25 Interesting And Fun Facts About Hong Kong [Explained]

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Hong Kong is a beautiful region that offers not only natural beauty but also a modern metropolis to anyone visiting or moving here. That is because it boasts a thriving economy and is a hub for investment and international trade. Many interesting facts about Hong Kong make it stand out in Asia.

You can think of this region as an amalgamation of trade, Culture, business, and a lot of fun. So, if you are thinking of adding Hong Kong to your list of travel destinations, you have come to the right place.

Here are all the useful and fun Hong Kong facts to know.

Historical Facts About Hong Kong

The history of Hong Kong is filled with achievements. Despite the sensitive political landscape it constantly has to deal with, the region has progressed relatively fast across recent decades. Here are some impressive historical facts about Hong Kong.

The Star Ferry Began Running In 1880


The Star Ferry is one of the most beloved transportation in the region, and it began running in the 19th century. During that time, the service between Victoria Harbour and Tim Sha Tsui used to take at least an hour.

However, the reclamation of the city has led to the journey only taking ten minutes on the Star Ferry now. Nonetheless, it remains a great way to soak in the city’s skyline from the waters.

Asia’s First Funicular Railway Began Running In 1888


The funicular railway is known as the Peak Tram, and it began running in 1888 in Hong Kong. To date, it is one of the steepest and oldest tramways in the world.

You can also experience an adventure on this railway if you wish. Plenty of visitors take this scenic and leisure ride up to the hilltop for some even more breathtaking views of the city. Hong Kong looks very different during the day and night, so you might want to visit twice or go near sunset.

The Country Has Had Two Olympic Gold-Medal Glory Moments


Yes, there have been two times when this region has experienced the glory of Olympic gold medals. The first moment was in Atlanta in 1996 when a contestant from Hong Kong won a windsurfing event. The second moment was at the recent Tokyo Games when a contestant won a gold medal for fencing.

Cultural Facts About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for it mix of modern Western Culture and ancient Chinese heritage. It is an interesting blend that allows people to lead modern lives while still staying connected to their roots. So, here are some Hong Kong fun facts about its culture and people.

People Here Have A High Entrepreneurial Spirit


If there is one thing the people of Hong Kong are passionate about, it is entrepreneurship. The people have the desire to make money because they live in one of the most prominent trading hubs, and expensive places in the world. There are also many billionaires that come from Hong Kong because of this spirit.

Dim Sum Originated In Hong Kong


If there is one thing that is synonymous with Hong Kong, it has to be the famous Dim sum. In Cantonese, the pronunciation of “Dim Sum” also means to “touch the heart”. And we got to say the iconic tiny dumplings do touch your heart when you eat them.

However, Dim Sum consists of more than dumplings and spans a huge variety from steamed goodies to fried food. They are some of the most delicious snack foods that you can indulge in.

Feng Shui Is A Common Practice Here

Feng Shui is an old practice that is still common in modern Hong Kong. The practice even influences the skyscrapers that are built throughout the region. For example, there are two rods at the HSBC Building in Central Hong Kong because they are said to deflect any negative energy.

These rods face the back of the building of the Bank of China. The building is built with sharp edges because it is believed to dilute and good energy. In the same way, many skyscrapers are built keeping such things in mind.

People Eat Noodles On Birthdays


If you have your birthday in Hong Kong, then you need to eat noodles because it is inherent in the traditions. That is because noodles are long, and having them on one’s birthday is associated with having a blessed and long life. They also call them longevity noodles.

So, if you or someone you know in Hong Kong has their birthday, make sure to have a noodle party with them.

Interesting Facts About Hong Kong For Kids

It is good to increase the knowledge of kids from an early age, so they learn how the world works. Doing this also opens up their horizons and different perspectives. Here are some of the fascinating Hong Kong facts for kids to pique their interest.

The World’s Longest Covered Escalator Is Here

The Mid-Levels Escalator in Hong Kong runs for over half a mile, and it is the longest-covered escalator in the world. It opened in 1993, consisting of covered walkways and much more.

The escalator begins at Queen’s Road Central and ends at Conduit Road as it passes through many narrow ends and streets. You can watch the local life pass by while riding the elevator. It makes for a very interesting and cultural experience.

The May To November Season Is A Typhoon Season

Typhoons are a common occurrence in Hong Kong, and the typhoon season happens between May and November. Of course, this can be devastating, but the region has one of the most efficient systems for dealing with such a season.

There are different warnings and signals that indicate a storm and the precautions that everyone needs to take for it. Familiarize yourself with them if you are visiting during the typhoon season.

The Majority Of The Chinese Population In Hong Kong Speaks Cantonese

With its connection to China, the main ethnicity in the region is Chinese. That said, over 92% of the population is Chinese in Hong Kong.

Among these people, most of them speak Cantonese as their main language. This is considered a dialect, with English and Chinese being the official language in Hong Kong.

The city is also one of the most densely populated places in the region, so you will find a lot of crowds when you visit.

Useful Hong Kong Facts For Travelers

As a traveler, you need to know some fun facts about Hong Kong that will make your journey even better than before. After all, you need to look for the best things to experience here. Here are some information that can help enhance your traveling experience.

40% Of The Country Is Made Of Nature Reserves And Parks


Most people associate Hong Kong with tall buildings, but they don’t know that the other side of Hong Kong includes incredible nature reserves and country parks. More than 40% of the country is filled with nature reserves and parks. Even the residents of Hong Kong love exploring the green trails.

When you visit, make sure that you visit these natural attractions too to make the most of your trip. You can hike some of the green trails just like the locals do. It will refresh your mind and connect you with nature.

There Are Around 263 Islands In The Country


Yes, there are around 263 islands that make up Hong Kong, and each of them are incredibly beautiful. It can be an eye-opening experience to visit some of these islands on your trip. They offer a different perspective from the concrete jungle in the city center.

Keep in mind that some of these islands are not reachable, so do some advance planning on the ones you want to visit.

One Of The Largest Seated Buddhas In The World Is In Hong Kong


These are seated Buddha statues throughout the world, and one of the largest ones is located in Hong Kong. You will find it on Lantau Island, and it is known as the Tian Tan Buddha. The statue is more than 33 meters high, so don’t forget to visit this marvel whenever you are in Hong Kong.

Common Facts About Hong Kong

There are some general facts about Hong Kong that many people probably can guess from their impression of the region.

It Has More Rolls Royces Per Person Than Any Other City Worldwide

No other city has more Rolls Royces than people. One of the reasons Hong Kong has more Rolls Royces per person is that it used to be a British colony. Many British elite and business people used to roam around in luxury.

The Country Is A Blend Of Western And Chinese Culture


Of course, the region has a longstanding Chinese tradition. However, in line with globalization in modern times, it has blended great with Western Culture. Hong Kong also spent a period under British rule so it is no stranger to western traditions.

While Hong Kong has a modern and fast life, there are still old traditions that guide the daily lives of people. For example, the numbers associated with good luck are 8, 5, and 3.

Hong Kong Has The Highest Number of Skyscrapers Worldwide


There are more than eight thousand incredible skyscrapers throughout Hong Kong. Yes, that is more skyscrapers than currently present in NYC. Besides that, the highest skyscraper in the region is the ICC building, with close to 120 floors.

Unique Facts About Hong Kong You Didn’t Know Before

There are some impressive facts about Hong Kong that many people don’t know about. This Hong Kong trivia includes.

Many Buildings Don’t Have A Fourth Floor

You will notice that many apartment buildings in Hong Kong don’t have a fourth floor. That is because the number four sounds like a word for death in Chinese, making it an unlucky number. So, people omit the fourth floor in buildings because of this reason.

There Are Around 96 Billionaires In Hong Kong


As we established before, people have an entrepreneurial spirit, which is why there are around 96 billionaires in Hong Kong. It is the region with the seventh most billionaires in the world. When you combine their wealth, it will come to $280 billion.

The Airport Is The Size Of Twenty Football Fields


The airport of Hong Kong is the size of twenty football fields. Besides that, it is also the eighth busiest airport in the world. Due to its size, you should get to the airport early in order to have sufficient time for processing and getting to your gate.

Also, make sure you factor in some time to wander around and take in this beauty. There are plenty of amenities available in the airport, from culinary to retail experiences.

Hong Kong Is A Mecca For Foodies


If you are a foodie, Hong Kong will prove to be your mecca. The region has the highest number of café per capita. You can also eat some of the most affordable Michelin-starred food in this food haven. With the blend of international cuisine and traditional food in Hong Kong, this is just paradise for foodies.

There Is A Bun Festival That Takes Place Here

The people of Cheng Chau Island organize a bun festival between April and May. The intention is to keep the ghosts of departed content on the island. They build a tower of plastic buns during this festival.

Other Interesting Facts About Hong Kong

Finally, here are some other fascinating facts about Hong Kong that may shock you.

There Are Incredible Beaches Throughout This Place


Despite its metropolitan look, there are lots of beaches throughout Hong Kong. The coastline stretches for more than 280 miles. You can visit Big Wave Beach, Golden Beach, Clearwater Bay, Shrek O Beach, and much more. The best part is that the waters are warm and ideal for swimming at the beach.

The Peak Is The Most Famous Landmark


Perhaps the most famous landmark in Hong Kong is The Peak, also known as Mount Austin. It is more than 1,800 ft high, and you can use the Peak Tramway to access it. Once you get to the top, the views are nothing less than incredible.

It Is One Of The Largest Financial Centres


Hong Kong is one of the largest financial centers in the world, thanks to the endless entrepreneurs that work hard in this region. It comes after Tokyo, Singapore, and Shanghai. Many multinational companies consider Hong Kong as a base for their Asia operations.

It is a great place for a vacation there, but many expats also move for incredible opportunities in this trading and financial hub.

It Is An SAR Of China

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, which means it falls under China but maintains a separate economic and governing system. Besides that, it also has a high level of autonomy.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Hong Kong

These were some of the fun facts about Hong Kong to know about and provide a small glimpse of what is on offer. You should definitely visit this place at least once, especially if you love food. The region has some of the most delicious and diverse cuisines in the country.

In addition, there are endless activities for you to indulge in from the lush nature, scenic viewpoints, and modern amenities that will make for a worthwhile trip



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