the kids. Whether you are traveling with family or not, this beach in Venice has it all. From bars and restaurants to spas and lounges, you will be set!

To get there, you can get a convenient bus transfer from Lido di Jesolo to Venice.

If you’re ready to splurge a little, check out the Almar Jesolo Resort and Spa for the ultimate experience and relaxation. Looking for something simpler but just as close to the beach? Try Hotel Malibran on your next vacation to the beaches in Venice.

Spiaggia delgi Alberoni

Alberoni Beach, or Spiaggia delgi Alberoni, is the beach local Venetians go to when they want to stay close to the city but avoid the crowds. This lesser-known beach is at the southern tip of Lido di Venezia. It is free and is only a 30-minute ferry ride from central Venice.

Like other Venetian beaches, you can rent parasols and sunbeds at one of the bars just off the water’s edge. Keep an eye out while you’re here for the sea turtles that live off the coast!

Similar to the Lido of Venice, stays anywhere on this island are going to be more expensive. There are very affordable rooms for rent through Airbnb that are on the very southern tip of the island.


Quietest Beaches In Venice

Spiaggia di Pellestrina


Spiaggia di Pellestrina is just a ferry ride or water taxi away from Venice and one of the most authentic Venetian beach experience you can find.

Possibly the most secluded beach in Venice, Pellestrina is definitely more rugged than your other choices but comes with an incredible natural beach experience. If you’re okay with bringing all of your own beach gear, you will not regret this perfect, untouched beach experience.

Pro tip: Spiaggia di Pellestrina is different than Lido-Pellestrina which is on the very southern tip of the Lido of Venice. You want the one that is on the southern island.

If you fall in love with Pallestrina and want to stay longer, consider Locanda Stravedo. The hotel matches the simplicity of the beach itself, but provides all modern comforts for a reasonable price and is only feet from the waterfront.

Rosolina Mare Beach


Rosolina Mare Beach is quiet and a hidden gem on the Venetian waterfront. 9 kilometers long, this beach in Venice is low-key, rarely crowded, and often simply described as simple and relaxing. One hour south of the city of Venice, this beach is absolutely worth it.

Not only will you get to see more of the Italian countryside, but you will get to experience a quiet and secluded beach in Venice. Be prepared with your own parasol and sunbeds as they may be harder to find on this secluded beach.

If you’re alright with staying a bit outside of the city of Venice, consider staying by Rosolina Mare Beach! Here you will find various stays that are just feet from the waterfront and you’ll pay much less than you will in the city of Venice itself.

Best Beaches In Venice For Families

Eraclea Mare

Eraclea Mare is by far, the best beach in Venice to bring your family, especially if you have young children. At the north of Venice, this beach is close to Jesolo and has all the modern comforts you and your family may need on your beach vacation.

Eraclea Mare has wider shallows along the coastline so it’s perfect for young children to wade in the water without the threat of the ocean. There are also watchtower guards consistently positioned along the beach.

Now that you know your family will be safe, get ready for some fun! Eraclea Mare has so much to offer, from a wide variety of restaurants to art galleries and even horseback riding. Or bring your sandcastle kit and build some forts with your kids.

If you’re already in love with Eraclea Mare, then you will love the hotels in the area as well. If you’re looking for great proximity to the beach, a family-friendly stay, and affordability, consider Park Hotel Pineta & Dependance Suite



Cavallino-Treporti is also a great beach in Venice for families but offers more adventure and exploration. Known for its wide-open beachfront, this beach is free in most areas. It has many campsites available for those who are looking for some adventure.

The surrounding area is also filled with wonderful trails if you’re feeling outdoorsy and ready to hike! Also to the north of Venice, Cavallino-Treporti is a larger and less commercial beach than Jesolo so it most likely will not be crowded.

If you’re considering staying near Cavallino-Treporti for your next family vacation, consider staying at the Maribeach. Located just feet from the water, this hotel is great for families and only adds to the adventure!

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Most Beautiful Beaches In Venice



Caorle is by far the most beautiful beach in Venice and definitely the most picturesque. This is an impressive statement as all the beaches in Venice are breathtaking.

Carole is north of Venice and is divided into two beaches: Levante to the east and Ponente to the west. Make sure you make time for both sides if you make the trip.

From the historic center, the White Oasis, the mouth of the Livenza river, and the section of the beach (Bau Beach di Carole) dedicated specifically to dogs, you can use days to fully explore this beach.

If you need some extra time to explore this wonderful beach, consider staying at one of the many affordable and extravagant hotels in the area. The AQA Palace is a well rated accommodation you can consider for your vacation by the beach in Venice!


Sottomarina is known for its extremely fine, white sand, crystal clear waters, and water activities. Possibly the most modern beach in Venice, Sottomarina is to the south of Venice. The 5 km long coastline is filled with beauty and relaxation.

Whether you choose to enjoy from land or decide to go scuba diving off the shore, it is guaranteed you will enjoy this pristine Venetian beach. Once you’ve relaxed or explored enough, wander through Chioggia; a town nearby that is known as a miniature Venice. 

Ready for the most beautiful beach in Venice? Consider staying at the Mosella Suite Hotel. Though it’s on the other side of the small peninsula, it’s just a short walk from the beach!


Visiting Beaches In Venice

Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. It’s no wonder that it attracts so many tourists each year.

If you’re taking a beach vacation to relax on during your visit, these are some of the best beaches in Venice. From stunning ocean views to serene lagoon settings, there are certainly options when it comes to finding the perfect spot to soak up the sun.

Regardless of the beach in Venice that you choose, you will have a great time. It seems impossible to make the wrong choice with these Venice beaches.



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