20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Israel [Explained]

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Israel is the technological center of the world, as it has been making strides in this industry for a long time. However, it is also a country with a lot to offer its visitors besides savvy technology and gadgets. There are many fun facts about Israel to explore and experience.

If you want to know more about the culture, and history of this country, here are some interesting Israel facts that show different facets of this nation.

Historical Facts About Israel

Israel’s history has a lot to do with religion and nature. Both of these things are important throughout the country. Here are some facts about Israel and its interesting history to help you understand it better.

It Is The Historical Cradle Of The Biggest Religions Worldwide

Israel is the cradle for some of the biggest religions throughout the world. These include Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Bahai, and many others. Throughout the country, you will find many religious sites that you can visit.

There Is A Tree That Dates Back To 1,500 to 2,000 Years Ago

Five decades ago, Israel did not have as many trees as it does now. However, you will still find a jujube tree in Ein Hatzeva, which is known to be the oldest tree in the entire country. The tree goes back a thousand or two thousand years ago, and you can visit this beauty.

The Church Of The Holy Sepulchre Has A Ladder Since The 18th Century


There is a wooden ladder propped up against the window of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre since the 18th century. Unfortunately, no one can move this ladder because six different churches manage the building. As a result, none of them can agree as to the owner of the ladder.

Cultural Facts About Israel

Most of the culture of Israel comes from its past, food, technology, and everything else it is famous for. Here are some facts about Israeli culture that will give you a deeper glimpse into its culture:

Technology Is At The Heart Of The Culture


If there is one thing that Israel is known for throughout the world, it is the technology it has to offer. For example, voicemail technology was developed here, so was the technology of the original cell phone, and much more.

It is a hub for all tech lovers that want to explore new avenues and has a thriving startup scene.

There Are Seven Different Ways To Eat A Krembo


Krembo is one of the most famous snacks in the country, and there are seven different ways you can eat it. Definitely take the chance to try this snack out whenever you visit the country. You can find your favorite way to eat it and enjoy it while traveling around.

People Eat More Than 24 Million Donuts During Hanukkah


Donuts are known as sufganiyot in the country, and the locals eat at least twenty-four million of them. Of course, this is not an occurrence that happens throughout the year. Instead, the locals consume this amount when they have a holiday of Hanukkah for eight days.

But don’t be mistaken! Apart from all these sweet treats, there are plenty of delicious Israeli dishes that are waiting to impress the hungry traveler.

Interesting Facts About Israel For Kids

It is certainly advantageous to learn about this technological force of the world. Here are some facts about Israel for kids to help them know more about this country.

There Are More Museums Per Capita Than Any Other Place


When you compare Israel to other countries in the world, it has more museums per capita than anyone else. That is because there are more than 230 museums, and new ones will keep opening up.

One of the most popular and meaningful museums is The World Holocaust Remembrance Center. In addition, the country is also going to open a new museum soon that will be dedicated to women.

It Has The Most Start-Ups


Museums are not the only thing that is abundant in Israel. Instead, the country also has the highest number of startups per capita. Because of this, many people also call Israel The Start-Up Nation.

To learn more about this aspect of the country, The Startup Nation book by Dan Senor and Saul Singer is a wonderful read.

One of the surprising facts about Jerusalem is that even this ancient capital city that is typically known for its religious and historic sites, also boasts a thriving innovation scene.

There Is An Underwater Restaurant Here

The country is home to one of the few underwater restaurants that you will find around the world. You can indulge in a delicious Middle Eastern meal while admiring the marine life in the Red Sea.

It is called The Red Sea Star and offers a luxurious, unforgettable dining experience. If its within your budget, be sure to enjoy a meal here when you visit.

There Is Braille Writing On Israeli Banknotes


One of the most interesting things about Israeli banknotes is that they include braille writing. The government has done this to ensure that even the blind can accurately identify all the notes. So they don’t have to worry about being scammed or taken advantage of when paying for things.

Useful Israel Facts For Travelers

Close to five million tourists visit Israel annually, and you can too. The country has a lot to offer, from beautiful sites to beaches, nature, and much more. Here are fun facts about Israel to help you explore the country.

There Are Thousands Of Archaeological Sites Within The Country


Israel is an ancient country, which is why you will find thousands of archaeological sites throughout the country. Just Jerusalem has more than 2,000 sites for you to explore. So, be sure to book different day trips and explore all these sites that Israel has to offer to its locals and visitors.

The Port City Of Eilat Is A Trade Free Zone


Eilat is a port city, and its best feature is that it is a duty-free and Free Trade Zone. This means that you don’t have to pay any taxes on the items you buy. In addition, this is a great spot to indulge in banana boating and snorkeling to discover the beautiful ocean.

There Is A 2000 Year-Old Bath Complex

Israel has the 2nd largest bath complex that was built in the Roman Empire. If you love the spa, then you will love coming here to relax. The bath complex has an ancient style, as it is two-thousand years old, and you will find it at Hamat Gader.

Israel Has Close To 140 Beaches


There are close to 140 beaches throughout Israel that will provide you with incredible views and fun activities. Locals love to play matkot by the coast; it is like a tennis game with scores or a net. It is quite an addictive game for the active soul, be sure to join in the fun if you get the chance.

Common Facts About Israel

Here are some general Israel facts that most people forget about.

Tel Aviv Is The 5th Most Expensive City


Tel Aviv was named the 5th most expensive city in the world for people to live in. While the city has much to offer from stunning beaches to vibrant nightlife, it doesn’t come cheap. If you plan on moving to this city, make sure you understand the costs associated with it.

The Country Takes More Immigrants Than Anyone Else


Israel is known for being more receptive to immigrants than other countries. The country was founded in 1948, and more than three million have immigrated there since then. If you are skilled in tech, you will find a lot of opportunities in this field.

The Country Recycles 90% Of The Waste Water It Creates


Israel is the leading nation for water recycling, as it recycles at least 90% of the wastewater that it creates. When you compare this to other developed countries, you will be shocked. For example, the US only recycles 1% of wastewater.

Other Interesting Facts About Israel

Here are some fascinating facts about Israel that most people don’t know about:.

Starbucks Failed To Break Into The Local Market Here


Whenever you are in Israel, take the chance to try the various cafes and coffees this country has to offer. Their coffees are so good that even Starbucks could break into the local market. That is because you will find some other incredible options.

Many of the cafes are superb for enjoying a good breakfast in Israel, not to mention that some restaurants also serve great coffee.

If You Mail A Letter To God, It Will Go To Israel

There is a department in the Israel Postal Service known as the Letters to God Department. All the letters addressed to God from around the world end up here. These letters are opened and placed in the cracks of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The department receives around a whopping million notes each year.

Babies Here Are Less Likely To Have A Peanut Allergy

Babies born and raised in Israel will be ten times less likely to develop a peanut allergy. Research shows that this is due to the fact that babies eat Bamba peanut snacks from early on.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Israel

These are some of the interesting facts about Israel to know. It is a diverse and incredible country that has a rich culture, history, and heritage.

From its ancient culture to its modern developments, there are plenty of amazing things to explore. The people, traditions, landscape, and more, all offer a different perspective of this startup nation. Plan a trip to the holy land and uncover more fascinating facts about Israel.



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