20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Nepal [Explained]

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A landlocked country in South Asia, Nepal is known for its high peaks and deep canyons. Mount Everest is the most famous landmark in Nepal, but the country has many other attractions too. There are many unique facts about Nepal that speak to its history and culture.

If you are planning to visit, these are some useful and fun Nepal facts to help you learn more about the country!

Historical Facts About Nepal

Here are facts about Nepal’s history to understand the origins of the country, which also impacts today’s society.

Mount Everest’s Original Name Is In Nepali


Mount Everest is a top destination in Nepal as adventurous hikers challenge themselves to climb it for a thrilling adventure. However, many people don’t know that this mountain’s original name is in the country’s official language.

Sagarmatha is the primary name for this peak in Nepal. The phrase refers to the mountain as heaven’s forehead because of its height. The name Mount Everest was coined later in 1865 by the Royal Geographical Society.

Nepal’s Capital Was Formerly A Lake


Another interesting fact about Nepal is that its capital was not a city initially. Kathmandu was originally a lake as per Nepalese mythology and scientific studies.

Devoted Nepalese believe that the lake drained instantly one day and gave way to the new city. Meanwhile, scientists believe that water drainage occurred in multiple phases over a span of 15,000 years.

It Is The Birthplace Of Buddha


One of the top facts about Nepali culture is that the nation is the birthplace of Buddha. Because of this, the country is primarily peaceful with monks and locals living in harmony. Lord Buddha is said to be born in Lumbini in 623 BC.

This is why UNESCO has classified Lumbini as a World Heritage Site. The decision was made in 1997 to respect Nepali culture.

The Country Has Never Been Occupied

Many may not know this interesting fact about Nepal, but the country does not celebrate Independence Day. Some people find this odd because many other countries hold a pretty grand celebration on their day of independence.

However, this is because Nepal has never been occupied by another nation. The locals have never had to free themselves of foreign occupation, making it unnecessary to celebrate Independence Day. Nepal is also South Asia’s oldest country.

Cultural Facts About Nepal                 

Below are some Nepal culture facts to easily bond with the locals when you visit.

Elephant Polo Originated In Nepal

Many people think of a horse when they hear about Polo because the game is played on horses in western culture. However, Nepalese don’t use the same animal for playing polo. Instead, you will encounter elephant polo in this landlocked country.

One of the Nepal fun facts about this game is that there is even a World Championship for it. Elephant polo is an official sport in Nepal, so it is not just a recreational game only.

Nepalese Eat Dal Bhat Daily


Nepalese cuisine includes various dishes that are delicious and healthy. However, Dal Bhat is the most precious food in this culture. People in this country enjoy this delicious dish in the morning.

Some households even have Dal Bhat for dinner again because Nepalese can’t get enough of this dish. That said, you can also find these served on the street stalls and foods of Nepal. It is made of lentils, turmeric, tomatoes, onions, and aromatic herbs.

After which, you can always grab some of those mouthwatering Nepali sweets to wash it all down.

Arrange Marriages Are The Norm In Nepal


One of the cultural facts about Nepal is the prevalence of arranged marriages. The country’s citizens are relatively strict about this tradition, so you are not as likely to encounter fairy-tale love stories in this part of South Asia.

Caste is another thing that is considered when fixing a marriage in Nepal. People typically don’t marry individuals of another caste in this country.

Interesting Facts About Nepal For Kids                              

These are some fun facts about Nepal for kids that are interesting and simple to learn about.


The Nepalese Flag Is Very Unique

One of the top facts about the Nepal flag is that it is neither square or rectangular, unlike other countries. The landlocked nation has the most unique flag because of two triangles, one with the moon and the other with the sun.

An interesting thing about the design is that it represents the two primary religions of the country, Hindu and Buddhism.

Namaste Is The Main Way Of Greeting A Nepali


When greeting locals in Nepal, a handshake or a hug is not the norm unless you already share a close relationship. Although globalization and cultural influences mean that these gestures will likely become more common. Nevertheless, the respectable and official way to say hello to another person in Nepal is by saying “Namaste.”

It is also best to place your palms together when greeting a local. Bowing will also help you achieve the respect of a Nepalese local more easily.

Nepal Has 26 Protected Animal Species


With a relatively extensive nature, the country is home to 26 protected wildlife species. These include snow leopards, Bengal tigers, red pandas, yaks, spotted deer, and much more. The primary reason to protect these species is that they are endangered.

If you spot these creatures in the wild, avoid hunting or harming them for a thrill. You may suffer severe consequences from the locals and authorities if you harm sacred or protected animals in Nepal.

Fun Nepal Facts For Travelers

If you are planning a trip, here are some useful and fun facts about Nepal to know.

Nepal Has 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites


One of the reasons for Nepal’s rich heritage is its various monuments and valleys. These monuments show Nepalese historical artwork in its best phase. This is why many history buffs love to visit the country.

UNESCO has also marked four sites in Nepal as World Heritage Sites. Meanwhile, seven monuments in Kathmandu are classified as World Heritage Cultural Sites by the same organization.

The Country Is Perfect For Thrilling Outdoor Activities


Nepal is the perfect country for people who are looking for some adrenaline rush. This is because the regional landscape is well-suited for various outdoor activities. They form a big part of the tourism industry.

You can go paragliding and enjoy Nepal through a bird’s eye view. Hiking or climbing peaks is another popular reason why people visit the country. Bungee jumping, mountain biking, and kayaking are other activities you can cross off your bucket list in Nepal.

Nepal Has The Second-Deepest Canyon


Amongst the amazing wonders in Nepal, the Kali Gandaki Canyon is a particularly worthy note. It is the second deepest canyon in the world, going down 4,375 meters. This also proves the depth of Nepal’s territory.

The canyon is formed by the river of the same name that flows through the Himalayan summits of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri.

No Communal Riots Take Place In Nepal

One of the top Nepal facts is the peaceful nature of the people and society. There has never been a riot because of religious issues or community differences in Nepal. Because of this, the country is often considered safe for travelers.

Some travelers avoid places with strong yet different religious or societal beliefs due to fear of safety. However, this is not much of a concern when visiting Nepal.

Internet Speed In Nepal Is Below 256 Kbps

A unique fact about Nepal is that it is one of the best places to go if you want to take a break from the internet. The Wi-Fi speed of this region is very slow (below 256 kbps). This means it is extremely difficult to use the internet for streaming shows in Nepal.

The speed is also very slow for accessing social media. That is why many travelers consider a trip to Nepal for mental peace. That said, this is not the best destination for remote work and travel trips.

Common Facts About Nepal

Here are some other important facts about Nepal to know about when visiting.

Nepal Faces Electricity And Water Shortage Frequently

A common fact about Nepal is that it faces water and electricity shortages. This is because of the landlocked position of this country. Nepalese don’t mind this as much because they have adjusted to this life.

Public Display Of Affection (PDA) Is Not Allowed In The Country

Asian culture in general tends to be more reserved. People from Asian countries are always careful of PDA in specific countries because of strict laws or societal norms. However, you may not know this rule if you’re from a western country that is more open. Nepal has banned PDA, it can be frowned upon, especially when it comes to people of opposite genders.

Cows Are Sacred In Nepal


One of the common Nepal facts is that cows are sacred in this region because it is the country’s national animal. The creature has also relations to the Hindu religion. Killing this animal in Nepal can get you 12 years of jail time.

Other Interesting Facts About Nepal

Eating With Left Hand Is Considered Rude Behavior

Most people eat with their right hands, but you may not be one of them. You may want to change this habit when visiting Nepal. The left hand is believed to be unclean in the local culture, as they use it for predominantly unhygienic activities.

Therefore other activities such as eating and handshakes are done with the right hand. It can be particularly amusing if you are eating with your left hand and it is considered rude if you offer your left hand for handshakes.

Nepal Is A Moving Land

A fun fact about Nepal is that it is situated on the Indo-Australian plate. This plate travels gradually and changes position. Because of this Nepal is also called a moving land.

It is expected that the country will expand 1,500 km into Asia in the upcoming 10 million years.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Nepal

These are some of the interesting and common facts about Nepal that you should know before visiting. It is truly an amazing and unique place. There is a lot more to explore, such as its rich culture, traditions, religious festivals, and holy sites. Taking a trip to this country gives you an opportunity to uncover more stunning facts about Nepal.



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