20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Oman [Explained]

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When someone thinks of a Middle Eastern country, they often think of deserts, camels, and conservative culture. However, Oman is much more than that, and it has a lot to offer to visitors. The various fun facts about Oman offer a glimpse of the nation’s rich culture, history, and more.

It is a Middle Eastern country worth looking into. If you are thinking of visiting, these interesting Oman facts will help you understand the place better.

Historical Facts About Oman

The history of Oman dates back thousands of years ago, based on archaeological evidence and different findings. Here are some rather fascinating facts about Oman and its history.

In 1650, Oman Gained Independence

While you may notice that Oman is currently a monarchy, the ruling family only began their reign in this country in the 18th century. Previously, Oman was colonized by Portugal until the country’s independence in 1650

Ever since then, people have celebrated the release from Portuguese shackles till today.

Humans May Have Settled In Oman For Over A Hundred Thousand Years

According to some research and evidence by archaeologists in Oman, it is said that humans settled here over a hundred thousand years ago. If this analysis is true, then the country is one of the oldest places for humans to inhabit.

Hotels Came In Existence After 1970

You would have thought that all countries have always had hotels, but that is not the case with Oman. It is because tourism wasn’t particularly important for the country back in the day.

However, as Oman continued to develop its tourism sector, there are many places that people can visit when they come here.

Cultural Facts About Oman

The culture of the country is heavily influenced by Arab history and its presence in the Middle East. Here are some fun facts about Oman culture that is good to know before you visit.

Excessive Noise Is Not Allowed As The People Enjoy Silence

The people of Oman are not afraid of silence, and it’s sometimes considered a virtue or respect such as in religious places.

This is why even the laws restrict excessive noise in public. For example, cars are not allowed to honk unnecessarily and workplaces have a noise level limit. You can certainly find places to enjoy some peace here.

Shuwa Is Something You Should Not Miss

An important dish in traditional Oman food that you should definitely try is Shuwa. It consists of meat combined with coriander, cumin, chili peppers, and much more. The people usually make this on important occasions, such as Eid, weddings, and more.

Omani People Are Known For Their Shipbuilding Skills

Every country in the world has its own collective skill that they are a master. For the Omani people, it is shipbuilding. The country has been known to manufacture great ships for centuries. Oman’s shipbuilding industry is one of the largest in the world, and it is a major part of the country’s economy.

Simple Facts About Oman For Kids

Kids can also learn more information about Oman since it is an important country in the Middle East. Here are some facts about Oman that can be interesting for the young ones.

Oman Has A Special Reserve For Endangered Turtles


Green turtles have been an endangered species for a long time now, and Oman has a special reserve to protect these turtles. This is why thousands of them migrate to Ras Al Jinz beach almost every year to lay their eggs. Even tourists can come here to witness them laying eggs and then go back in the water.

It Exports A Lot Of Oil


It is well-known that countries in the Middle East have a lot of oil, and so does Oman. Because of this, the country exports a lot of oil, which contributes greatly to its GDP.

It Is One Of The Safest Countries Worldwide


Oman often ranks among one of the safest countries because of its low crime rate. Many Westerners have moved to this country because of the quality of life and the safety standard. While you should still practice caution and watch out for any petty crimes, it is a friendly and warm destination for travelers.

Useful Oman Facts For Travelers

As a traveler, there are many informative things to know that can take your adventure to the next level. Here are some fun facts about Oman to help you plan a fantastic trip.

There Are A Few UNESCO World Heritage Sites Here

Despite the geographical size of the country, Oman boasts 5 UNESCO Heritage Sites already. These include archaeological sites, a forest filled with frankincense trees, forts, an ancient irrigation system, and more.

All of these sites have huge cultural value and offer a deeper insight into the country. Even if you don’t have time to visit all, be sure to check out at least one of them.

The Architecture Is Incredible, And You Will Find That The Doors Are Elaborate


One of the obvious things you will come to notice about the architecture of Oman is that it has many intricate details. For example, almost all doors are ornamental and have complex designs that are just stunning. If you are into architecture or design, you will certainly fall in love with the beauty of these doors.

Deserts And Valleys Are Common Here


As you wander through the country, you might find that the landscape of Oman is rather consistent. More than 80% of the country is covered with valleys and deserts. And there are also plenty of outdoor activities you can do amidst them. So, if you love rugged beauty and the adventure it brings, Oman should make for an interesting destination.

Take A Stroll Through The Ancient Souqs For The Local Experience


Souqs are common in Middle Eastern countries, which is why a trip to Oman will be incomplete without visiting one of these marketplaces. They are not even hard to find as you will see them throughout the country.

These marketplaces are some of the best places to feel the local vibes and heartbeat; people sell food, crafts, and much more. Make sure you visit one to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Common Facts About Oman

Here are some general facts about Oman that are good to know as well if it’s your first exposure to the country.

Thursday and Friday Make Up The Weekend

Oman’s population is predominately Muslim, and in Islam, Friday is considered an important day. There is also a specific Friday prayer that the people perform. Because of this, the weekend is observed on Thursday and Friday instead of Saturday and Sunday.

You Will Find Beautiful Arabian Horses Here


A unique horse breed native to mostly Oman is the Arabian Horse. These beautiful animals are known for their easygoing personality and strength. You will find them throughout Oman, as the people here are the finest breeders of this horse.

You Need A License To Purchase Alcohol In The Country


Oman is a Muslim country, which is why the buying and selling of alcohol can be restrictive. There are only a few licensed places that can sell alcohol. Non-Muslim residents need to buy a license to drink alcohol, and tourists can purchase it from licensed venues.

Other Interesting Facts About Oman

Here are some other amazing and peculiar things that can make for fun Oman trivia.

Oman Does Not Have A Railway Network

This might come as a surprising fact about Oman considering its developed infrastructure, but there is no rail network for passengers in the country. There is a small network for cargo transportation; however, if you are an individual who wants to use public transport to travel around, then you will have to take the bus.

The Frankincense Tree Grows Naturally In The Country

These trees don’t grow in many places anymore in the world, and Oman is one of the few places where the tree grows naturally. This is why frankincense is an important part of the culture, and you will find it in most homes in Oman.

As A Guest, Get Ready To Be Greeted With Dates And Kahwa


If you visit a local house in the country, get ready to be greeted with dates and kawa. Besides that, you will also be provided with a bowl of fruits so that you can have a full tummy when you leave. The locals are incredibly hospitable to everyone.

There Is A Folklore About An Island In Oman That Makes People Go Mad

There is a local folklore that visiting the island of Jazirat al Maqlab can make people go mad. Soldiers used to be stationed there back in the 19th century, and the isolation and heat made them go crazy, which is where this legend originates.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Oman

These are just some of the interesting facts about Oman that show a few different facets of this Middle Eastern gem. There is no better way to understand the country than by visiting yourself. You can experience why some consider Oman to be one of the best destinations for great food, tranquility, culture, and more.



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