34 Famous Fairytale Castles In Germany You Should Not Miss

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Germany is one of the top travel destinations in Europe. This is in no small part due to the wide range of things the country has to offer. There are many things that Germany is known for, one of which is the famous castles in Germany. These German fortresses will take you into a magical realm with their stunning visual aesthetics.

The castles and palaces have also been there for many years and allow you to learn about German history. Here are 34 famous fairytale castles in Germany that you can visit when traveling in Germany.

Most Famous Castle in Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle – Schwangau


When talking about the castles of Germany, you are likely to hear about Neuschwanstein Castle. It is probably the most famous and beautiful castle in Bavaria, Germany that is popular among tourists and locals.

The best part about the site is that it is romantic because of the Ammergebirge mountains in the background. They give a fairytale vibe to this famous castle in Germany.

King Ludwig II initially ordered the construction of this castle as a private retreat location. However, he died before the palace was complete and only spent a few months here. This German castle was then opened to the public a few weeks after the King’s death.

Neuschwanstein Castle is a popular day trip from Munich and nearby cities.

Castles In Munich, Germany

Apart from being a cultural travel destination, the surrounding of Munich is also home to some stunning castles in Germany. Here are the best Munich castle sites you can visit.

Hohenschwangau Castle


This is one of the best-reconstructed castles in Germany. The most unique feature of the palace is that it still has many old structures preserved, so you will get to see a good mix of new additions as well as old things. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer this German castle.

Another great thing is that it is near Neuschwanstein Castle, so you can easily include this in your castle tour. In addition, one of the wings of this castle is still owned by a Bavarian King’s family. The castle has a great aesthetic and offers a good view of the surrounding.

Blutenburg Castle

The Blutenburg may be a lesser-known small Munich castle, but it still has the offerings of a large castle. A big water moat is the characteristic feature of this palace’s location. This fairytale castle in Germany has an amazing gothic chapel from the 15th century, although the remains from the earlier eras are no longer in the castle.

This is also one of the top castles in Germany with a library. There is even a beer garden which makes this a delightful summer destination for visitors. There is a Christmas market held in this castle’s courtyard annually.

Wurzburg Residence


The Wurzburg Residence is another famous castle in German with a rich history. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been preserved for many years.

A key feature of the palace is that it is one of the best decorated German palaces, which makes it a must-visit on your trip to Munich.

There are multiple frescos in the castle, with a beautiful stateroom and chapel. You will find one of the largest ceiling frescoes in the world in this palace near the primary staircase. You also get to see the emperor’s apartment on one of the tours.

Klatenberg Castle

The Kaltenberg Castle is your typical Munich castle in Germany. However, it still offers great aesthetics to some extent. The royal family owns the castle, and prince Luitpold of Bavaria still lives there. That is why it is of great importance, and many tourists visit the palace.

The only time you can see the castle is when the Prince holds the annual medieval knight tournament. This is why getting to see this palace is more difficult than other attractions. However, the tournament is highly fun and offers a great experience.


More Castles In Bavaria Germany

While Munich is a prominent city in Bavaria, there is more to be uncovered in this interesting region. Here are the best Bavaria castle options you can add on to your castle tour in Germany.

Nuremberg Imperial Castle, Nuremberg City

The Nuremberg Imperial Castle was an important castle in the German region for the rulers. It is one of the oldest locations you will encounter in the country is a complex containing two smaller castles in Germany. This is why many people visit the site to enjoy the best views.

Members of the Zollern dynasty lived in this palace in the past and were highly powerful. Nowadays, this Bavaria castle is used for holding special events. It has also undergone structural changes to meet the demands of the current century.

Nuremberg is a nice medieval town to visit and there are many tours that brings you through the sites with interesting history of the city.

Burghausen Castle, Burghausen Town

The Burghausen Castle is one of the best fairytale castles in Germany because of its rich history. For instance, this is the longest castle in the world. Besides that, many powerful Germans have lived in this Bavaria castle for decades. Celts and Romans were also a fan of this famous castle in Germany.

Another great thing to remember about this German castle is that it has never been conquered. A narrow ridge is also present near the palace and adds to its appeal. The curtain wall of the castle is also intact and shows the construction power of the site. You will also learn more about the history of the Middle Ages when visiting this castle.

Thurn Und Taxis Castle, Regensburg

Schloss Thurn und Taxis is one of the biggest private castles in Germany and was owned by the original family. Not only that, but it is also in use by the members. So you might encounter a princess on your castle tour of this palace. Of course, you must remember that you can only explore the staterooms of the site.

A great thing about this famous castle in Germany is that it is easily accessible by train. Once you reach Regensburg, you can walk to the palace because of the short distance. The interior will satisfy your needs and help you enjoy the day.

Trausnitz Castle, Landshut

The Trausnitz Castle is built on elevated land in Germany and can be seen from a great distance. This is why it is one of the best German castles you can explore. Originally, the palace had the same name as its town, but it was changed to Trausnitz in the 16th century. The interior and exterior of the palace are aesthetic.

You will see multiple chapels, ancient walls, and three Gothic altars. The balcony will also provide you with a beautiful view of Landshut town. This castle also has a Chamber of Art with an extensive collection. So whether you are a history buff or an art lover, this fairytale castle in Germany has something for everyone.

Cadolzburg Castle, Furth District

The Cadolzburg is one of the top castles in Germany for sightseeing. It was made earlier than 1250, providing an aesthetic experience to the guests. You can explore the chapels, gardens, and many other parts of this Bavaria castle. The palace has also been named after the town it is located in. This is why you can readily access the castle at any time.

This site is also one of the famous castles Germany offers with a residence status. However, it lost its title after the Zollern regions were divided. The castle also caught fire some years ago, and its renovation was completed around 2016. This means that you can easily visit the castle without worrying about not getting entry.

Prunn Castle, Riedenburg Town

The German castle offers an aesthetic view to the guests because it is located on a rocky top. This is why the Burg Prunn overlooks a stretched river that is relatively long. The view adds to the site’s appeal and attracts visitors from all parts of the world. The castle was also founded in 1200, and it allows you to enjoy the great German history.

A great feature of the Burg Punn is that it is the best site for history lovers. Exhibitions are held in different parts of the castle, and you will encounter themed rooms. These are designed to help the public learn more about the Burg Prunn without issues. If you want to understand German history and aesthetics, this German castle should be your top choice.

Harburg Castle, Harburg Borough

Schloss Harburg is one of the best castles in Germany because of the different statuses. For instance, this palace is larger than most other German palaces. It is also one of the oldest castles Germany offers to visitors. So you can learn many new things about the region’s history and rulers. Many Bavarian kings used this castle throughout their rule for different reasons.

If you visit this site on a castle tour, Germany offers, you will visit multiple parts of the location. For instance, you can see the church, courtroom, battlement walks, and the Prince’s building. The best part is that you can also encounter a themed castle tour in Germany for this palace. So you can also visit the place with your children and help them understand German history.

Zwernitz Castle, Wonsees

The Burg Zwernitz has been present in the German region since 1156. You should remember that the construction date of this palace can be earlier. The Walpoten family had an official seat in this famous German castle. A great thing about the palace is that many parts of the location have been preserved.

So if you want to view early aesthetic art, you must visit the Burg Zwernitz. This castle has a medieval structure and offers an excellent historical experience. It is also relatively away from the noisy town life so you can easily enjoy the site. The green grass and trees also offer an excellent natural backdrop.

Leuchtenberg Castle Ruins, Leuchtenberg Municipality

The Leuchtenberg Castle was home to a prominent German family during the early era. This is why you will easily encounter many historical facts about this place. However, this is also one of the top castles in Germany with a sad history. After the managing family of the palace died, it fell into despair.

This is why the Leuchtenberg castle ruins may appear different than other castles in the German region. The palace was restored in 1902, and many changes were made. However, the castle has been preserved since then. So you can easily enjoy the ruins of that era. You will also encounter many tours of this castle.

Weissenstein Castle, Pommersfelden

The Weissenstein Castle is another excellent place you will encounter in Germany. It was built as a summer residence in 1711 and had great importance in the country’s history. The best part about the palace is that it is one of the best-preserved castles in Germany. This is why you must visit the site if you want to see the medieval structure in its best state.

It also took ten years for the interior decoration of this castle to finish. This is another reason why many tourists love this place. You can enjoy aesthetics, independent visits, guided tours, and much more at the Weissenstein Castle.

Lauenstein Castle, Salzhemmendorf

The Lauenstein Castle is a famous castle in Germany because it is near the border with Thuringia. This Bavaria castle is also in the northernmost region of the country. It had great structural importance in the early era because of its hilltop position, which was necessary for keeping a watch around the border.

This German castle also fell into despair during the 19th century. So it was repaired and has been turned into a museum with twenty rooms. You can view armor, weapons, furniture, and much more at this castle. The best part is that they are medieval and hold historical importance.

Best Frankfurt Castle In Germany

Here are some of the top famous German castles in and around Frankfurt that you can visit.

Saalburg Roman Fort

The Saalburg Roman Fort in the Hessen state lies just 30 minutes away from the bustling city life of Frankfurt. A backdrop of the Taunus mountains makes this German castle a must-visit site. The location will take you into a different realm away from the skyscrapers of Frankfurt.

This frontier is one of the oldest castles in Germany and dates back to the Roman Empire. Of course, the main gate and some structures were rebuilt 100 years ago to secure the castle. However, you still encounter the ruins of various Roman villages in the region. This is why it is an essential site to visit.

Auerbach Castle

The Auerbach Castle lies along the Bergstrasse in the southern region of Hessen. This is why it is just a short trip away from the city of Frankfurt. You can explore the multiple fun activities at this site. Knight tournaments happen here more frequently than at other castles Germany offers.

Besides that, you can also enjoy reenactments and other medieval games for fun. So the castle is suitable for keeping adults and kids engaged. You will not be bored on your trip if you decide to visit this Frankfurt castle.

Castle Diez

Castle Diez is a famous castle in Germany because it has traditional German architecture. The palace was formed during the Middle Ages, but it is now used as a youth hostel. There may not be many activities to do at this Frankfurt castle, but you will still not be disappointed because of the location.

Traditional German bars and restaurants are present in the vicinity to help you enjoy your time. The narrow streets and alleys will also make you feel like you have entered a fairytale era. This is why Castle Diez is the top palace for enjoying an authentic and traditional experience.

Steinau Castle

Steinau Castle dates back to the Renaissance era and captures the authentic fairytale charm. This is because the location is dedicated to a fairytale author duo called the Brothers Grimm. There is a unique appeal to this famous Frankfurt castle which attracts many visitors.

The castle may also motivate you to learn more about the Brothers Grimm and their writings. You can explore the large palace within a few hours and enjoy the natural surroundings. The lush green grass and bushes also offer an aesthetic background for pictures.

Rheinfels Castle

Rheinfels Castle is on the west bank of the Rhine River that crosses Germany. It was built in 1245, making it one of the largest castles Germany has. The palace is away from the noisy city life and offers a serene atmosphere.

You will also love the mesmerizing view that overlooks the Rhine. So you may believe that you have entered a fairytale. The castle’s museum is also one of its appealing factors because it was formerly the palace’s finished chapel.

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Other Amazing Castles From Around the Country

Heidelberg Castle


Heidelberg Castle is one of the most beautiful pieces of structure you will ever see. As the name suggests, this German castle is in Heidelberg. It was damaged back in the 17th and 18th centuries due to war and natural elements. However, there have been works to rebuild the castle to its old glory.

Currently, parts of the castle are still in ruins however once the castle has been rebuilt it will be nothing less than a castle out of a Disney movie. The castle sits on a hillside which means that if you can get a really nice view of the city on top of the structure.

The Wartburg Castle


The Wartburg Castle is another very popular destination for tourists. It was built back in the middle ages and is also the place where the Bible (New Testament) was translated into the German language for the first time by a theologian Martin Luther. 

It is also part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Most of the castle was rebuilt in the 19th century. If you ever get a chance to visit the Wartburg Castle, don’t forget to get to the top to see the beautiful view of the greenery in the surrounding.

Hohenzollern Castle


This has to be one of the most beautiful castles in Germany. The castle is located on the top of Mount Hohenzollern, it is one of three beautiful castles built on the same site but in different time periods. Hohenzollern Castle is the third castle and was built in the 19th century. It is a sight to behold.

The castle also contains some valuable historical artifacts including a thank you letter from George Washington to Baron von Steuben (a Hohenzollern relative of George Washington) for his services in the American revolutionary war. This castle is of great historical significance which is why it is also one of the most visited places in the country.

Burg Eltz


Home to the Eltz family, the Burg Eltz castle has been standing its ground for 700 years. It is still under the ownership of the Eltz family.

The beautiful surrounding and the amazing architecture make it one of the most visited castles in Germany. It can be an ideal location for a movie that needs a fairytale castle setting.

You will have to hike up the 70-meter-high rock in order to reach this fabulous structure. One of the best things about Burg Eltz is that the castle still has most of its original furnishing.

Lichtenstein Castle

When thinking about a fairy tale and a castle what are some of the stories that come to mind? One of them has to be a princess being held up in a castle waiting for his prince charming to come and rescue her.

This castle has the perfect architecture for that. The tower can be a great place for Rapunzel to live and dry her hair out of the window. The beautiful gothic architecture of Lichtenstein Castle makes it one of the most visited castles in Germany.

Schwerin Castle


Remember the beautiful castle in Disney’s Aladdin with the Golden Domes. The Schwerin Castle brings that to life. Despite so many beautiful castles in Germany, this has to be one of the most beautiful. 

It is also a relatively newer castle than most of the other castles as it was only built in the mid-1800s. Not only is the exterior of the castle exquisite but the interior is also very beautiful with high-quality furniture, paintings, rooms, and gardens.

Reichsburg Castle


Reichsburg Castle is also known as Cochem Castle. This German castle dating back to the 1100s has a long history. In the late 17th century the castle was destroyed by French Troops. It stayed in that position until Louis Ravene wealthy German businessman bought the castle and decided to rebuild it.

However, he did not keep the original architecture and style of the castle and changed it according to his preferences. Today, you can not only visit the castle but also enjoy several different activities at the castle, such as the falcon shows, performances by jesters, and delicious historical cuisine.

A popular activity in Cochem is to take a boat cruise to admire the surrounding and the Reichsburg Castle.

Drachenburg Castle

Drachenburg castle literally translates to Dragon Castle and there is a reason for that. Legend has it that a hero once slayed a dragon on the hill where the castle is constructed upon. This mythical story adds a sense of uniqueness to this beautiful German castle.

The castle has served multiple purposes over the years from being a summer resort to becoming a chapel and a school. There were also plans to turn the castle into an amusement park, although that did not happen.

The castle was also heavily damaged in during World War II. After the war, the castle was turned into a training center. The castle has been privately owned since the 1970s but the owners have opened it for visitors.

Schönburg Castle


We can’t make a list of German castles without mentioning the Schönburg Castle. It was built around the time 911AD and has always been one of the most beautiful castles in Germany.

Like most of the other castles, Schönburg Castle was also destroyed during a war. This happened at the end of the 17th century, and the castle was left in ruins for almost 200 years subsequently.

However, the castle has since then been restored. It has also changed ownership over time as well. The castle’s tallest tower reminds you of Disney world. It is certainly a beautiful castle evident from the groups of tourists visiting the castle over the years.

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Best German Palaces For Sightseeing

Here are the best German palaces you will encounter when searching for castles in Germany.

Linderhof Palace

The Linderhof Palace was built in 1869 during the era of Maximilian II and Ludwig II. It is one of the most famous German palaces in the country. The construction of the palace was complete while Ludwig was alive. This is another factor that adds to the appeal of the Linderhof Palace.

A great feature of the palace is that it has been inspired by French castles. This is why the interior is outstanding and will keep you engaged. The palace also has many decorative buildings. For instance, you can observe the fountain with basin, Moorish kiosk, and other attractions.

This is a common castle to visit together with the Neuschwanstein Castle.

Nymphenburg Palace


The Nymphenburg Palace was founded as a summer residence for multiple Bavarian rulers. It has been designed using Italian features and offers an aesthetic appearance. This is also one of the best German palaces because of a large waterfall, four pavilions, and a grand circle.

However, the most prominent feature of the palace is the Gallery of Beauties. This includes portraits of 38 society women from Munich. The pictures were commissioned by King Ludwig I. Mozart also played once in this German palace, and it is the birthplace of King Ludwig II.

Herrenchiemsee New Palace

This is one of the castles in Germany because of its unique location. The palace was built on the largest island of Lake Chiemsee and modeled on the Versailles Palace. Herrenchiemsee New Palace was designed as a private retreat for King Ludwig and is one of the most expensive fairytale castles in Germany.

You will find many similar features to the Versailles Palace in this castle. Of course, some of them are better. For instance, the Great Hall of Mirrors in this palace is two meters longer. A museum about King Ludwig II is also present in the castle’s south wing.

Residence Palace

The Residence Palace was a prominent place for many Bavarian Kings in the early era. This castle has more than 130 staterooms and apartments so you will have many things to see. However, you can still get done with your castle tour within four hours.

The best part of the palace is its Treasury Museum on the ground floor. The Cuvilles Theater will also offer you an authentic insight into the early era. You can tour both the parts of the palace in one tour.

Discovering Famous Castles in Germany

These are just some of the famous fairytale castles in Germany. Whether you are a fan of Disney movies or architecture, there is something for everyone among these German castles. The architecture of the buildings is amazing.

Meanwhile, you can learn about the history of King Ludwig and other rules if you’re a history lover. Each of these palaces has its own unique features and history that make it worth visiting. When it comes to discovering the famous and beautiful castles in Germany, you will not be disappointed.

Don’t forget that castles are just one of the many famous landmarks in Germany, and there are many more things to be discovered in this European country.



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