10 Powerful Tips on Fiverr Gigs Image Size and Optimization

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As a Fiverr seller, you know that having great gig images is key to getting more impressions, clickthroughs, and sales. Not only should you optimise your Fiverr gigs image size but also make sure the images are high-quality and professional-looking.

In this article, we will look at the official Fiverr gigs image size and also what factors to consider when creating great Fiverr gig images that get results!

Fiverr Gigs Image Size

As of 2022, the size of the Fiverr Gig image or thumbnail should be 1280 x 769 px (Width by Height) at 72 DPI. The file size should not exceed 5MB and the recommended formats are JPEG, JPG, PNG.

The minimum gig image dimension is 712 x 430 px and the maximum is 4000 x 2416 px. 

However, if you only upload a Fiverr Gig image of 712 x 430px, chances are it may be blurry or pixelated. What you want to do is to scale up the dimension based on the aspect ratio. Ideally, also scale up the DPI of the image. This will allow the image to be of higher resolution.

You can also see how it previews and adjust accordingly.Getting your Fiverr Gigs image size right and optimized is the first step towards building a strong profile.

If you are not a designer, Canva is a great free tool with ready to use template to create a professional thumbnail.

Optimizing your Fiverr Gig Images

Now that you know the Fiverr Gigs Image size, let’s talk about how to make sure your images are optimized. This is important because you want Fiverr users to see your images clearly and also rank high in Fiverr’s search engine.

Ensure your Fiverr gig images are high resolution and clean

That said, one of the main tips is to make sure your Fiverr gig images are high quality. This means they should be clear, sharp, and free of any distractions.

Regardless of what your image contains, you want to make sure it doesn’t show up blurry or cluttered as it immediately conveys a sense of poor quality or caution to viewers.

Image Credit: Fiverr.com

Determine the right images for your services

Your Fiverr Gig image is dependent on the services you are offering and should correlate to your services.

If you are doing design or videos – something that is visual, it is best to display something related to your work. Showcase video samples and design portfolio.

If you are offering services like Writing or Virtual Assistant whereby a small image of your work wouldn’t really give potential buyers a good idea of what you are doing, then you want to include professional photos of yourself.

If you’re not a professional photographer, that’s okay! You can still take great photos with a decent camera or even your smartphone. Just make sure the lighting is good and that the image is in focus.



Make it relevant to target audience group

That said, ensure sure your Fiverr gig images are relevant to your target audience. This means using images that will resonate with the people you’re trying to reach. For example, if you’re targeting stay-at-home moms, using an image of a mother and child would be more effective than an image of a businesswoman in a suit.

If you are offering niche services to realtors, make sure the workpieces you display are relevant to the real estate industry rather than putting materials for pet stores.

Maximize the power of images to convey benefits

For some services, you can use images to show off the results of your work. This means using before-and-after photos, screenshots of positive reviews, or even videos of you in action. These types of images will give potential buyers a better idea of what they can expect from your gig.

Image Credit: Fiverr.com

Make your Fiverr gig images standout visually

Make sure your Fiverr gig images are visually appealing. This means using attractive colors, fonts, and layouts that will grab attention and hold it. Remember, people are visual creatures, so the more aesthetically pleasing your images are, the more likely they are to click on your gig.

One of the main tips on your Fiverr Gig Image is to make it stand out differently from others.

What you want to do is to check out the search results on Fiverr for the keyword/service you are offering. Look at what all the other Fiverr Gig Images are displaying and determine how you can stand out more visually from that field of competition.


Don’t flood your Fiverr gig images with text

When laying out your Fiverr Gig Image, make sure there is a clear draw to attention. Avoid cluttering the image with way too much text.

Have a clear content hierarchy. Think about what you want the viewer to see from the image in a split second, and make sure that is what stands out immediately at first glance.

Colorful graphics and big headlines usually draw more attention than small bullet points.

Image Credit: Fiverr.com

Use positive language on your Fiverr gig images

In addition, use positive and upbeat language in your Fiverr gig images. This means avoiding words like “failure,” “mistake,” or “rejected.” Instead, focus on words like “success,” “achievement,” and “approved.” Positive words drive positive emotions and increase the likelihood of clickthroughs.

Make good use of the limited text

That said, use descriptive titles for your Fiverr gig images. These should ideally include yout target keywords as well. They should also give potential buyers an idea of what they can expect from your gig.

For example, a title like “Get More Followers on Instagram” is much more effective than “Instagram Marketing Services.” The former is simple and mentions the benefits, while the latter is referring to the service.

Ultimately, buyers are looking to “buy” the outcome/benefits of the service rather than the service itself.

Include keywords on Fiverr gig images

Make sure your Fiverr gig images are keyword-rich. This means including keywords in the file name that describe what the image is about.

For example, if you’re selling a gig that provides social media marketing services, your image might be named “social-media-marketing-services.jpg”. Remember to tag the images in your image galleries with the relevant keywords.


Diversify your Fiverr gig images

Make use of all the space you have on Fiverr’s image galleries to showcase your work. These galleries are a great way to show off multiple images at once. You might want to diversify them to show different aspects of your work.

For example, designers can have one showcasing details of a specific piece, and one image showing mockups for various pieces, etc. They’re also a great way to include keywords in your image titles and descriptions.

Optimizing your Fiverr Gigs Image Size and Display

As a Fiverr seller, you want to put your best foot forward, and make sure that your gigs look as professional as possible.

Fiverr Gig Images are an important part of your Fiverr Gig. They are the first thing potential buyers will see, and they can make or break a sale.

By following these tips, you can be sure that your Fiverr Gig Images are properly optimized and that they’re getting the attention they deserve.

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