20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Jerusalem, Israel [Explained]

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Known for being the capital of Israel and one of the oldest cities in the world, Jerusalem holds many intriguing legends and stories. One of the top facts about Jerusalem, which also contributes to the millions of visitors every year, is its religious importance in different faiths.

That said, the ancient city has so much to offer and explore. A trip to this historical capital will allow you to uncover many interesting facts about Jerusalem that may just blow your mind.

Historical Facts About Jerusalem

With a deep history comes plenty of fascinating stories and myths. It’s always worth knowing some historical facts about Jerusalem before visiting, as it will help you better appreciate the sites.

The City Has Been Conquered In The Past More Than 40 Times

Jerusalem has faced many battles because of its mentions in different religions. Persians, Ottomans, Romans, Jews, and many other people have fought over this city many times. The city was also destroyed twice and rebuilt.

Sixteen major wars have occurred over this important city. It has also been attacked about 52 times. This is why you will learn a lot about Jerusalem’s history through various books.

It Has A High Growth Rate For Tech Industry


When you think about Jerusalem, the first things that pop to mind is probably religion and ancient history. However, one of the rather surprising facts about Jerusalem is that its tech hubs are expanding at a faster rate than those of other cities. 

Time magazine has also mentioned this city for its tech industry. Many people consider it a big milestone for Jerusalem because of the economic restrictions this city faces.

The number of startups in the city has also grown significantly over the years. One of the prime examples of a thriving startup that originated in this city is Surfresca.

The First Papal Visit Was Made To Jerusalem In 1964

Israel is famous for being the first country that was visited by Pope Paul VI. He conducted his visit to Jerusalem in 1964 during the start of his reign. This was a shocking decision for many because, back then, the Vatican did not recognize Israel as a state.

Despite that, the pope received a warm welcome in the Old City. He also visited six other continents during his reign.

The First Computer Assisted Hip Replacement Surgery Was Conducted In Jerusalem

Another incredible fact about Jerusalem is that many tech innovations have their origins in this city. The first computer-assisted hip surgery was performed in the Hadassah University Hospital. This procedure is innovative because it poses minimal threat to the patient.

The surgery was successfully completed in this city at least a decade ago. This procedure allowed the hospital to gain international recognition.

Cultural Facts About Jerusalem

Culture is, without a doubt, one of the biggest draws for this historic city. Here are some fun facts about Jerusalem and its culture.

People Of Abrahamic Religions Consider Jerusalem As A Holy Place

One of the encouraging Jerusalem facts is that people of different faiths live harmoniously here, although there are different quarters. Abrahamic religions consist of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. There are various mosques, synagogues, and churches in Jerusalem for people belonging to these religions.

All these faiths indicate that Jerusalem is a holy site due to various religious events that have taken place in this city.

The Dome Of The Rock Receives A High Number Of Visitors


The Dome of the Rock is a shrine present in Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Many Jews consider it a holy site because they believe it is the place where the world was created. This belief is mainly due to the indications in Jewish religious books.

Meanwhile, Muslims believe that this site is where their last Prophet began his night journey. This is why the Dome of the Rock is a religious place for multiple faiths. Consequently, it is one of the most iconic landmarks in Israel.

Falafel Is The Main Dish Of This City


One of the top facts about Israel and its capital city is that people love having falafel on the street. It is an Arabic fritter that is made of chickpeas or beans. The dish is deep-fried and sold by most vendors in Jerusalem.

The item mainly serves as a starter before a main course. Many people also have it as a snack in Israel. In addition to Israeli cuisine, you can find influences from around the region when it comes to food.

The City Has A Holocaust Museum

Yad Vashem is a holocaust museum that is located near the Old City of Jerusalem. You can see more than 450,00 images about the devastating historical period in this museum. 

There are also various records of the holocaust at this place amidst the expansive collection of exhibits. The records mainly consist of 179 million pages, so reading all of them is a great task for various historians. 

This place can easily take up a whole day and is one of our favorite museums. It serves as a somber reminder of horrors in the past.

Simple Facts About Jerusalem For Kids

The Old City Of Jerusalem Is Surrounded By Walls


Jerusalem has a walled region in the eastern part of the city. This area where the Dome of the Rock resides is called the Old City. 

Many people with religious sentiments visit the Old City on their trip to Jerusalem. The ancient walls around the region were rebuilt during the era of the Ottoman Empire in 1535.

Jerusalem Is Famous For Its Ancient Olive Trees


One of the incredible facts about Jerusalem is the many olive trees present in this city. The unique thing about these trees is some of them are as old as 800 years. 

A hill in this city is named after the olive trees that grow on it. The olive trees surrounding Mount Olive in Jerusalem are known to be 900 years old.

The Tisch Family Zoo Is In This City

It is no secret that the Tisch Family Zoo is one of the oldest biblical zoos you will come across. The place is famous for its vast collection of creatures that have been mentioned in the old Hebrew Bible. 

You can visit the Malha neighborhood of Jerusalem to explore this zoo. The best thing is that many endangered species are also breeding successfully in this biblical zoo.

Useful Jerusalem Facts For Travelers

Jerusalem Has More Than 50 Museums


One of the interesting facts about Jerusalem is that it is a culturally rich city. The city has many internationally recognized museums that generate a high per capita every year. Many of these sites also offer tours to travelers in English.

The Rockefeller Archaeological Museum is one of the famous sites that you can visit in this city. Yad Vashem, the Tower of David Museum, and The Burnt House Museum are some other places you can explore.

You Can Explore More Than 1,500 Parks In This City


The city is full of various gardens and parks that contribute to its green scenery. Travelers love to visit these spots because of their rich biodiversity, high safety, and aesthetics.

The Tel Tzova National Park is a public park that has family-friendly trails for people with kids. You can also see many ancient trees from this site.

Many Festivals Are Hosted Here

One of the best facts about Judaism and religion for travelers is that they contribute to the various religious festivals that are hosted in Jerusalem. It’s an opportunity to really experience some of the local culture.

Purim is the most famous holiday in this city amongst the Jewish community. Passover, Jerusalem Film Festival, and Hannukah are some other famous events that happen in this city.

King David Hotel Is A Famous Place Globally

King David Hotel has hosted many famous personalities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Winston Churchill, and more. Most tourists who want to enjoy a luxurious experience in Jerusalem book this hotel. The five-star rating of this place also means that it is more expensive than other hotels.

Common Facts About Jerusalem

There Is An American Football Stadium In This City

The Kraft Family Stadium is famous for hosting American football games in Jerusalem. Robert Kraft was the major donor of this sport in Israel. The main standout reason for this stadium is that it is the only American football stadium in the entire country.

The City Has Bike Responders For Medical Emergencies

One of the fun facts about Jerusalem is that it has a medical response team that reaches patients on electronic bikes. The primary reason behind such responders is that the city has a hilly terrain. So bikes can cross narrow streets and reach various areas more easily.

The Western Wall Is Located In Jerusalem


One of the top facts about the Western Wall is that it is also called the Wailing Wall. It is an outer wall of an old Jewish temple, so the wall has high religious significance. 

The wall surrounded Temple Mount, where Jews and Christians used to pray. If you know some facts about the Jerusalem temple, you are probably aware that Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism. As a rare remnant of the original wall, you will see many people coming here to pray, and the atmosphere instantly changes. 

Other Interesting Facts About Jerusalem

Gethsemane Garden Holds High Importance In This City


Gethsemane Garden is famous as the site where Jesus Christ was arrested before getting crucified. Small olive trees around the garden have also been mentioned in the bible.

Most Of Israel’s Snowfall Occur In Jerusalem


Israel does not experience much snowfall due to its geographical location. However, when it does occur, Jerusalem gets most of the snowfall. Flurries occur at least twice or thrice every year during the winter season. 

Discovering More Fun Facts About Jerusalem

The rich tapestry of history, culture, and religion in Jerusalem makes for a fun and educational trip. There are many historically significant sites, such as the Old City, Temple Mount, and Western Wall, covering an array of fascinating facts about Jerusalem.

From ancient olive trees to religious quarters, Jerusalem continually captivates the hearts and minds of all who explore its diverse offerings. 

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, there’s always something new and intriguing to discover in the charming city of Jerusalem.



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