20 Things Israel Is Famous And Known For

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Israel is famous for its religious and natural landmarks, technological innovations and startup culture, strong military forces, as well as the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

Israel is a land where ancient traditions meet modern innovation. From its rich and diverse cultural heritage to the vibrant streets of Tel Aviv, there are many interesting things that Israel is known for that make it such an underrated destination. 

What Is Israel Famous For?

Israel is famous for its many religious landmarks such as The Temple Mount, adding a profound religious significance to its lands. Additionally, as the host country of Tel Aviv, a bustling and tech-savvy metropolis, Israel is a prominent authority when it comes to technological innovation. 

The country’s vibrancy, the presence of the famous Dead Sea, and its formidable military force are just a few examples of the many fascinating aspects of the land of milk and honey.

History, Culture, And Traditions Israel Is Known For

The Hebrew Language


Israel is famous for being the only country in the world with Hebrew as its official language. Dating back centuries, Hebrew is one of the most ancient languages still in use today. Its prevalence as the official language of Israel can be attributed to the country’s foundation by Jews, making it an integral part of Israeli culture. 

For those seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Hebrew language, Israel offers classes for both tourists and beginners.

Birthplace Of Jewish Culture


With approximately 75% of its population being Jewish, Israel is the birthplace of the Jewish culture. Established in 1948 as a response to the discrimination and persecution faced by Jews worldwide, Israel became a safe haven for Jews seeking their own homeland. 

The Holocaust during World War II further solidified the need for a Jewish state. Today, Israel stands as a proud Jewish state and offers automatic Israeli citizenship to Jews.

Feasts of Passover, Shavu’ot, And Sukkot


Israel is known for its three major Jewish holidays: Passover, Shavu’ot, and Sukkot. These feasts hold great historical and cultural significance.

Passover, which dates back to ancient times, symbolizes the freedom of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Lasting for 7 to 8 days, it involves the reenactment of historic events through the consumption of unleavened bread, wine, and bitter herbs.

Shavu’ot, celebrated seven weeks after Passover, commemorates Moses receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai. The feast typically includes meals featuring cheese, fruits, and milk.

Sukkot, also known as the Feast of Tabernacles, is a captivating holiday where natives can be seen building and living in temporary huts reminiscent of the Israelites’ time in the desert during their wanderings. 

These feasts offer visitors the opportunity to sample traditional Israeli dishes and shop for unique souvenirs while immersing themselves in local traditions.

A Formidable Military Force, Including Women


Israel is known for its powerful military, consisting of highly skilled personnel and advanced weaponry. Despite its small size, Israel has successfully defended itself against countries with greater military forces. 

Notably, Israel’s military service is mandatory for both men and women, reflecting the nation’s belief in shared responsibility for national defense. Tourists may be surprised to encounter armed women patrolling the city, a testament to Israel’s inclusive military structure.

Technological Innovation


Dubbed the “Startup Nation,” Israel has gained global recognition as a hub for technological innovation. The country has pioneered advancements in various fields and made significant contributions to the tech industry.

Here’s an interesting fact about Israel when it comes to innovation; the country is credited with developing the world’s first instant messaging app, ICQ.

The messaging app was developed by five Israelis who recognized the need for faster communication than emails, especially in emergencies. ICQ served as the foundation for subsequent instant messaging apps worldwide. 

Israel’s technological achievements extend beyond instant messaging, with groundbreaking advancements in fields such as cybersecurity, agriculture, medical devices, and renewable energy. 


Israel boasts the highest number of museums per capita in the world. These museums play a vital role in preserving and promoting Jewish culture and history. You can delve into a wealth of exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays that provide insights into Israel’s diverse heritage. 

From the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls, to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial and museum, prepare to embark on a journey through history and gain a deeper understanding of Israel’s past.

Cities And Travel Destinations Israel Is Famous For



As the oldest, largest, and most visited city in Israel, Jerusalem attracts millions of visitors each year. Steeped in centuries of history and traditions, it radiates a majestic ambiance with its ancient landmarks and architecture. 

The city is home to numerous religious and historical attractions, including the iconic Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. With its multicultural neighborhoods, Jerusalem serves as a vibrant melting pot of different cultures and traditions. That harmonious blend of diversity is one of the most interesting facts about Jerusalem.

Beyond its religious importance, Jerusalem is a vibrant city that seamlessly blends the old with the new. The bustling Machane Yehuda Market offers a sensory delight with its vibrant colors, aromatic spices, and an array of local produce and street food. The city also boasts world-class museums, including the Israel Museum, where visitors can explore archaeological treasures, historical artifacts, and renowned works of art.

The Dead Sea


The Dead Sea, famous for its high salt content that allows bathers to float effortlessly on its surface, is a bustling and unique tourist attraction. Its surreal landscape, coupled with brilliant blue waters, creates a captivating visual spectacle that draws in millions of tourists annually. 

The mineral-rich waters are believed to have healing properties for various skin conditions, making it a popular destination for wellness and relaxation. Whether floating on the dense waters or strolling along the shore with the soft sand between your toes, a visit to the Dead Sea will undoubtedly be a remarkable experience.

Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv, a vibrant metropolitan city, is famous for its dynamic culture and thriving urban life. It remains a beloved destination for travelers from all walks of life. 

With stunning skylines adorned with sleek skyscrapers during the day and a pulsating nightlife scene, Tel Aviv is known for offering an eclectic mix of experiences. The city is renowned for its beautiful beaches, music venues, and art theaters, showcasing its creative spirit.

One of Tel Aviv’s standout features is its culinary scene. From trendy cafes and gourmet restaurants to vibrant food markets and street food stalls, Tel Aviv is a paradise for foodies.

The bustling Carmel Market is a must-visit, where you can sample an array of fresh produce, spices, baked goods, and local delicacies. It’s also where we love to grab some nice breakfast snacks before heading to the coast for some ocean breeze!

Beit She’an


Nestled in the northern part of Israel, in the Jordan Valley, Beit She’an is a historic city with remarkable archaeological ruins. These ruins are believed to be the site where King Saul fought the Philistines. 

Due to its strategic location, Beit She’an has witnessed the rise and fall of many civilizations, leaving behind well-preserved monumental structures, including amphitheaters and colonnaded streets. Exploring this ancient city will give you a fascinating glimpse into its glorious past.



Perched on a rugged plateau, Masada holds great symbolic significance in Israeli culture. The ruins of this ancient fortress, built by King Herod, became a refuge for Jews during the Roman rule. This historic site offers a powerful connection to Israel’s history and resilience.

You can explore the picturesque surroundings and well-preserved structures, including palaces and storehouses. Be prepared for some awe-inspiring views of the vast landscape as well. 

Architecture and Landmarks Israel Is Known For 

The Western Wall


Also known as the Wailing Wall, the Western Wall is one of the most sacred landmarks in Jerusalem. It is the last standing remnant of the Second Temple and holds deep religious significance for Jews worldwide. 

The towering stone structure, crafted with meticulous craftsmanship, serves as a place of prayer, reflection, and connection to ancient Jewish heritage. To this day, religious rites, customs, and interactions take place at the Western Wall, creating a spiritual atmosphere.

You might even feel your hairs perk up when you stand in the presence of this place. There is truly a totally different vibe to this area and you witness people immersed in prayers. 

Yad Vashem


Located in the Mount Herzl area of Jerusalem, is a significant memorial site in Israel. It was constructed to honor the millions of lives lost during the Holocaust. 

As a symbol of Jewish resilience and a reminder of the atrocities committed, Yad Vashem serves as a poignant and educational destination. The memorial site includes the Children’s Memorial and the Hall of Names, where visitors can pay their respects and learn about the victims through personal stories and accounts.

Yad Vashem also comprises the Avenue of the Righteous Among the Nations, a tribute to non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust. The Garden of the Righteous honors these individuals and serves as a reminder of the power of compassion and heroism even in the darkest times.

Mount Olive


As a deeply religious nation, many of Israel’s famous landmarks are religious sites, and Mount Olive is no exception. 

Offering a majestic and breathtaking view of Jerusalem, including iconic landmarks like the Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Mount Olive is considered a beacon of hope, resurrection, and faith. 

With its ancient tombs, olive groves, and religious significance, visiting this holy place is a serene and spiritually enriching experience. You really want to factor in enough time so you can soak in and experience each location without rushing around. 

The Church Of The Holy Sepulchre


Existing for over two millennia, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is one of the most iconic landmarks in Israel. It is believed to encompass significant events in the life of Jesus, including his crucifixion, burial, resurrection, and ascension, making it a sacred destination for Christians worldwide. 

The architectural style of the church is a blend of different eras, with medieval elements creating a unique and fascinating ensemble. You can explore the church’s intricate chapels, courtyards, and ancient relics, immersing yourself in its historical and religious significance.

Food Israel Is Famous For



Falafel is a popular street food in Israel that has gained global recognition and appreciation. These delicious and crispy vegetarian patties are made from ground chickpeas (or sometimes fava beans) that are mixed with herbs, spices, and onions. The mixture is formed into small balls or patties and then deep-fried until they are golden brown and crispy on the outside, while maintaining a soft and flavorful interior.

In Israel, falafel stands and shops can be found on almost every corner, serving locals and tourists alike. The distinct aroma of freshly fried falafel balls wafts through the air, tempting passersby with its enticing fragrance.



Hummus has a long history and is believed to have originated in the Middle East. However, it has become synonymous with Israeli cuisine and is enjoyed by people worldwide. It is commonly served as an appetizer or mezze dish, accompanied by warm pita bread or fresh vegetables for dipping.

Hummus has become so popular that it has transcended cultural boundaries and can be found in grocery stores and restaurants worldwide. It has become a go-to option for those seeking a healthy and delicious snack or appetizer.



Malabi is a popular Israeli food that holds a special place in the country’s culinary repertoire. This creamy delight is made with a few simple ingredients, including milk, sugar, and rosewater, which are thickened with cornstarch. The mixture is heated and stirred until it reaches a thick and velvety consistency. Once prepared, it is poured into individual serving dishes and chilled until set.

What sets Malabi apart is its delicate and fragrant flavor profile. The addition of rosewater gives the dessert a distinct floral essence, infusing each spoonful with a subtle and enchanting taste. The rosewater also lends a pleasant aroma that heightens the overall sensory experience of enjoying Malabi.

Famous People From Israel

Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres was a notable figure in Israeli politics and played a crucial role in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. His efforts earned him a Nobel Peace Prize. 

Peres held various ministerial positions in Israel, including President, Prime Minister, and statesman. His contributions to diplomacy and peace initiatives have left a lasting impact on Israeli history.

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot s an Israeli actress and model who first came on to the public scene as the winner of Miss Israel 2004. Subsequently, she also went into the entertainment industry featuring in prominent films such as the Fast & Furious series.

She gained further worldwide recognition for her role as Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe films. Gadot’s portrayal of the iconic superhero brought her international acclaim.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman, an influential Academy Award-winning actress, and filmmaker, is of Israeli-American descent. Born in Jerusalem, she moved to the United States with her family at a young age. 

Portman first gained recognition for her role as Mathilda in the film “Léon: The Professional” (1994). She went on to star in numerous blockbuster hits, including the Star Wars prequel trilogy (1999-2005), “V for Vendetta” (2006), and “Black Swan” (2010), for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. 

Portman’s talent and success have made her a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Many More Things Israel Is Famous For

Israel’s rich heritage, cultural diversity, historical landmarks, and culinary delights make it a fascinating destination for tourists from around the world. 

With its unique blend of ancient traditions and modern innovation, Israel is not just a land of milk and honey, but also of many wonders. Let’s not forget the breathtaking landscapes, from the stunning beaches of Tel Aviv to the surreal landscape of the Dead Sea.

There are many things that Israel is famous for, and every corner is worth exploring. So be sure to plan a trip to Israel and experience everything it has to offer.



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