7 Best German Chocolate Brands And Chocolates From Germany

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Chocolate is a wonderful treat to satisfy even the most stubborn sweet tooth. There are plenty of European countries that make delightful chocolates, but one of the best has to be Germany.

As the country borders Belgium and Switzerland, it’s no wonder the country has awesome chocolates. Germany is quite the innovative country when it comes to candy – they even invented the famous Gummy bear! There’s no wonder their sweet treats are delightful.

With so many amazing chocolates from Germany, you may feel overwhelmed choosing one. This list of the best 7 chocolates in Germany will help you decide which you like the best. If you’re still unsure, then try all the German chocolates on this list!

All of these chocolates from Germany are also available on Amazon, so there is no need to travel all the way to Germany to get these! If you live near an Aldi, you may find some there as well.

What makes German Chocolates Special?

Germany is famous for having its innovative sweet treats and that includes its chocolates. The European country is well known for making some of the most famous seasonal sweets like chocolate bunnies for Easter! These seasonal chocolates in Germany have become staples in our grocery stores. 

In addition to being innovative, chocolate in Germany is made with only the best quality ingredients. Most of the cocoa beans used come from countries in Africa and Latin America. This blend of cocoa flavors creates a distinct flavor that people can’t get enough of.

Best German Chocolate Brands and Chocolates from Germany

Ritter Sport

There is almost no German chocolate as famous as Ritter Sport. With their famous chocolate squares, Ritter Sport has a variety of high-quality chocolate flavors.

This is one of the best chocolate brands in Germany and is easy to find around the world. The company has been around for over a hundred years, so you can imagine that they have had plenty of time to perfect their chocolate blend. 

Ritter Sport has a range of flavors from the classic milk chocolate to yogurt flavored bars! Experiment with the different flavors and see which you like the best. Their squares are a good size, but their regular chocolate bars are very big! You will be able to enjoy Ritter Sport’s rich and luxurious chocolate for a long time.

If you’re not sure which flavor to try first, Ritter Sport’s hazelnut chocolate is their most popular. This chocolate from Germany is delicious and absolutely rich. Give it a try!


If you haven’t heard the name “Milka,” you have probably seen their famous packaging! With its soft lilac packaging, Milka chocolate is one of the most instantly recognizable German chocolate brands.

Though Milka was first founded in Switzerland, its chocolates are made in Germany and are widely considered a German chocolate. Many chocolates from Germany on this list are famous for their variety of flavors, but Milka is most known for their plain milk chocolate

Their chocolate is made from alpine milk which is more flavorful than regular cow’s milk. It is a higher quality cow’s milk, and gives a unique smell that differs from most other chocolates.

It may not seem like a huge difference, but the alpine milk brings a whole different flavor profile to the German chocolate. Give this famous chocolate from Germany a taste and see just how much of a difference alpine milk makes!

Moser Roth

Moser Roth is one of the oldest chocolate brands in Germany. This chocolate from Germany was originally created in 1841! And it is still going! Though their chocolate is delicious, Moser Roth has quite a long history.

When they started out, Moser Roth grew to be one of the biggest factories in the country. Sadly, the factory was burned down during the second World War. This would have stopped many companies, but Moser Roth rose from the ashes in the 1940’s and continues to excel today. 

They have a large range of chocolates, but their truffles are the most popular. This is due to the perfectly creamy ganache that is in each bite of Moser Roth chocolates.

There are classic truffle flavors, but there are also many unique flavors like mint or strawberry rhubarb. Get a mix of truffles and see which you like the best! Each box of Moser Roth truffles is packed in elegant boxes, so you can give them as gifts to your favorite people (or for yourself).


Though the name is French, it is a delicious chocolate from Germany. “Merci,” means “thank you,” in French, which is exactly what people will say when they receive this chocolate!

The German chocolate has quite a unique shape and packaging that give it the appearance of a present. Rather than a simple chocolate bar, Merci chocolates look like two chocolates were smooshed together. It gives a luxurious vibe without the luxury price tag. 

Each chocolate is wrapped in bright colored paper that makes it stand out from the rest. There are plenty of flavors to try out, but one of the most popular has to be the Mousse au Chocolat.

With its creamy filling, there’s no wonder that people can’t stop eating it! Whether you are giving this chocolate from Germany to your friend, or to yourself, they’ll be sure to say, “merci!”


One of the best things about Hachez is that it is one of the few German chocolate brands that is family-owned. Originally created in 1890, the German chocolate has continued to be passed down through each generation. Even the recipes have stayed the same over all these years!

There is no wonder why Germany loves this chocolate so much. Though Hachez has become one of the most popular chocolates from Germany, Hachez has stayed making chocolate from the one location. They’re definitely a true German chocolate! 

Hachez may have a sweet history, but their chocolates are even sweeter! You can try their awesome milk chocolate bars, but they are most known for their flavored chocolates. You will find some interesting combinations in Hachez bars, like strawberry and pepper. It’s sweet, tart, and spicy – all in one bite.

You will experience numerous flavors all at the same time when eating this chocolate from Germany. Try some of their other unique flavors and see which you like the best!



The best part about eating a chocolate bar has to be sharing it with your closest friends and family. But sharing chocolate isn’t always easy. As soon as you break off a piece, you leave a melted fingerprint in your friend’s chocolate square! But worry no longer, Schogetten has you covered.

Rather than being one solid bar, Schogetten chocolate bars come pre-cut, so you can share them with ease. They are well loved for their shareability, but also for their affordability. 

Their signature chocolate bar is their milk chocolate, but they do have some other classic flavors. The German chocolate’s flavor has been likened to a sweeter Milka bar.

If you’re not a big fan of sweeter chocolates, Schogetten may not be the chocolate for you. But, it is well worth a try! Bring a bar of Schogetten to your next hangout, so everyone can try this awesome chocolate from Germany.


Hailing from the small town of Lübeck, Niederegger has become famous over the years for their exquisite marzipan chocolates. First opened in 1806, the German chocolate brand has become one of the most luxurious chocolates in Germany.

The quality of Niederegger’s chocolates and marzipan has made it stand the test of time. These chocolates are of such high quality, that they were once only eaten by German royalty.

Luckily, the family-owned chocolate has become available for non-royalty! But, that doesn’t mean they cut down on their standards. From their nougats to marzipan chocolates, their chocolates are some of the best!

They may cost a bit more than other chocolates from Germany, but they are well worth the price. Split a box of these luxurious chocolates with your friends and family, and see what all the hype is about!

Indulging In Chocolates From Germany

Germany is famous for many things, one of them being chocolate. With its rich taste and creamy texture, it’s no wonder the European country is so famous for chocolate.

There are so many German chocolate brands that choosing one can be overwhelming. Start off with the best chocolates from Germany on this list, then explore other brands as well.

Each brand has their own unique spin on the classic sweet treat, so see which fits your tastes the best.

Rather than going for your usual chocolate bar, do some “traveling” from home! Grab some of these chocolates from Germany on Amazon, and see why German chocolates are so loved.

With their mild chocolate profile and smooth texture, even chocolate haters end up enjoying chocolates from Belgium! Try these delicious Belgian chocolates and see which is your favorite.



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